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The daily meditation efforts of watch technicians will eventually accumulate into miracles under the long-term compounding interest. -Mr. Ye’s large number of VIP guests were absent on January 19, 2019. From January 13 to 17, 2019, I always appeared in the SIHH exhibition hall. To be honest, before the exhibition, because of a series of related news, such as Audemars Piguet and RICHARD MILLE announced that this is the last session of the brand exhibition, FHH (the organizer of SIHH) announced that it will adjust the exhibition time to BASELORLD from 2020 Wait, I have foreseen that the current SIHH is likely to be the ‘strongest cold winter’ in recent years. However, it was not expected that the final situation might be much worse than expected. As we all know, VIP guests and distributors are the real protagonists of SIHH. However, from the perspective of this year’s exhibition, VIP guests, especially the Middle East, which is a major consumer of high-end watches, have experienced a significant decline in number compared with previous years. A large part of the reason lies in the weak performance of the global economy in 2019 and the continuous decline in oil prices. The local tyrants were short of money, and naturally reduced the cost of purchasing watches. This is also evident from the data given by the FH (Swiss Watch Industry Federation). According to data, from January to November 2018, although the value of Swiss watch exports increased compared with the winter of 2017, but to a limited extent; the Swiss watch export data also fell by 1.6%. Therefore, the watch market is still in the cold winter period. Moving averages of Swiss watch exports over the past 12 months (data source: FH) The sluggishness of mainstream brands has returned to products. In the severe market environment, the overall performance of the 18 major participating brands can only be described as lackluster. Earlier technology leader Lange fired a cold meal this year, and Panerai played a game similar to buying shoes and giving tickets … In contrast, the product strategies of Audemars Piguet and RICHARD MILLE are a bit interesting. Since Audemars Piguet CODE11.59 and 15500ST are the last exhibitions this year, Audemars Piguet and RICHARD MILLE are mainly testing the water in their product strategies, that is, they are working on their weak points. Among them, Audemars Piguet introduced the new series CODE11.59. Although the brand’s intentions can be felt from the real body of this watch, for many Audemars Piguet owners, including me, this octagonal case shape between two circles is really unacceptable . Not to mention, its design has many inherent defects, such as the concave design of the table mirror makes the brand logo on it far less clear. All in all, it will take a very long time for him to fight the Royal Oak Chamber as expected. In contrast, 15500ST will surely become a boom once it is released. RICHARD MILLE’s new women’s watch RICHARD MILLE expects this year to use a stack of colors and cute themes to drive women’s watches that are not so popular. But to be honest, the two new collections of Sweets and Fruits are more like toy watches than fine watches in terms of physical appearance. Powell’s watchmaking strength has been unanimously affirmed by professionals. Among the brands in the mainstream exhibition area, Powell, which joined again this year after a long absence, has performed well. With the advent of enamel pocket watches and several large and complex watches, people have once again felt their deep historical heritage. It is also very important that the exhibition hall of Powell this time is not located in an independent watchmaking area, but a place with high-priced booth fees. All in all, the brand’s performance in the next few years is definitely worth looking forward to. In addition to Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionnelle series dual-core rate perpetual calendar watch, in addition to this year, Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionnelle series of dual-core rate perpetual calendar watch is also quite interesting. The model 3610 manual winding movement contains two balance wheels. The wearer can instantly switch between 5Hz and 1.2Hz swing frequency by pressing the button at 8 o’clock on the case. When 1.2Hz is selected, although the running accuracy of the model will be reduced, the dynamic reserve will be increased from 4 days at 5Hz to 65 days. When I heard the description of this watch live, the first reaction was, ‘It resonates with the double balance wheel of FPJourne, but Vacheron Constantin’s purpose is to simply increase the movement time of the watch, but FPJourne aims to improve Travel accuracy. ‘. The independent watchmaking innovation of F.P.Journe’s double balance wheel resonance system has a special presence on SIHH every year. Their pavilion space is not as large as that of mainstream brands, and the location of their pavilions cannot be compared with mainstream brands. However, this is a seemingly inconspicuous place, but as a watch enthusiast, I have the most SIHH stay time. This is the area for independent watchmakers. F.P.Journe Tourbillon Souverain Vertical watch When mainstream brands desperately made ‘egg fried rice’ due to the global economic downturn, independent watch brands went the other way and launched one after another creative work. For example, the new Tourbillon Souverain Vertical watch released by F.P.Journe has revolutionized this ancient device with a 30-second vertical tourbillon, giving it a stunning visual effect and greatly improving the accuracy of the watch. Christophe Claret Angelico watches are the ‘behind-the-scenes heroes’ of the major complications of many mainstream brands. Christophe Claret also launched Angelico watches in the namesake brand this year. This watch has two innovations in function. One is to place a cam to prevent the escapement mechanism from tilting under the balance spring, so that the watch can maintain a high accuracy in six directions; the second is The multi-segment chain in the traditional sesame chain structure is replaced here by Dyneema nanofiber wire, thereby eliminating the power loss caused by friction to do work. HYT H0 Time is Precious watch HYT’s new work, H0 Time is Precious watch, is even more amazing. Continuing to this day, it is still the only liquid time indication method in the field of horology, while introducing ultra-sharp laser cutting technology into the horology industry, the single-crystal silicon chip inlaid process dial created from this has a unique three-dimensional effect . It is no exaggeration to say that this mechanical watch expresses the sense of science fiction to the fullest. After seeing the mainstream brands and watchmaking brands firmly, I can’t help but have a question in my heart. ‘In the current global economic recession, large watch brands with deep capital have chosen to suspend product development and refurbish classic designs. Philosophy to protect yourself; but why do independent watch brands that are extremely tight in the capital chain and will accidentally finish playing, still insist on innovation? ‘This question, until the independent watchmakers such as the TimeAeon Foundation and the occasional Philippe Dufour Only after talking did I realize. The movement of Naissance d’ une Montre 2 mentioned that there was only a new superficial TimeAeon Foundation in the past few years. Ordinary watch fans may know very little about it. However, it is well-known in the field of professional clocks. Not only because the initiators are many independent watchmaking gods, but also because of the outstanding performance of the first work. Of the total production of 11 pieces, 10 were sold out at the beginning of the market, and the remaining one was 1.46 million US dollars (about 9.66 million yuan) at the 2016 Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. This year, the Foundation announced its new watch, Naissance d’ une Montre 2, which is planned to be launched in 2020, with a limited edition of one. This watch not only shows the extreme beauty of handwork, but also proposes innovations in the realization of constant power. It is no longer the connection between the traditional barrel and the conical wheel, but the full barrel and the empty barrel. Linkage between bars. The limited edition of the Naissance d’ une Montre 2TimeAeon Foundation’s product innovation is certainly amazing, but what is truly amazing is its original intention-the proceeds will be used to support young people in learning traditional Swiss watchmaking. It is also because of this inherited concept that the most traditional Swiss manual watchmaking technology can be passed down from generation to generation, and big brands have the opportunity to use these independent watchmakers to develop the royal oak, nautilus, and event puppet. Wait for the market to burst. In other words, supporting independent watchmakers’ insistence on innovation is not a purely commercial purpose, but a sense of responsibility for traditional Swiss watchmaking. This also explains why many independent brands have chosen to spend a lot of money and energy on watch innovation even if they are unable to enter the SIHH pavilion and can only exhibit in a hotel in the center of Geneva, even though funds are tight. Because they know that only by insisting day by day can we finally promote the development of the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. Mr. Ye accompanied us to remind Fenjiu Bihe at the beginning of SIHH’s founding in 1991, because he wanted to use the flow of people from BASELWORLD, so the exhibition date was next. Later, although there have been several changes to the SIHH’s holding time, sometimes before BASELWORLD and sometimes after BASELWORLD, in general, the two exhibitions are connected. Until 2009, due to various reasons, it was changed to January, which is now familiar to people. However, from 2020 to 2024, SIHH will be held again with the BASELWORLD title period, the specific time will be held in Geneva from April 26th to 29th; BASELWORLD will be held in Basel from April 30th to May 5th. Romans 5: 3 | Not only so, but also in rejoicing. Because knowing adversity produces patience. Bien plus, nous nous glorifions memedes afflictions, sachant que I’affliction produit la perseverance .

At This Moment, Looking Up To Happiness

Happiness is when you look up at the sky tonight, home is at your feet and love is beside you. Whenever I look up at the bright moon in the mid-autumn night sky, there will be infinite warmth in my heart. The occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival is an excellent opportunity to convey the most sincere love and blessings to lovers, family and friends with a congratulatory gift. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has specially selected three pairs of gifts from time for you to share the lingering happiness through the jumping hands. Tissot’s Swissmatic series watches have three days of long-lasting movement and classic timeless shape, wearing the sweetest admiration of Ta on the wrist; Tissot Junya series watches and Tissot Wave series watches, with restrained temperament and The elegant design firmly connects each other’s hearts; the Tissot Baohuan series of steel straps to the watch, with an extraordinary movement and long-lasting life to make love last. At this moment, Tissot watches are willing to become a link between joy and happiness, and witness the reunion of the uncle and the twins under the clear moon with the jumping pointer!

Figure 1: Tissot watch blessing
Full moon because of you and me holding hands
   Love is the heartbeat of the first encounter, the meticulous guardianship, the companionship of acquaintances, and the constant care and thoughts that are separated by thousands of miles. Bathed in the moonlight of Mid-Autumn Festival, Tissot wishes to be a messenger of love, to convey to you the deepest and deepest love and blessing in your heart.
   The lovers of Qin Sexiang and He also need pairs of watches to embellish the good times of knowing each other. The Tissot Swiss Swissmatic watch is a self-winding mechanical watch that perfectly combines Swissmatic movements with modern elements, combining cutting-edge high-tech elements with a simple and clear shape. The pure white flawless dial resembles a round moon in the water sky. The outstanding Swissmatic movement provides the watch with a power reserve of up to three days. This series of belt watches depicts the beauty of the full moon with a vintage ornate gold case. The steel strap watch resembles the gentle shadow of the bright moon, reflecting the hazy glamorous glory. In this holiday destined to be reunited, let these two watches accompany you to the road of Ta in your heart, look forward to it, and rejoice all the way.

Figure 2-3: Tissot Swissmatic Watch Belt

Figure 4-5: Tissot Swissmatic watch with steel strap
   The moonlight is accompanied, reflecting Ta’s best appearance, and the selected gift must meet the uniqueness and extraordinaryness of Ta. The simple and restrained Tissot Junya series men’s watch, with a clean and concise dial and low-key brown belt, highlights the gentleman’s style between gentlemen’s hands, which is the best choice for him in this Mid-Autumn Festival. Inspired by the ribbon flying Tissot Ocean Wave series watch, the perfect combination of lightness and nobility, just like the dial of the full moon flowing endless lines, reminiscent of the Chang’e fairy holding a jade rabbit under the laurel tree. The pearly teardrop scale at 12 o’clock is inlaid with selected black mother-of-pearl, shaped like a teardrop, and is a sad poem in the mind of a girl immersed in a honeypot of love. This Mid-Autumn Festival, let this pair of exquisite watches accompany you to spend the festive season with your loved Ta, and harvest a complete love!

Figure 6-7: Tissot Junya Series Men’s Watch / Surf Series Women’s Watch
Family members reunited with Deng Ying Yin
   Mid-Autumn Festival solar terms, the most fascinating is reunion night. The full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a sign of family reunion. We are also paying tribute to this day. Maybe you are struggling for your dreams in the distance, but you are caring about your family. Warm light source, set off on the return journey!
   Rather than expressing your care and thoughts about your hometown and loved ones in the distance, it is better to leave at this moment and enjoy the joy of heaven. The Tissot Baohuan series watch condenses the deepest confession to your loved ones into a delicate timepiece on your wrist to accompany your joyful journey home. The outstanding mechanical power 80 movement gives the watch a power reserve of up to 80 hours, and the introduction of a silicon spring with high magnetic resistance makes the watch less susceptible to external magnetic fields and gravity. The dial adopts three-dimensional digital time scales and sword-shaped hands, which seems to encourage the world to bravely tell loved ones and love in the chest. A ring of sparkling Paris studs on the bezel circulates with the moonlight, lingering in the reunion night, and dazzling and romantic. The mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl dial inside each watch makes each watch like a natural art treasure, comparable to the hazy moonlight.

Figure 8: Tissot Baohuan Steel Band Pair Table

Figure 9-10: Tissot Baohuan Steel Band Men’s / Women’s Watch

Sir Elton John And David Furnish Join Hands With Chopard To Host The 22nd Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Charity Party

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Los Angeles, March 3, 2014-The 22nd Elton John co-organized by Sir Elton John and David Furnish The AIDS Foundation Oscar Charity Party raised $ 5.1 million in anti-AIDS funds.

   ‘This generosity can help us change the course of this epidemic,’ said Sir Elton. ‘When we bring homeless teens off the street and into resettlement areas and job training and health centers, we AIDS has begun to end. When we provide clean needles for drug addicts and reach out to detoxification centers, we have begun to end AIDS. When we help former HIV-positive carriers find homes and jobs, and adhere to medication We have begun to end AIDS. When we ensure that everyone living with HIV can get sick and receive medical care and treatment, we have begun to end AIDS. ‘— Sir Elton John )

   Fifteen years ago, Caroline Schaefer, Co-President and Art Director of Chopard, first met with Sir Elton John. He advised her to actively participate in the affairs of the foundation. The meeting opened a long-lasting friendship and creative cooperation. The world-renowned artist joined forces with the Schafer family, the owner of the Chopard brand, to create the Elton John watch series, which shows the singer’s unique fashion sense. The sales of this series of watches are donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation in a certain proportion. In addition to this watch collection, Chopard also supports the foundation through the Oscar Charity Party, and is once again proud to join the Elton John AIDS Foundation as the official sponsor of the 22nd Annual Oscar Charity Party.

Extreme Luxury Two Breguet Naples Watches Beijing Quotes

In the timepiece produced by Breguet, the Queen of Naples (Reine de Naples) series is praised for its extraordinary poetry. This is undoubtedly because the series symbolizes the unique case shape of the origin of life, and of course it is also because the series is a masterpiece of timepieces for women. In the Queen of Naples series, Breguet relied on exquisite artistic and mechanical skills to show its high respect for female customers. Today, the watch home will bring you the Beijing market of two Breguet Naples Queen series watches, I hope everyone likes them.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8999BB / 8D / 874 DD0D

In-store public price: ¥ 1779900 (collection date December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Queen of Naples
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Silk
Case diameter: 34 mm
Details of the watch: the shape of 8, this number has a special meaning in many cultures, reminiscent of this symbol also symbolizing endlessness. There is also a bright moon made of titanium on the lapis lazuli disc, and the faceted edge of the balance wheel reflects a bright light, symbolizing the running track of the sun. This ‘sunlight’ will change according to the movement of the balance wheel in the Arabic numerals during the day, until after sunset, it dives under the steel bridge supporting the display device. The disc is decorated with mother-of-pearl, representing clouds and shining stars.

Breguet High Jewellery Watch Series GJ28BB8924DDS8

In-store public price: ¥ 1011300 (collected in December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: High Jewellery Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Silk
Details of the model: Ambilight gold case, perfectly matched with the gem-set bow, subtly blends into the natural mother-of-pearl dial. Breguet uses exquisite jewellery inlaying techniques and uses a large number of diamonds to bathe the watch in a bright and beautiful light. The bezel and dial flange are set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Square diamonds are composed of interwoven ribbons, which are inlaid with two pillow-cut sapphires, and the flowing bow is decorated with delicate diamonds. In order to meet women’s expectations for high-end timepieces, this watch is equipped with Breguet’s advanced watchmaking mechanical movement. The case is 18K white gold. The bezel and case outer edge are set with 146 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 2.848 carats). Dial flange set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.132 carats). Frills are set with 193 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.07 carats), 11 square diamonds (approximately 0.35 carats) and 2 cushion-cut sapphires (approximately 0.59 carats). The crown is set with a drop-shaped diamond (approximately 0.28 carats). Spherical lugs set with 61 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.478 carats). Sapphire crystal case back. 33 x 24.95 mm in diameter.

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Dealer Name: Beijing Baodi Store
Dealer address: Sete Shopping Center, 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-65158018

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