Red Gold And Rose Gold Rendering Autumn Table Fashion Popular

There are different opinions on ‘red gold’ on the Internet, but whether it is 18K red gold or rose gold, they account for 75% of the gold content, and the other 25% are trace elements. The problem of proportional modulation does not have strict practical boundaries. Make sure that 75%, the rest is entirely up to personal preference. Although the watch industry does not change every year like fashion, but every year, there are several materials or functions that are particularly popular. If you have to ask the question, we can’t answer it, but you will find that every brand is launching it. This year’s watch darts steadily stamped on the ‘red gold’ watch. There are different opinions about ‘red gold’ on the Internet, but whether it is 18K red gold or rose gold, the gold content of them accounts for 75%, and the other 25% is nothing more than the modulation of trace elements. Actual boundaries. Make sure that 75%, the rest is entirely up to personal preference. Tudor Grantour Chrono Fly-Back
   From this Tudor watch you can see that the color of pink gold is very bright and more reddish. This style of red gold and stainless steel is more lively, like many people don’t want to be too old-fashioned, too luxurious, just choose this! One problem that emerged from this display: In the past, precious metals all appeared on formal watches. Now more and more sports watches are boldly using heavy metals, and the effect is unexpectedly good.
Red gold unisex
Warmth becomes new meaning
   Compared to rose gold, red gold is a bit narrower, and its color tends to have a wide range. From light yellow close to rose gold to real redness, it may be called ‘red gold’. Because the color is deeper, red gold has a warmer feeling, especially for women’s watches. From the case to the strap, the whole watch is made of red gold and embellished with diamonds. From its warm and beautiful temperament.
1. Hamilton Lady Vintage Women’s Watch
    The style is completely different from this type of other Hamilton women’s watches with a strong retro style. The bracelet design and those carved on the case highlight the women’s refinement and elegance.
2.Jacques Dro Grande Date Black Enamel
    A very, very quiet dial design with enamel fired from a large open flame. The date display is generously endowed with a sense of space. The 65-hour power reserve, the soft red gold case lugs, the 43mm large dial … all make it charming in the details.
3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso
    The flagship series Reverso, the case design with geometric lines and warm red gold and black crocodile leather straps, is a standard exclusive watch for high-level professionals in the workplace, not to mention the excellent movement and expanded size, showing everywhere A domineering.
4. Omega LadyMatic Women’s Watch
    The LadyMatic watch, endorsed by Nicole Kidman, became the leading model for women’s watches as soon as it appeared last year. The high-quality and powerful movement and the red gold design of the entire watch did not seem vulgar. The most important thing was the dial. The addition of ripples and diamonds on the case makes it a good watch with an external and internal fanfare!

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