Vacheron Constantin Art Master Flower Temple Series Strelitzia Queen Watch

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Strelizia, commonly known as ‘Bird of Paradise,’ is native to South Africa. Introduced by two British explorers: Mr. Francis Masson and Mr. James Cook in 1773, it was sent to Sir Joseph Banks, the famous director of the British Botanic Gardens, and was officially planted in the nickname ‘Kew’ in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The flower seeds are named after the Queen’s family, in honor of the British Queen from the Duke of Mecklemburg-Strelitz. Strelitzia symbolizes loyalty and luck. The masterpiece of the flower temple series of the master of art has specially selected the strelitzia theme. Different machine-engraved carved patterns and bright enamel color changes give the dial a subtle three-dimensional impression, adding an incredible realism beauty.

   Since its founding in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is known for its craft traditions and the spirit of excellence. Behind the superb technology handed down from generation to generation, the members of Vacheron Constantin conceal their daily hard work, and they silently inject outstanding craftsmanship into the brand’s works. Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces are not only a tool for timing, but also a microcosm of contemporary culture and history. The master of art (métiersd’art) is the strong connection between the brand and the top craftsmanship. It is not only a unique and unique watch, but also the crystallization of Vacheron Constantin’s brand value and sincere attitude.

   In 2013, the Master of Art series added a new force dedicated to women’s watch lovers for the first time: the Métiers d’ Art Master of the Flower Temple series. This trilogy is based on the floral illustrations in the 19th-century British plant map. John. A tribute to the biological masterpiece ‘The Temple of Flora’ compiled by Robert John Thornton and published in 1799. These three models combine enamel, machine-engraved carving and gem setting to faithfully interpret the flower patterns in the book.

   These three masterpieces of the Flower Temple series are equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s 4400 bracelet mechanical movement, which measures time with reliable and sophisticated devices. It is a poetic romance. The large barrel provides a movement with a power reserve of up to 65 hours. Its 12½-inch diameter (28.5 mm) is a major feature, suitable for today’s different case sizes. Côtes de Genève The Geneva Ripples speaks of the extraordinary craftsmanship it symbolizes in the light. Even bridges, bases, and other components that are not visible on the surface are treated and modified by hand chamfering. The watch is paired with a feminine matte leather strap to present a perfect state of elegance.

   To commend this precious cultural heritage, Vacheron Constantin brought together the expertise of the brand’s artisans and the independent artist: Geneva-style miniature enamel master Anita Porchet. Cloisonné with rich colors is fired in Grand Feu. Each dial has a stunning three-dimensional feel and visual effects, complemented by a diamond-set bezel, just like a flawless piece of art.

Summary: Remember that last year Vacheron Constantin also launched a shocking work of art. This year, with the strong Chinese wind blowing all corners of the world, the brand has applied this element to the extreme. With superb art handmade, it can be top quality in the flavor table.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2013 SIHH brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

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