Wu Xiubo’s New Blancpain Style Ambassador ‘art Master Tiangong Kaiwu’ Extraordinary Craft Watch Exhibition Opened In Beijing Skp Station

(Beijing, November 16, 2017) On the same day, Blancpain, a Swiss high-end watch brand, grandly announced the brand’s best friend Wu Xiubo’s new brand ambassador, unveiling the extraordinary masterpiece of “Art Master Craftsmanship” The watch exhibition in Beijing SKP station, and the Chinese calendar jade green enamel orphan watch world premiere, icing on the cake’s opening ceremony. Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain; Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China; Mr. Ji Xiaoan, Chairman of Beijing Hualian Group and Chairman of Beijing SKP; Mr. Liang Wendao, Blancpain Cultural Ambassador; and Mr. Wu Xiubo, Blancpain Ambassador Attend the event together.

Liao Yu, Alain Delamuraz, Wu Xiubo, Ji Xiaoan, Mr. Liang Wendao (from left to right) opened the ribbon for the exhibition
   Following cultural ambassador Liang Wendao, cultural ambassador Wu Xiaobo and art ambassador Feng Yuanzheng, Blancpain welcomed style ambassador Wu Xiubo. The appearance of ‘style ambassadors’ is not only an appreciation and recognition of the elegant and stable demeanor of Wu Xiubo, a good friend of Blancpain, but also a reflection of the further development of the ‘ambassador family’ established by the brand since 2012. With a history of 282 years, Blancpain takes traditional fine watchmaking as its core and cornerstone, and has always insisted on continuing the discussion of cultural and social issues of the times with the general public. In this dialogue, ‘Ambassador Blancpain’ connects brands with Audiences who share the same values. Today, Blancpain hopes that through the influence of Wu Xiubo, Blancpain’s style will be conveyed in a richer and more three-dimensional way—pragmatic and stylish, and the atmosphere will see details.

Alain Delamuraz, Liao Yu, Mr. Liang Wendao and Blancpain’s new ‘style ambassador’ Wu Xiubo took a group photo
   Different from the usual practice of hiring an image spokesperson, look for thoughtful, charismatic, deep and stylish leaders, uniquely named as cultural ambassadors, art ambassadors and style ambassadors, and work together to deliver valuable Information and perspectives-this is Blancpain’s insistence. Blancpain especially believes that these charismatic characters will eventually provide a beacon-like guide for the “future generation”. In 2017, the brand of ‘Persistence, Make Time More Valuable’ spread throughout the year. Several ambassadors spoke together and talked about their persistence and Blancpain’s persistence, bringing new inspiration to the adherents.
   Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, said at a press conference: ‘Whether it is a brand or an individual, there will be things that they want to persist, and there will be stories about how to persist. The choice between Blancpain and several ambassadors It is on this point of view that they have reached a consensus. They like Blancpain from the heart, because Blancpain, like them, will make a lot of thinking about human nature and society. Our relationship has also been very long, the more we know, the more It can spark. Our cooperation embraces the past and points to the future. ‘

Mr. Wu Xiubo, the new style ambassador of Blancpain
   Wu Xiubo sighed: ‘Upgrading from the identity of a brand’s best friend to a ‘style ambassador’ stems from the mutual recognition established through years of cooperation with Blancpain. Blancpain’s style is pragmatic and stylish, and the atmosphere sees details, this It is also a style that I long for. The ultimate purpose of style is to control the trend. I hope that everyone who loves Blancpain has his own style, a firm and confident. ‘
   Pragmatic and stylish, the atmosphere sees the details-Blancpain’s style is clearly shown in the works produced by Métiers d’Art Master Studio:

Extraordinary craft watches at the exhibition
   Métiers d’Art Master Studio is located in Blancpain’s Le Brassus large complex watchmaking workshop. The works produced by the studio are equipped with Blancpain’s tried and tested classic movement, ultra-thin and beautiful, and the power is stable and durable; and then use the extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship such as gold carving, enamel, damascus gold inlay, copper, and moving dolls, which are extraordinary in style. The craftsmanship of the watch is hand-crafted by national treasure masters, and the details are intriguing. The three ultimate propositions of ‘man, god, and world’ presented by the watch are magnificent.
   Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director, shared at the exhibition: “Innovation is tradition, which is Blancpain’s DNA. Innovation, in fact, depends on long-term investment in watch creation. Only with a long-term vision, do not Constrained by short-term benefits, we can continue to tap the precious craftsmanship in the world, continuously climb the peak of mechanical watchmaking and watch aesthetics, and finally touch the wearer of the watch. This is Blancpain’s confidence and Blancpain’s Optimism. Innovation, foresight, and optimism are the foundation of our continuous creation of classic timepieces. ‘
   The work of the Blancpain Masters Studio aims to pay tribute to the most proud handcrafting tradition in fine watchmaking. Blancpain, as one of the few watchmaking brands with a complete craftsmanship, has the ability and responsibility to carry forward and innovate this tradition. ‘Innovation is Tradition’ is rooted in Blancpain’s gene, which is reflected in the works. Blancpain not only excels in the ancient crafts such as gold carving and enamel, but also continuously keeps rare such as Damascus inlaid gold and copper. Craftsmanship introduces fine watchmaking.

‘Art Master Tiangong Kaiwu’ Extraordinary Craft Watch Exhibition Beijing SKP Station Exhibition Hall
   In this exhibition, there is another finishing touch, the world’s first Chinese calendar jade green enamel orphan watch, which is another pioneering work of Blancpain in the bright fire enamel technology. Daming fire enamel itself is as warm as jade. The new Chinese calendar watch is burned with turquoise green enamel dial, which is elegant and noble, with oriental aesthetics. On the dial, the twelve-hour display, the lunar date and the lunar month, the five elements, and the ten days display are adorned in gold and baked at high temperature to pay tribute to the profound Chinese culture. In different light reflections, the watch face shows a remarkable color. The color mix of green and gold complements each other. Jinyu meets beautifully.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Chinese Calendar Emerald Green Enamel Watch
   Following the Chinese calendar with extremely difficult white enamel, black enamel, and red enamel dials, this dial presents an emerald-green large open flame enamel watch, representing the craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Blancpain Chinese calendar family. High level, just like Blancpain’s consistent pursuit of watch art.

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