Wisdom Casts Character – Hamilton Hamilton Pays Tribute To The Heroes

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Hamilton has a profound relationship with the film industry. For many years, Hamilton has been committed to creating a more complete and vivid role for the film, carefully selecting the most suitable for each character. Fitting watch. Make the characters in the film more vivid and richer in character. As a visionary brand, Hamilton believes that the production of watches and movies, especially behind the scenes, have many similarities. They need patience, delicateness, perseverance and insight to touch and inspire everyone’s enthusiasm. The Hamilton behind-the-scenes heroes festival, sponsored by the Hamilton brand, has been dedicated to honoring outstanding behind-the-scenes people who have made great contributions to the film industry. It is a far-reaching and exclusive movie feast dedicated to the heroes behind the scenes.

Hamilton leads the stars to pay tribute to the heroes behind the scenes
 The sponsor and sponsor of the ceremony, the Hamilton Watch, has been inextricably linked with the Hollywood screen since 1951, and has been in more than 400 titles such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Man in Black’ and ‘Superman Returns’. In the blockbuster. In ‘Man in Black 3’, Will Smith wore a distinctive Hamilton adventure watch, demonstrating the character’s wisdom and bravery. In ‘Gallery Longway 5’, Bruce Willis and Jakotny also wore Hamilton Hamilton and Khaki Cruiser watches, respectively, showing the heroic character. In the process, Hamilton was deeply aware of the great contribution of behind-the-scenes filmmakers to the film industry, so he founded the annual ‘Hamilton Heroes Festival’ in Hollywood. And every time, all the award winners and winners will receive carefully selected Hamilton watches, passing special respects from the brand. This time, Hamilton carefully selected elegant and delicate jazz ladies and calm and capable jazz master small seconds watches as gifts to the awardees and winners.

 The Hamilton BTCA, many well-known film and television stars on the big screen, expressed their respect for the behind-the-scenes work, and also expressed their respect for the Hamilton brand for holding such a meaningful ceremony. Milton’s vision and unwavering support for the film business. Tu Yiran, who won the best editing of the festival with ‘Thaiman of the Road’, said that he had a very good impression of the Hamilton watch and had a pilot watch. The famous actor Tao Hong said in an interview that ‘I think Hamilton is a very discerning brand, so that everyone pays attention to the people who are not usually paid attention to, and at the same time, people see a different side of the brand.’ The well-known sound engineer Du Duzhi also said that ‘because of the heroic behind-the-scenes ceremony of Hamilton, the staff behind the scenes have received attention and attention, and inspired more behind-the-scenes workers.’ The famous actor Ming Dao also praised the Hamilton watch for being very innovative and highly endorsed the brand’s respect for the staff behind the scenes.

 In addition, the famous actors Qin Hailu, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tao, Chen Xuedong, the recent hot new singer Effie, and Song Xiaofei, Tu Yiran and other award-winning behind-the-scenes staff members in the interview expressed their respect for the workers behind the scenes, The Hamilton brand hosted a behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony in recognition of the high appreciation of the staff behind the scenes.

Winners of the 2nd Hamilton Behind the Scenes Heroes Ceremony
Best Photography Award: Song Xiaofei, ‘Grand Master’
Best Editing: Tu Yiran
Best Original Music: Zhao Jiping, ‘White Deer Plain’
Best Art Director: Lin Mu, Killing Life, Hao Yi, Painted Skin 2
Best Action Design: Yuan Heping, ‘Grand Master’
Best Lighting Direction: Zou Yinglun, ‘Grand Master’
Best styling design: Zhang Shuping, ‘Grand Master’
Best Screenwriter: Liu Zhenyun
Best Sound Effect: Du Tuk’s ‘Sadek Bale’ (Mainland version)
ELLEMEN’s most breakthrough spirit: Chai Chunya, ‘Four Ways to Die in My Hometown’
Hamilton Special Contribution Award Behind the Scenes: Yuan Heping

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