Roger Dubuis Launches New Excalibur Knights Of The Round Table

Roger Dubuis launched a rare masterpiece in 2013: the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table, inspired by the legendary story of King Arthur. Today, the brand-new interpretation of the Knights of the Round Table is proud to debut in 2015, and Roger Dubuis takes this superb watch to reproduce the supreme value that makes this timeless legend widely acclaimed by the world.
A shocking interpretation, a timeless legend
   As a watchmaker in Geneva, Roger Dubuis has always been famous for its rich and amazing looks, and the contemporary interpretation of this round table knight legend is no exception.
Excalibur Knights of the Round Table 2 A Timeless Legend

   Roger Dubuis released 28 limited edition Excalibur Knights of the Round Table for the first time in 2013. Its bold and bold design style and the source of inspiration for the legend of the round table samurai make it shine with honor. Glory. This watch is re-engraved with enamel material and appliqué. It is an English oak round table made for Henry VIII and placed in the Winchester Castle Hall. It uses the green and milky white that symbolizes the Tudor dynasty; the 12th place on the dial A statue of the noble knight sat around the round table.
   In 2015, Roger Dubuis re-launched 28 limited-edition watches sold only in its specialty stores. Twelve samurai crafted in bronze surround the precious ink-jade dial. This dial full of historical imprints has been meticulously crafted to give a new interpretation of the legend of the round table, adding glory to the magical power and warrior spirit awakened by the watch.
Inheritance of aesthetic inspiration
   The magician Merlin in the legend declares: ‘Around this round table, the bravest knights will gather together and have equal status. Leaving this hall, they will begin the journey of cleaning up the aggression, sheltering the weak, and punishing the proud.’ This It is the starting point of the adventure of 12 heroic knights, who swore allegiance to King Arthur and vowed to spare no effort to achieve the goal and overcome all obstacles in order to return in triumph.
   From the Middle Ages to the present day, the legend of the wizard Merlin and the round table warrior is still the most widely spread folk tale. King Arthur bravely defended his territory under the sword of the invaders, a scene that was invincible in the forest of Broceliande.
Subtle combination of craft aesthetics and extraordinary technology

   On the battlefield, there are many heroes who are capable, virtuous, and brave. Their talented military strategy and high sentiment are as bright as the sun and the moon. Their heroic deeds left a glorious stroke in the long scroll of history, and established the noble virtue of advocating courage and respecting wise men.
   Roger Dubuis holds the same beliefs and pursuits in the field of watchmaking, strives to “give people dreams”, and does everything in its power to find its holy grail in this field: uncompromising quality, and The determination is reflected in the fact that all its timepieces meet the criteria of the Geneva Seal Certification.
   Lionel Favre, director of product design for the brand, said: ‘In this legend, the motto of the mysterious knights, ‘Brave and Generous’, is a reflection of Roger Dubuis’ attitude towards watchmaking. The spirit of chivalry is with Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is also manifested in the side-by-side collaboration between the artist and the watchmaker to create a peerless work that meets both standards. To perfectly combine precision and craftsmanship, we must rely on meticulous production processes by skilled craftsmen , And only by appreciating its local details under the jeweller’s eyepiece can one appreciate the exquisiteness. ‘
Only 6.5mm high, the knights vividly show the characteristics that legendary stories give him

   In this exquisite and unique work of art, Roger Dubuis and the watchmakers of the Geneva watch factory’s relentless pursuit of superior quality are once again reflected in the subtle combination of craftsmanship aesthetics and extraordinary technology. To create such a complex and precise dial alone, it takes a full ten months to develop, research and experiment.
   The new watch shows amazing miniature craftsmanship and precision. The 12 round table knights with sharp swords shape a perfect circle to replace the traditional time scale. These miniature figures come from talented and enthusiastic craft masters who cleverly crafted hands, all of them are lifelike and have different looks. Each knight has a height of only 6.5 millimeters, but vividly shows the characteristics that legendary stories give him.
   Therefore, it takes one day to make each of the casts, including the three-dimensional three-dimensional molds, which are hand-carved for each detail. Different from the Golden Knight in 2013, this is the first time to use bronze material for micro-carving. In addition to the additional technical complexity, the slight patina on the bronze also highlights the difference between this masterpiece and the previous version. .
Round table made of Moyu

   It is not difficult to imagine that such complicated and delicate work will take a lot of production time: each knight of the microcarving takes a whole working day, and a whole month of working time can only make two dials. The ring-shaped satin platinum edge around the central dial is carved and green rust is produced to achieve the final effect like a cobblestone paving, which requires considerable skill and patience.
   The decision to use Moyu to embody the round table originated from the complexity of the tabletop itself at the sculptural level, but the result was quite successful. Roger Dubuis uses a new engraving technology that can realize unique nuances to complete the carving of the desktop pattern. It has a clear contrast with Mo Yu, but it does not damage this precious material.
   Mo Yu has always been regarded as a protective gem, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and self-control. When people face financial or social cautiously, they think that Mo Yu can prevent those who are prone to irritability and violence. People also believe that it can make people face themselves honestly, absorb and transform those destructive emotions that are not healthy.
The knights round the table

   This watch is equipped with the same RD821 automatic mechanical movement as the previous version in a 45mm white gold case. It has a power reserve of 48 hours, like an outstanding and resolute warrior. It is the same as all other Roger Dubuis timepieces. Its 172 parts are hand-refined and engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark. It is the exclusive quality of the watch, excellent origin, superb workmanship, excellent performance and ruggedness. The ultimate guarantee is lasting.
Halma proud bloodlines
   In order to echo the 2013 round table knight watch, and to further highlight the aesthetic genes of this unique timepiece, the solid gold back cover carefully crafted by the masters of Roger Dubuis craftsman is engraved with the solemn vow announced by Master Merlin. . The eternal vows form a circle, which perfectly contrasts with the circle surrounded by legends on the dial. The blue shield-shaped badge on the case back is decorated with a golden crown, and once again pays high respect to the heroes of the Round Table knights.
   Courage and firmness, courage and generosity, strength and respect, fearlessness, rigor and discipline, these are the values ​​that Roger Dubuis respects. This watch spans time and aligns with the legendary heroic knights. At the same time, these values ​​naturally shine on the round table samurai watches created by Roger Dubuis to inherit and continue the excellence of watchmaking.

RDDBEX0496 Excalibur Knights of the Round Table 2 Technical Information
Case: 45 mm diameter, white gold
Solid gold caseback with inscription and lacquered blue shield badge
Thickness: 15.70 mm
Dial: Mo Yuyu Carved Round Table
Bronze carving knight
White gold dial with cobblestone engraving
Platinum Satin Bezel
Roger Dubuis Lacquered Lettering and Marking
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Black genuine crocodile leather
Buckle: White gold adjustable folding buckle
Movement: RD821 automatic winding movement
Yield: 28 pieces
Certification: Seal of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD821 movement: Automatic
Mechanical self-winding movement, precisely adjusted in six positions
Function: hour and minute display
Decoration: rhodium-plated, Côtes de Genève decoration,
Completely refined in accordance with the Geneva Seal Standard
Parts: 172
Gems: 33
Diameter: 111/2 legal minutes
Thickness: 3.43 mm
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 48 hours

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