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Montblanc Officially Entered Taichung Dayuanbai

The new landmark of China and Taiwan Regal Shopping Opening of top-quality boutique relay scale
Montblanc officially enters Taichung Taiyuan
Central District’s largest brand flagship store
Souvenirs from the town shop: Taiwan’s only commemorative table clock worth nearly NT $ 4 million welcomes you

    At the end of last year, the Montblanc Taichung Taiyuan 100 store opened grandly with the expectation of consumers. It officially entered the largest department store boutique theater in Taiwan. It was built on the scale of the world’s top flagship stores and introduced a new concept of decoration design. The total area is 55 pings. Became the second largest flagship store in Taiwan and the largest brand in Central District. In order to meet the top-level boutiques opened at the Taichung Dayuanbai Relay, Montblanc Taichung Taiyuanbai stores also offered a value of NT $ 3.88 million. To celebrate the 190th anniversary of the timer, a special limited edition of 19 sets of ‘Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190 ‘Anniversary Edition Clock’ is the treasure of the town shop, which attracts the wealthy Chinese and Taiwanese rich who love watch collections to appreciate.
Montblanc Taichung Taiyuan Hundred Specialty Store Town Shop: Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock is specially launched to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the timer. It is limited to 19 sets worldwide. This uniquely designed Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec 190th Anniversary Edition Clock has a height of 33 cm, a width of 33 cm and a depth of 22 cm. When fully equipped, it weighs 19 kg. Below the table clock is a large table timer, which has the same appearance as the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec series watch. It operates the chronograph function with a strip mechanism and is equipped with a watch winding machine. One of the clocks can be attached to this table clock. Only Montblanc 18K rose gold Nicolas Rieussec automatic chronograph watch is wound. All the clocks of this set of clocks are housed in an upright metal seat with a forged surface and covered with glass to prevent dust and other environmental factors from damaging the clock. It is the perfect masterpiece created by Montblanc’s top watch factories in Switzerland with the latest technology.

Central District’s largest flagship store is gorgeously displayed
    When I entered the store, I was attracted by the crystal chandelier of the Montblanc hexagonal star logo in the store. The oval jewelry display cabinet created a low-key luxury and elegant and comfortable atmosphere. , Interpreting Montblanc’s consistent style of excellence and nobility.

    In order to cater for the brand’s different needs for various types of goods, the Founder’s specialty store has set up different product areas to fully display the four product lines of Montblanc jewelry, watches, leather goods and writing instruments. Under the central crystal lamp printed on the door, Montblanc’s exquisite women’s jewellery and high-end watch series display area is displayed, and on both sides of the wall are Montblanc’s high-end watch series and the irreplaceable models since its establishment Limited writing instruments, and further down there is a full range of leather goods and accessories.

Strengthen professional watchmaking
    In recent years, Montblanc actively entered the field of professional watchmaking and achieved great results. Entering Montblanc’s latest concept stores can feel this strong ambition. The brand-new Montblanc Faraway boutique, the entire wall display window on the right and the glass case below, show a charming watch masterpiece in an orderly manner; the magnificent and long image of the Nicolas Rieussec watch on the left hand side, stands out The proud look of the first Montblanc home-made movement watch Nicolas Rieussec shown below, including a replica of an antique timing device based on the clock movement invented by Nicolas Rieussec in 1821, is eye-catching.

    Facing the bottom of the main entrance storefront is the Villeret 1858 area exuding exquisite craftsmanship. The chronology on the wall is silent, telling the development history of Minerva Watch Factory for more than 150 years. Watch display, let watch fans and collectors can not help but linger. Montblanc’s ‘Collection Villeret 1858’ series produced in vintage limited production, whether it is the traditional technology contained in the movement, the structure that can be adjusted to the most accurate and stable level, or the classic mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo, all reflect Montblanc A century of superb craftsmanship tradition. There is no doubt that the Montblanc ‘Collection Villeret 1858’ zone contains the three elements of Montblanc, Villeret and 1858. The precious and eternal value represented by it will surely shine in the watch art palace.

Paintings by young artists
    After exploring the mysteries of Montblanc’s watchmaking technology, detour to the left side is even more unique, in a separate area of ​​the display space, on the left wall is a full leather series, the glass cabinet in the center is a display With a wide range of men’s accessories and writing tools such as cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, etc .; pushing the bottom hidden door along the wall of the display leather series is the exclusive honor for top customers to comfortably and secretly appreciate the products VIP room.

    The most stunning focal point of this area is the carefully set paintings of young artists located on the bottom wall. This piece by the Japanese artist Shinpei Naito uses the Montblanc hexagonal star as the concept of ‘River Side’ It is derived from the ‘Montblanc Young Artist World Patronage Project’ officially launched in 2004. Through the brand boutiques strictly selected by the main factory, it will constantly display the creative paintings of young artists selected by Montblanc, making the Montblanc boutiques like art museums. In general, it exudes a strong humanistic and artistic atmosphere and conveys to Montblanc’s persistent commitment to art and culture over the years.

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Piaget Roseearl Rose Shines For 30 Years

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The ultimate bright garden party, a happy and gorgeous rose life. The 30th anniversary of Piaget Rose, a top jewelry watch brand, was held in Shanghai on June 7.
   The bird’s language lingers on the lush green, and the winding path gradually becomes denser. Surrounded by flowers and plants, the event site has been transformed into an earl’s garden that blends with nature. Gorgeous Piaget Rose became the protagonist of the garden, blooming in the joyful light. The Limelight Garden Party series, which is inspired by the elegant gesture of Piaget Rose, has gathered in China for the first time. The natural and harmonious place embodies the joy of the 30th anniversary celebration.
    Eve Earl? The fourth-generation descendant of the Earl who loves roses came to the scene to share with his guests his love and feelings for roses. Internationally acclaimed film artist Chen Chong and beautiful female anchor Hou Peizen also talked about their rose life. Music genius Li Quan performed a piano sing ‘La Vie En Rose’ to fully interpret the splendid chapter of Piaget’s rose life, and models wore bright and elegant Piaget jewelry and watches to shine on the stage. Finally, a very jazz-like ‘Rose Rose I Love You’ pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Earl Rose’s 30th anniversary shines, and writes a happy poem entitled Rose Life for all guests.

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A Man Who Takes You To The Deep Sea Lauren Ballesta

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Antarctic, the ultimate earth;
   It draws out the coldest and most ruthless world despair with many of the world’s most circles. Behind the silver envelope is natural majesty that cannot be blasphemed.

   In the coldest place, the average inland temperature is minus 40 ° C to minus 60 ° C, the steel plate is as fragile as glass, and the hot water freezes before landing;
   The most stormy place, gusts of 40-50m / s, maximum wind speed of 100m / s, truly ‘world wind pole’;
   In the driest place, the annual rainfall in the central continent is 5mm, which is even less than that in the Sahara Desert;
   The most lonely place, the only continent in the world that has no permanent residents, the most desolate and indifferent human forbidden area on earth.

   In the face of such extreme and even deadly natural forces, human beings are extremely small and helpless,

   A man with his team of professional divers,
   The human figure is engraved on the bottom of the Antarctic ice floe to complete this unprecedented pioneering initiative.
   His purpose is by no means a challenge to prove the limit or a ritual to stand up,
   In his eyes, the achievement of ‘deep diving under the Antarctic ice sheet’ is nothing but a way to complete the mission.
   What really drove him to ‘seek the truth and ignore his life’ is a very warm original intention,
   Discover and protect cute creatures in the oceans of the world.
   Maybe you are a little strange to him, but he really made an indelible contribution to human understanding of nature and record of nature,
   This cute and respectable man is called-Laurent Ballesta.

    People who know him say that the image of this man is a bit ‘contradictory’, but the more ‘contradictory’ the more charming:
   Not only is it a conqueror of Antarctica,
   Another gentle man with an animal in his arms,
   A scientist who is best at photography,
   Is the most proficient artist in diving,
   He is the world’s top marine biologist and winner of the Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award from Blancpain,
   On him, the joke was extremely vivid and appropriate-‘Scientists who can’t take deep sea photography are not good tough guys!’

   The video language of Lauren Ballesta is very interesting,
   Penguins standing in a row can swim up after entering the water; seals that do not wake up smile at you in the water and sell cute;
   In his lens,
   The ruthless Antarctic ice caves have regained temperature,
   The natural wonders and fascinating polar life of the awe-inspiring and magical work are leaping before the eyes of the world.

   Behind these wonderful images, however, is the impersonal environment endured by Lauren Ballesta and the great price paid.

   As soon as it entered the water, the extreme cold struck quickly, and the pain was so real that it was like a cone of ice stabbing into the bone. To ensure the vivid image of the material, of course, purely mechanical shooting could not be satisfied. . After a while, the fingers and toes begin to change from pain to stiffness, and gradually lose consciousness. This is not a relief of pain. It is precisely the danger. If you do not control the duration, your life will be threatened at any time. If you go to the shore in the morning, you will waste valuable underwater shooting opportunities. In the end, Lauren Balles chose to leave this magical world that made her painful but happier when her body reached its limit and must not be delayed for another second.

   Once ashore, the extreme cold experience is even more upgraded. In the extreme low temperature of minus 40 ° C to minus 60 ° C, the steel plate will be fragile and fragile like glass. The hot water will freeze or even sublimate before landing, let alone the human body. Flesh and blood. The oxygen is almost completely depleted, and you can only rely on large mouth breathing to snatch life; the water droplets on your face quickly freeze. If the underwater experience is ice cones, the pain of the water will cut like a blade across every inch of exposed skin.

   Suffocation, collapse, severe cold, and severe pain.

   A normal person will never engage in such a lethal adventure, to support Lauren Ballesta’s motivation to enter and exit the water again and again, to face the limits of life, I am afraid I can only use the love of science, diving, photography and life exploration Explanation.

   Inhuman endurance brings extraordinary achievements.

   As an artist, Lauren Ballesta brings vitality and warmth to Antarctica with precious images;
   As an explorer, Lauren Ballesta led a professional diving team to engraving humans for the first time on the bottom of the Antarctic Ice Floe;
   As a scientist, Lauren Ballesta’s three expeditions through the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project have made even more outstanding contributions to the field of human marine life:

   He completed the first human dive into the water 120 meters below the surface, closely observed the coelacanth fish in reality, and carried out scientific exploration of it. This giant marine creature, known as ‘living fossil’, was once thought to have been extinct 70 million years ago, and its discovery was one of the greatest zoological discoveries of the twentieth century.

   He completed the record of the largest group of grey reef sharks (about 400-700) that have been poached by humans at night so far. Once confirmed, the shark night hunting strategy discovered by him will directly challenge human’s existing knowledge of marine life.

   He completed the first scientific research project of a team of professional divers who reached the bottom of the Antarctic ice floe for the first time, which not only represents the new achievements of human beings to challenge the limits, but also interprets new breakthroughs in the professional diving field, and presents for the first time the Antarctic deep ocean ecosystem Natural appearance. Project results were requested by the National Museum of Natural History in Paris (MNHN) and the National Science Research Centre of Marseille (CNRS) as reference materials for official thesis. The video material appeared in the new documentary ‘Antarctic Expedition: Touch of the Wild!’ Initiated and filmed by French director Luc Jacquet.

   Like all outstanding scientists and artists, there must be boundless suffering, patience, and even loneliness behind brilliant achievements.

   Fortunately, Lauren Ballesta is not alone.

   Moving forward with him is the same passionate team, and a close friend who has always been firm and continues to provide technical and financial support-the pioneer of modern diving watches, Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand.

   Anyone who knows Lauren Ballesta knows a habit before he went into the water-carefully staring at the ‘old friend’ Blancpain watch on his wrist, turning the unidirectional rotating bezel to determine the deep dive time- For him, it was as important as confirming the safety of the equipment, wearing an oxygen mask, and even a sacred ritual of entering the water. Lauren’s full set of deep diving equipment is also printed with the word ‘BLANCPAIN’. It is like a close friend who doesn’t need to say a word and his silent and trusting eyes, accompanying him to battle repeatedly, often searching.

   Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand known as the ‘Pioneer of Modern Dive Watches’, created the world’s first modern diving watch, Fifty Fathoms, in 1952, and was officially launched in 1953. Putting it on the market, the watch giant has established a history of more than 60 years with diving.

   In order to pay tribute to this brand tradition, Blancpain is committed to exploring and preserving the oceans on the earth. Many marine public welfare projects funded by Blancpain have brought together Blancpain’s “heart-to-ocean” charity cause, including full funding for labor. Llen Ballesta led and successfully conducted three Coelacanth Expedition Research projects. In 2014, Blancpain released 250 “Mind the Ocean” limited edition watches, and donated 1,000 Euros for each watch sold to fund the “Blancin Ocean Commitment”. In the end, all of the 250,000 euros were awarded to Lauren Ballesta and his team, which became the most solid and powerful source of the Coelacanth Expedition Research project.

   In 2013, on the 94th anniversary of the birth of Professor Hans Hass, a pioneer in marine exploration in Austria, Blancpain and the jury of the Hans Haas Award of the British Historical Diving Association jointly awarded Lauren Balles. Tappape ‘Hans Haas Fifty Great Prize’. At the same time, on the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Fifty Fathoms series, Blancpain is proud to award Lauren Ballesta, the pioneer of this modern diving watch.

   Lauren Ballesta’s scientific exploration has never stopped, Blancpain’s determination to support the marine public good will never waver, the fate of this young multi-dwelling leader and a long-time watch brand will continue to be written down to create more stories With legend.

   On November 11, 2016, Lauren Ballesta will come to Shanghai, China to join hands with Blancpain to witness the global achievements and blue vision of this long-time Swiss watch brand ‘Mind the Ocean’. At that time, you will get closer to and understand this flesh-and-blood scientist, a brave artist, an explorer from beginning to end, and a charming tough guy with more tenderness.

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I have recommended a lot of highly functional watches for you to choose from. Among these models, chronographs are more practical models, whether in life or work, The timekeeping function still has its uses, such as cooking and practicing an efficient conference explanation. The timekeeping function can meet your multiple needs. Today, the Watch House deliberately chooses three watches with a price of about 43,000 yuan. For everyone to choose.
TAG Heuer Monaco Series CAW211R.FC6401

Product model: CAW211R.FC6401
Domestic public price: 43300
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Calibre 11
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 971 racing car, slightly curved stainless steel square case on both sides, the effect is very good, equipped with Calibre 11 automatic movement, the special model has a water resistance of 100 meters and 42 hours of power reserve.

Omega Speedmaster Series 311.

Product model: 311.
Domestic public price: 43600
Watch diameter: 39.7 mm
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:

Product model: E1338310 | M536 | 253S | E20DSA.2
Domestic public price: 44200
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 16.45 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.13
Case material: titanium, unidirectional ratchet bezel
Details of the models: Summary: The recommended prices of the models recommended for everyone are around 43,000 yuan. Friends with a clear budget may wish to look at the above three watches, I believe there is always one for you.

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A Hublot ‘big Bang Rose Gold Full Diamond’ Watch Gives Christmas

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Christmas is coming-this is the most anticipated holiday year-end, because the gifts that symbolize the inner blessings and wishes are full of magic colors. Hublot hereby presents a snowflake-like purity and clarity. The 18K rose gold bezel surrounds the bang set with 681 brilliant diamonds. Big Bang rose gold and white diamonds-condensing thousands of rays of light on the skin of the wrist, hiding in the warmth. Infinite temptation, deserves its name as a Christmas gift.

Hublot’s ‘Big Bang Rose Gold Full Diamond’ watch presents Christmas
If it is precious, the 38 mm case diameter perfectly reflects the feminine femininity, the pure white natural rubber strap is elegant and dynamic, and the waterproof depth perfectly meets the practical considerations of dynamic women. This Christmas gift created by the top luxury watch brand Hublot is like a pearl in thousands of gems.
In addition to snowflake-like crystal clear white, there are also mysterious all-black and rich chocolates, with different styles to choose from. One of the most unique special gifts in the world, dedicated to the only one in her heart.

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Instant, Eternal

On the single complex function in the watch, the three questions are well deserved first, but the complicated structure hides under the dial, and the owner can only ‘smell it, but not see it’. The chase needle is just the opposite, it is an advanced version of timing, which can record two times in one minute. Structurally, the layout is the same as that of the chronograph movement. All functional parts are placed on the balance side of the movement. It can be said that the classic structure of the tracing movement is the most beautiful movement we can see. (The classic structure is a non-module stack, and has traditional timing structures such as column wheels and horizontal clutches.)

Lange 1815 series double-second perpetual calendar chronograph platinum (421.025)
   The combination of perpetual calendar and chasing needles has existed since ancient times, and shines in the pocket watch. Even in the era of watches, the watches with this combination feature are without exception set by the brand as the top models in the product line. Lange, one of today’s leading watch industry brands, launched the first watch of this type in 2013 and included it in the 1815 collection.

Needle-traveling function Lange 1815 series double-seconds chronograph perpetual calendar chronograph rose gold (421.032)

Precisely divided minute circle and real-time moon phase Lange 1815 series chronograph perpetual calendar chronograph platinum (421.025)
   On the dial, Lange did not choose the popular window structure. Instead, it continued the pocket watch era and the four sub dials. Each sub dial contained two functions. Among the 11 hands, except the second hand Minute chronograph hands are made of blue steel, the rest are all gold. The pointer system is not only a classic tradition, but also in line with the consistent spirit of the 1815 series. It is also more energy-efficient than a window with a disc, which is particularly important in complex models. Although it is a printed dial, it is divided into four layers as a whole. They are the outer chronograph. The basic travel time is the first and second functions of the dial. (Because the sub-disc partially covers the original scale.)

Patek Philippe 5204P-001 Double Seconds Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Patek Philippe 5204R-001 Double Seconds Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
   The watch is equipped with Lange’s self-produced L101.1 movement, has 631 parts, 4 gold sleeves, and measures 32.6 * 9.1 mm. As its biggest competitor, the perpetual calendar part of Patek Philippe 5204 has about 180 parts, while Lange owns 211. In addition to the difference in the layout of the disk surface, the number of parts may be different, and the structure of the moon phase is also one of the reasons. Lange’s moon phases are called real-time moon phases. The 18K gold moon phase disk is no longer linked to the date system, but is connected to the hour wheel, thus achieving an amazing accuracy of one day after 122.6 years. The needle-tracing function consists of 206 parts, all concentrated on the balance wheel side. The overall layout feels more ‘flat’, and it lacks a sense of multi-layer overlapping like other Lange chronograph movements, but it still can be called precision complex. As a German movement, we can clearly identify all the traditional elements of Glashütte. The steel parts are chamfered and polished with a flat surface. The 6 gold sleeves can be clearly seen from the back of the movement. The second wheel The splint with balance wheel is also hand-carved. It is a little regrettable that the chase pin control lever not only blocks the gooseneck-type fine adjustment, but the beautiful screw balance can only hold the pipa half-covered.

Lange watch factory homemade L101.1 movement multiple surface treatment
   Although it also has the function of chasing the needle, the position of the balance wheel and the important parts of the chronograph are different, indicating that L101.1 is not a modification of L001.1. It is a brand new movement, but it is a pity that the technical details are not the top configuration, such as In the minute timing, Lange’s unique jump structure is not used, but the traditional slow dial gear. It is also worth mentioning that the L101.1’s pursuit pin structure is relatively small, but this has nothing to do with whether it is a top-level configuration, just a different form of expression. In L001.1, the pinch mechanism of the chase needle is very stout, and the two S-shaped components are arranged in a cross, especially the end of the pliers is also arc-shaped to meet the larger contact area with the center seconds wheel of the chase needle.

The Lange watch factory-made L101.1 movement is equipped with a chronograph
   In contrast, the caliper mechanism in L101.1 is replaced by two parallel steel levers. The column wheel that controls the tracking needle is also closer to the center. The contact surface between the end of the brake lever and the second wheel of the tracking needle is not curved. deal with. It sounds like the new design is a bit simple, but this structure has a very prominent advantage, thin! A similar structure was first placed under the dial, and the pocket watch era was very popular, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the entire watch. Today, Lange just moved it from the dial side to the balance wheel side. Therefore, the thickness of the L101.1 with perpetual calendar and tracking function is only 9.1 mm, which is almost the same as the 8.7 mm of Patek Philippe 5204 movement. However, the former has 135 more parts than the latter!

Patek Philippe 5204 super complicated function timepiece with CHR 29-535 PS Q manual winding mechanical movement
   In general, with the appropriate size and classic dial design, the 1815 chase perpetual calendar perfectly embodies the essence of traditional high-end watchmaking in appearance; although it is not technically perfect, it can be modified by top-level manuals without discount. Coupled with the sophisticated and sophisticated movement structure, it is worthy of being a member of the top watch club.

   The minute-tracking record records the moment, the perpetual calendar bears eternity, it is really good enough.

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Myth Of Mark Xviii Mark Pilot’s Watch

The legendary Mark 11 watch, introduced in 1948, has deeply influenced the design of contemporary classic pilot watches. In 2016, the Swiss watchmaker IWC also presented the entry-level Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch with a calfskin strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch_IW327011

   In 1941, the Royal Air Force (RAF) found that most of their positioning was imprecise. One reason is that the Royal Air Force lacks the support of precision navigation watches accurate to the second. Navigation through precision navigation watches and sextants was the most accurate way of navigation at the time. In addition, the strong magnetic field and temperature changes in the cockpit also affect the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. Finally, a sudden drop in pressure in the cabin can rupture the mirror. This prompted the Royal Air Force to order the Mark XI Precision Navigation Watch created by IWC after the war. IWC has now become well-known through ‘pilot-made watches’ and large pilot watches. The watch was delivered in 1949, and one thing quickly became clear: the Mark 11 watch is synonymous with precision navigation watches accurate to the second. This watch is precise, sturdy, temperature-resistant, water-resistant, and extremely easy to maintain. The watch has a soft iron inner case that protects the movement from magnetic fields. The screw-in watch can withstand sudden pressure drops without loosening. In order to meet the core purpose of displaying navigation time with absolute precision, the appearance of this ‘pure watch’ is streamlined because the fuel tank display has become a standard feature of the cockpit instruments. The watchmaker even abandoned the chronograph, because at the time, the use of any additional features would affect the accuracy of the time. The simple design of this watch is a model of design and is still the blueprint for pilot watches today. This watch has a production cycle of more than 30 years, from 1948 to 1984, and has been continued with many subsequent models. The Mark Eleven watch is one of the most coveted collections of top quality.

IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch_IW327011

No more, no less, just right

   In 2016, IWC opened a new chapter. Three stainless steel Mark 18 pilot watches (models: IW327001 / IW327002 / IW327011) make their grand debut, featuring black (model: IW327001 / IW327011) or silver-plated (model: IW327002) dials. Their common features are: Core elements. The dial and display are in sharp contrast, very close to the perfect classic pilot watch. Therefore, it is not surprising that designers took inspiration from the cockpit dashboard of the Junkers Ju52 in the 1930s, which can definitely be called the blueprint for classic pilot watches. The circular display is large and neatly arranged. The future ‘cockpit design style’ was born: no more, no less, just right, everything is based on clarity and layout at a glance. The Arabic numerals are large and round in shape, and they are located at their respective positions, with two exceptions: the number ’12’ is replaced by white triangle marks with dot marks on both sides for higher readability. ‘3 o’clock’ is the date window-a touch of modernity is still essential. The bottom of the watch is engraved with the Ju52 pattern. The wearer can choose between two different straps. Both watches feature a stylish black Santoni calfskin strap (model: IW327001 / IW327002) with orange leather lining on the inside of the strap. The third watch is paired with an elegant stainless steel bracelet (model: IW327011). All Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch models can now also be paired with a two-tone fabric strap, inspired by the historic Nato strap. In addition, the Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch each launched a ‘Little Prince’ special edition and a TOPGUN Navy Air Combat Force watch series.

IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch_IW327001?

The origin of the name Mark XI
   The name Mark XI is derived from the Royal Air Force. At that time, all equipment in the army was named ‘Mark’. Although produced by many manufacturers, it was interchangeable because the installation dimensions were the same as the fixed points. The correct spelling of Mark XI is ‘Mk.11’, because shortly after the end of World War II, the RAF abandoned the Roman alphabet as the numbering method and used Arabic numerals as the counting method. In just a few months, Mark Eleven beat all competitors with its superior ruggedness and accuracy. In the following years, IWC produced more than 8,000 military mark eleven watches for the Royal Air Force, and it was not retired from the Royal Air Force as a precision navigation watch until 1981. In addition to military watches, the watch factory also produced about 1,500 civilian versions. The last watches were delivered to retailers in 1984. Ten years later, the IWC watch inherited the Roman spelling tradition from Mark Twelve, and continues to this day.

IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch_IW327002?

Model IW327001 ∙ IW327002 ∙ IW327011

Technical characteristics

Mechanical movement – ​​Date display – Central seconds hand with stop device – Soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects – Screw-in crown – Glass watch is firmly assembled to withstand sudden pressure drops without loosening – Special engraved case back


Caliber 30110
Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz
21 jewels
Power reserve 42 hours
Automatic winding


Material Model IW327001: Stainless steel case, black dial, black Santoni calfskin strap, stainless steel pin buckle
    Model IW327002: stainless steel case, silver-plated dial, black Santoni calfskin strap, stainless steel pin buckle
    Model IW327011: stainless steel case, black dial, stainless steel bracelet with fine adjustment
Double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass
Water resistance 6 bar
40 mm diameter
Thickness 11 mm

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Immortal Real Shooting Patek Philippe Calatrava High Jewellery Watch New Model

In 2017, the Patek Philippe Calatrava High Jewellery Watch Ref. 4899 was launched. This watch is soft and graceful. It is made of white gold, carved mother-of-pearl and precious stones. At this year’s Basel International Haute Horlogerie Show, Patek Philippe has launched a new blue watch. The case is set with sparkling diamonds and the dial is decorated with a beautiful blue feather pattern. The entire model looks ‘immortal.’ ‘, Showing its charming charm. (Watch model: 4899 / 901G)

  This high-end jewellery watch from Patek Philippe is exquisite in details. In order to meet the strict standards of Patek Philippe’s mark, the diamonds set on the watch are all top-level Weselton diamonds with excellent and delicate cuts. The section exudes a beautiful light.

Watch real shot


  With a diameter of 35.8 mm and a thickness of 7.8 mm, the watch is suitable for women’s slender wrists. The case is made of white gold and is set with multiple rows of staggered brilliant-cut diamonds. It is embellished with bright-cut blue sapphires of different shades. The diamonds and sapphires complement each other, exuding a soft and noble temperament.

  The crown is set with a blue sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.

  The upper part of the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, and it is decorated with hand-carved delicate blue feather patterns, which looks fresh and elegant. The lower part of the dial is inlaid with snowflakes, and the diamonds are dotted with different shades of blue sapphire, echoing the case. The dial features engraved white gold leaf-shaped hour and minute hands that complement the feather pattern.

  The watch is paired with the same color matte lavender blue large square scale crocodile leather strap, which highlights the feminine temperament and is equipped with a diamond pin buckle.

  The movement is equipped with Caliber240 ultra-thin self-winding movement, which is certified by Patek Philippe and has a power reserve of at least 48 hours. Through the transparent case back, we can fully enjoy the 22K gold eccentric mini oscillating weight engraved with the Patek Philippe brand logo, which is very small and exquisite.

  This model of Patek Philippe uses blue as the main color and is set with fascinating diamonds and sapphires. It is exquisite in shape and the price is ¥ 747,000.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

  For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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The Thinnest Mechanical Watch Piaget Altiplano 900p Watch

At the 2014 Geneva watch exhibition, Piaget once again stunning the audience with ultra-thin watches. This new watch design showcases advanced and innovative technology, and is specially named 900P to commemorate the count The first ultra-thin hand-wound movement, the 9P, introduced in 1957. The 9P movement is only 2 mm thick, successfully establishing Piaget’s position in ultra-thin watchmaking. The new Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P, with a thickness of only 3.65 mm, is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. Official model: G0A39111

   In 1960, Piaget set a new record with the 12P movement, which was only 2.3 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at the time. Since then, the brand has successively refreshed the ultra-thin records of many manual and automatic winding movements, and some are equipped with complex functions. Among them, the best include the world’s thinnest manual winding rectangular tourbillon movement 600P, and among the same type of movement The thinnest automatic winding movement 1208P and so on.

   Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P is the highlight of Piaget’s Geneva watch exhibition this year. The manual winding movement and the case are integrated into a whole, with a thickness of only 3.65 mm, setting a new world ultra-thin record.

   The mystery of this ultra-thin watch is buried in the structure of the case: the case is also the main plate of the movement, the movement and the case are integrated, and the mechanical parts are directly mounted on the case. Such a complicated structure means that the movement of the movement needs to be turned upside down. The bridge is mounted on the side close to the dial. In order to enhance the aesthetics, the bridge design is exposed.

   In order to further reduce the space of a few millimeters, Piaget has also compressed the entire movement and the pointer installation system as much as possible, and the thickness is thinner than the balance wheel, so that the hour and minute hands can be displayed eccentrically, implementing the classic design features of the Piaget Altiplano series.

   Piaget insists that while thinning ultra-thin watch parts, it will never sacrifice the accuracy of the watch, nor will it compromise the finish of the watch. The Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P was born with this conviction. Even if some of the 145 parts of the watch are hidden inside, the craftsman still carefully polishes each part, showing the highest watchmaking tradition with long-time manual techniques. Ultra-thin watch parts are thin and precise, and the finishing work is more sophisticated than ordinary watch parts.

   Seen from the side, the case is quite thin with a thickness of only 3.65 mm. What is this concept? The thickness of a dollar that we usually see everyday is about 2 millimeters, so the thickness of this watch is less than the thickness of two stacked coins.

   Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P’s 145 parts are all reduced to the smallest size. The smallest part is only slightly thicker than the diameter of the hair. Some gears are thinner to only 0.12 mm (the thickness of the classic movement is 0.20 mm). The gap between the parts also needs to be carefully calculated. During the design, the position of each part is delicately arranged, with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter, so that the fixed parts and the moving parts are perfectly joined to ensure that the moving parts can move smoothly, thereby ensuring the machine. The core operates smoothly.

   At the same time, the case back that also serves as the main splint is polished and sandblasted, and decorated with Piaget’s classic logo.

Summary: The production process of this ultra-thin masterpiece took a full three years. The watchmaker, case craftsman and designer cooperated in each stage of research and development, production, adjustment and retouching to promote the Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P. Birth. Characterizing Piaget’s remarkable skills across the half century in ultra-thin watchmaking, the Altiplano 38mm 900P watch combines the two great achievements of the Piaget family, bringing together the talents of watchmakers, case makers and designers. Yi Bing gives this masterpiece a reliable and precise vitality. (House of Watches Picture / Text Source)
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