Rolex Opens Twitter Account And Launches Rolex.Org Website

Recently, Rolex opened a Twitter account and announced the launch of the website (in Chinese) in the first tweet.

 The new website mainly tells the story behind Rolex’s crown trademark, especially the story of the founder of the brand, Hans Wilsdorf, Perpetual Spirit, and Rolex’s support for environmental protection, science and art. The website even introduces the Rolex Acacias headquarters located on the outskirts of Geneva.
 As Rolex expected, this is an elaborate and educational site. This website does not list Rolex watches, but it profoundly explains the brand’s values ​​and subtly explains why Rolex has become the world’s largest luxury watch brand.
 This site not only highlights all the achievements of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, but may also inspire business and personal philanthropy around the world. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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