Portuguese Nautical Elite Chronograph ‘marine Warrior’ Special Edition

Schaffhausen / Alicante, October 2014-The departure horn of the Volvo Ocean Race is sounding again. This event will set sail from Alicante, Spain in October 2014, and reach the final point in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2015. A total of seven powerhouses have won the match under difficult conditions. IWC not only once again became the official timekeeper of this season’s Volvo Ocean Race, but also launched a special edition watch: the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Marine Warrior’ Special Edition, limited edition of 1,000 pieces to celebrate this world The hardest and most exciting sailing event. In addition, IWC will continue to be the official sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team participating in the second race, further strengthening the partnership between the two sides.

   ‘The Volvo Ocean Race brings together the best sailing teams in the world, and each fleet will face an extremely severe test,’ said Georges Kern, chief executive of IWC. ‘We are honored to be at the forefront of international sailing, once again being the official designated timekeeper and partner of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team for this event, and sponsoring the ’24 -Hour Speed ​​Record Challenge ‘.’ For the first time, a Volvo 65 class sailing boat with a hull over 20 meters will be uniformly piloted. Among the seven powerhouses participating in the competition, an international women’s sailing team composed of female crews from all over the world reappeared for the first time in more than a decade. In the nine-month limit contest of endurance, each participating fleet will stop at nine ports and make a repair berth, sailing a total of 38,739 nautical miles (total 71,745 kilometers). Considering the wind speed and weather conditions, especially the 30-meter high waves in the Southern Ocean and the wind speed of 110 kilometers per hour, this event can be called the most severe challenge in the field of sailing.

   The new Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph “Marine Warrior” Special Edition (Model: IW390216) launched by IWC is specially designed to match this unique sporting event. Its sports style and masculinity speak for themselves. ‘This watch is a tribute to the sportsmanship and the spirit of challenging the extreme,’ concludes Qiao Qisi. After all, as a member of the Portuguese watch family, the precision of this watch is comparable to that of marine instruments. This is especially reflected in the large case with a diameter of 45.4 mm, which can provide enough space for the IWC-manufactured 89361 movement.

   The special edition of the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Marine Warrior’ has a striking appearance and is equipped with the most advanced and sturdy chronograph movement currently available. Displayed in a separate small dial with two hands, as easy as reading time. The watch is water-resistant to 6 bar. It is the only watch in the Portuguese watch family equipped with a crown protection device and luminous hands and scales. It is fully armed in technical performance and can be trusted anytime, anywhere Wristmate. The 360-degree oscillating weight uses a steering wheel shape, which also cleverly echoes this extreme sport. This watch is equipped with a crocodile leather-lined black rubber strap.
  The beautifully laid out silver dial, blue hands and scales-the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Marine Warrior’ special edition is a perfect chronograph. The tradition of precise timekeeping in Portuguese watches goes back to the various precision navigational instruments used by great navigators when exploring the world. In the tradition of the Portuguese watch family for more than 70 years, the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Marine Warrior’ Special Edition is the most sporty watch.

  If IWC’s most successful watch in the 1960s and 1970s, the Nautical Elite, is a solid ship in the torrent of time, then the newly launched Portuguese Nautical Elite Chronograph “Marine Warrior” is special The edition is an elegant racing boat. As we all know, the requirements for equipment on the vast sea are extremely strict.

   The participating teams-perhaps the most spectacular ocean-going fleet in today’s sailing events-gathered in the Spanish port city of Alicante on October 4 to kick off the event with an intra-port race, and then travel across five continents, The four oceans won the final match, and the winning fleet will arrive in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2015 to celebrate the victory.

  Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad is delighted that IWC is once again officially appointed as the official timekeeper of the race: ‘IWC has a veritable precision and innovative spirit, which is our best Partners. ‘In addition, IWC will also reward the fleet that sails the longest distance within 24 hours of any stage.

   All participating teams will work hard to win this coveted IWC Grand Prize, because at the end of the race, IWC will sail the longest distance for this team within any 24 hours of the entire race Each member of the fleet presents a special edition of the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Marine Warrior’.

   IWC will also continue to be the official sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team. As the first Arab team to compete in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race, the Abu Dhabi sailing team has won the attention of the last race.

   Two-time Olympic silver medalist Ian Walker will once again be the captain’s seat command. He greatly appreciated the continued cooperation between the two sides: ‘We are very proud to have the support of IWC once again.

  Our team is a truly international fusion, consisting of world-class new and old elite crew. Thank you IWC for providing us with a solid backing and we are determined to win the game. ‘The powerful edition of the powerful Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph’ Marine Warrior ‘will accompany the sailing team to set sail .

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