Seiko Introduces Brightz’s New Solar Radio Watch

SEIKO launched Brightz radio wave watch specially designed for holiday leisure sports. The unique dark green rhombus surface design, low-key taste, expresses its unique value. The Brightz radio-controlled watch adopts SEIKO’s patented white titanium case and the exclusive developed surface hardening treatment (DIASHIELD), which successfully creates a dazzling metallic color and light texture, which makes the small white-collar workers have no burden on sports. The watch is resistant to abrasion and maintains its original luster even after long wear.

 The 2009 SEIKO Brightz series combines the functions of world time zone, GMT, week retrograde and radio waves to show the high performance of the watch. The function of the world time zone is to engrave the names of 24 important cities in the world, including three cities that emit radio waves, on the 12-sided bezel. Among them, the three clear triangles on the faceplate indicate the three cities and frequencies of the radio waves. The 24-hour GMT hand can be set as the second time, which is convenient for grasping the difference in daily life and rest between the two places. The day of the week retrograde function and the second hand instantaneous zeroing system are integrated in this watch, which further highlights the uniqueness of the watchmaking technology and brightz radio watch developed by SEIKO.
 The watch uses the latest environmentally-friendly solar movement, combined with world time display and radio wave transmission and reception, is a crystallization of high-performance technology. In recent years, awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the maintenance of the global environment has become increasingly important. The 2009 SEIKO Brightz radio wave watch uses a solar quartz movement, which can be repeatedly recharged by sunlight or daily light, which is quite convenient. In addition, when fully charged, Electricity can be stored for up to nine months. When not in use (no light source), the pointer will go to sleep, saving power. Europe, the United States, and Asia receive accurate proofreading in all time zones. The receivable radio wave sources cover major cities around the world. You can directly obtain the most accurate local time by operating the adjustment button. Every hour from 2 to 4 am The point is to perform the time calibration synchronously during the time period for forcibly receiving signals. The zero-time multifunctional convenient watch that is connected to the world at any time, is the best business partner for young white-collar workers when traveling.

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