The Distance From The World, Redefine Here

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The ‘Redefine the Distance of the World’ timepiece craft exhibition has landed in the SKP, the landmark of Emperor Fashion. The brand new concept watch and unique experience space give the watch fans who love German timepieces a feast that shakes the senses. Now, follow us through time and space and explore the story behind time.

Breakthrough in heritage
   As early as the 19th century, the rapid development of the watch industry and the integration of watchmaking resources made the town of Glashütte, Germany, the world’s watchmaking center. After more than 170 years of historical changes, Glashütte’s original watch has never stopped, and has contributed many great inventions such as flying tourbillons to the development of timepieces. The carefully manufactured and high-quality timepieces have transcended the world, creating an original position of Glashütte Original in the global watch industry.
   The on-site exhibition incorporates modern technology: touch the globe, the LED screen in the center of the exhibition hall can be turned on, and the original story and works of Glashütte are presented wonderfully. The immersive experience brings the guests closer to the German watchmaking.

Challenge in excellence
   The exhibition brings the extraordinary treasures of the Glashütte Original Watchmaking Museum, and antique pocket watches are a special feature.
   The gold hunting cap pocket watch was produced in 1895. The special craftsmanship such as the gold sleeve and three-fourths of the plywood show the ingenious skills that cannot be copied in the continuation of history.
   Julias Asman is one of the pioneers leading the watchmaking industry in Glashütte. The masterpieces of pocket watches of the same period laid the foundation for the precision and durability of the brand’s watchmaking technology. The Julius Asman pocket watch produced in 1905 is the treasure of this exhibition.
   Today’s Glashütte Original continues to prove its hard power of R & D at the rate of a brand new movement almost every year.
   The China SKP Limited Edition World Time Watch is proud to use the world time technology of the proud minimalist 36 time zone display, and has taken the lead to define the Chinese time zone with ‘Beijing’, marking a move towards China. ,Significance.
   This time, the universal tourbillon watch with ultra-complex functions is also set with 295 diamonds, weighing an astonishing 6.74 carats, limited to one, which shows its unique supremacy in complex mechanical timepieces.
   In order to better understand the mysteries of watchmaking technology, Glashütte Original invited senior watchmakers from the watchmaking factory to show the grinding and assembly of watch parts and interact enthusiastically with guests at the scene to vividly reproduce the legendary German skill.

Change in attachment
   Actor Wang Qianyuan also came to the exhibition site yesterday, wearing a Chinese SKP limited edition World Time watch, showing a chic masculine temperament. As the Best Supporting Actor and International Actor of the Golden Rooster Film Awards, Wang Qianyuan released all his works with his long-established acting skills. He also constantly redefines himself in many roles, bringing the most real people to the audience.
   As for the craftsmanship of craftsmanship, the same is true of Glashütte’s originality. In the inheritance, it has always adhered to the original spirit and constantly explored more possibilities in the development of watchmaking technology. Each breakthrough is a redefinition of its distance from the world.

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