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Ocean Charm Tudor Ocean Prince Series

While elegant taste and precision machinery cooperate with the fashion design to show the light, Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) perfectly combines the spiritual experience deep inside the outstanding person with the external design, from the details to the whole The expressed marine spirit is a strong call to and touch on the marine complex of successful people, and touches the extraordinary and brave hearts.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Ocean Prince II 20040 Black Interlaced Dial (41mm) Black Rubber Strap

Like all Tudor watches, the Tudor Oceanron series is manufactured by the original factory in Geneva, Switzerland. Its material selection and design are very professional, and are loved by professional divers and those who seek excellence: the iconic characteristics of absolute water resistance at 200 meters deep are impeccable; the entire watch is made of stainless steel or 18ct gold and stainless steel, and every inch is classic Technology; one-way rotating outer ring strengthens the reading function of the low-light underwater environment, providing clear and accurate diving time at any time; all joints of the chain are smooth and smooth, and the wrist feels directly inside the heart; the wear-resistant blue crystal glass surface is tough Clear, perfect feeling is coming out.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Marine Prince II 24040 Silver Dial (31mm) Blue Rubber Strap

Tudor Hydronaut series is available in three sizes to suit the needs of watch connoisseurs and different admirers, and a variety of surface options pay more attention to the aesthetic differences of those who seek perfection, resonating with their more unique temperament With taste.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Marine Prince II 20030 White Dial (41mm) Stainless Steel Strap 95000

The combination of pure Swiss watch pedigree and classic manufacturing technology makes Tudor a representative watch brand in the world. The Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) and other members of the Tudor family, contrast each other and continue to write outstanding classics.

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Diving In Midsummer: Not To Say To The Bottom Of The Sea

Hermès Clipper 39mm Automatic Winding Watch
    Hermès Clipper 39mm automatic watch: adopts ETA2892 self-winding chronograph movement, diameter 39mm, stainless steel case, charcoal dial, matte brown alligator leather strap, 50m water resistance. Founded in 1981, Hermès CLIPPER series. Name From a barque. From the appearance of the watch, we can see the difference between this watch and the general Hermes watch. More sporty and tough casing, simple and bright dial and reading design, Yingwu’s sword-shaped hands, although on the porthole-shaped watch outer ring, those exposed circular decorative rivets can still make people think of the ‘most Hermes’ horse. Elements, but the overall feel of the watch is very different from the past, full of art and gorgeous Hermes watches. Although compared with ordinary diving watches, CLIPPER still resembles a modest gentleman, but this kind of elegant sports style is enough to move many people’s hearts.

    Whenever we want to buy a new watch for ourselves in this hot and difficult time, the first thing to think about is the diving watch. And on the Internet or in a variety of newspapers and magazines, at this time, articles recommending diving watches also seem to be particularly numerous. But for most people today, wearing a diving watch does not mean that they must wear it to go to the bottom of the sea to make intimate contact with fish. Even more diving enthusiasts are more inclined to use some powerful electronic devices. Watches, to deal with the complicated situation on the sea floor. ‘Diving’ is more often a division of this watch style with strong sports style. Most people are more concerned about the appearance of diving watches than they are about the requirements of diving functions. Especially now that people are more and more advocating for a free life, and the desire to express themselves is becoming more and more strong. The dynamic and large dial of the diving watch, the broad shoulders and the powerful strap, this masculine watch is just right. In line with today’s fashion trends.

    Of course, due to the good waterproof performance of the diving watch itself, in such a summer that is difficult to be separated from the water, we wear a slightly casual, sporty watch, and join various water sports, naturally it is also A great choice. However, as often reminded in our magazines, how many meters of water resistance are marked on general watches is only a certification based on the ISO2281 international standard. For example, the data parameters of general dress watches will have an indicator of water resistance of 30 meters, but in fact, the water resistance of these watches can only meet the waterproof requirements for rain, splashing water, etc. in life, and must not be worn when launching. Even for simple water sports, we should choose a watch that is at least 100 meters waterproof. However, fish and bear’s paw can’t have both. In another aspect, watches with better water resistance, in order to ensure their excellent performance, their cases will be relatively thick, and the decorative and functional elements on the dial will be corresponding. Shrinking, then for those who are looking for the beauty of the watch, this type of watch is not very satisfactory. Therefore, if you want to choose a watch from a variety of styles and different waterproof performance that meets your requirements, you also need a very rigorous selection process.

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Chopin Fine Jewellery And Tourbillon Watch Appreciation Dinner

On October 11, Chopard, Switzerland’s top watch and jewellery brand, came to Hangzhou, known as a ‘paradise on earth,’ and held a tourbillon watch and high-end on the shore of the beautiful West Lake. Jewelry Appreciation Dinner. The high-end watches and jewellery exhibited on the day all reflect Chopard’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovative and outstanding design. Adhering to the rich achievements of the past, the brand has focused on researching and developing a variety of complex-function watches, and will continue to pursue the four brand concepts of perfection, inheritance, respect for tradition, and determination to create and innovate. One of the LUC 150 All-in-one watches uses a manual tourbillon 14 ½ ‘LUC 4TQE movement, and has the Swiss official observatory-certified precision timepiece and the Geneva quality stamp. It uses LUC QUATTRO technology patented technology and is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. . Another worth mentioning is the LUC triple imprint tourbillon watch. This watch also combines the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC), the Geneva Seal, and Fleurier Quality Certification in one, the power reserve is about 9 days, worldwide Limited edition of 100 pieces. In addition, each high-end jewellery on the scene is only one treasure, a polar bear white gold ring from the Animal World series, set with 1 onyx (0.07 carat), 2 convex round sapphires (0.10 carats) and 1036 white diamonds (11.6, carats), limited to 15 pieces worldwide. A silver lizard bracelet of the same series is set with 259 white diamonds (13.39 carats), 139 brown diamonds (14.54 carats), 18 orange diamonds (29.24 carats), 398 sapphires (40.66 carats) and 1265 Paraiba tourmalines (84.97 carats). Chopard combines rich imagination and excellence Art has applied a variety of gems to high-end jewelry to create extraordinary and unique treasures, which make it dazzle. Several tourbillon watches and high-end jewelry displayed at the dinner are from October 12th to On the 14th, it will continue to be displayed in the Chopard Hangzhou Building Store. We invite you to taste the unique charm brought by Chopard. Chopard Hangzhou Building Store

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Outdoor Equipment Must Be Appreciated Tissot T-touch Jungfrau Watch

The Jungfrau is a very famous peak in the Swiss Alps and the highest peak in the fault of the same name. Tissot established a special series under this mountain name. In 2016, Tissot added a new member to this series. Multi-function watch with touch function, with Jungfrau as the dial pattern, thus becoming an excellent wrist equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

    This watch comes with several very important functions, including barometer, countdown, alarm, altimeter, segment timer, etc. These functions are specially designed for outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts, while the touch screen is greatly reduced Difficulty in function selection and operation.

    With a large case diameter of 45 mm, the watch’s functions have more space for display and touch operation. The digital display at 6 o’clock on the dial makes reading information quick and easy.

Summary: In an era where smart watches are so popular, multi-function touch watches avoid the tediousness and uncertainty of smart watches that need to be connected to mobile phones or the Internet. In other words, such a watch is obviously more professional than a smart watch.
    For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Unveils New Lange Building Officially Launches New Lange Watch Factory

On the afternoon of August 26, 2015, German time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Saxony Governor Stanislaw Tillich visited the town of Glashütte , Inaugurated the new Lange watch factory. This building has two wings, providing an advanced and perfect working environment for the brand’s traditional watchmaking craftsmanship.

On August 26, Lange’s new factory welcomes a special guest: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Saxony Gov. Stanislav Tirich and the Dresden Boys Choir for the opening performance at the opening ceremony of the new factory in Lange

Lange Global CEO William Schmid speaks at the opening of the new plant

German Chancellor Merkel speaks to an employee in the movement modification department of the Lange watch factory
 The groundbreaking ceremony of the new plant was held on September 5, 2012. After three years of construction, it was unveiled on August 26, 2015 by German Chancellor Merkel and Saxony Governor Stanislav Tirich. Prime Minister Merkel thanked Lange employees for their dedication and said to Mr. Walter Lange, 91, ‘Langer’s revival did not come easily, and you and your partners have successfully restored and defended Lange as a world The reputation of top watch brands. The innovative, flexible and modern face of eastern Germany is based on success stories like Lange. ‘

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Lange factory building, from left to right: Walter Lange, Angela Merkel, Stanislav Tillich and William Schmid
 The governor of Saxony Stanislav Tirich also praised the creative spirit of the watch factory: ‘Langer is a world-renowned watch brand with a tradition and a legend that has survived hardships. The new factory will now launch a new brand for Lange In this chapter, tradition and modernity will flourish. ‘

Lange’s new watch factory in Glashütte
 The production area of ​​the watch factory covers an area of ​​5,400 square meters, which is a major landmark in the south of Glashütte town. The building consists of two parts, with a simple and bright appearance and a clean structure, harmoniously blending with the surrounding historical buildings. The windows of the studio are fitted with large, bright glass and are slightly tilted to ensure sufficient light. The watchmaking workshop has a very modern design, allowing watchmakers to work in an almost dust-free environment. The building’s double-deck curtains are also equipped with a temperature adjustment function. The machinery and equipment for making the movements are located in front of the lower floors of the building, and several departments responsible for hand-carving and finishing parts are also located in this brand-new factory building.

At the opening ceremony of the new Lange factory, from left to right are German Chancellor Merkel, founder of contemporary Lange Walter Lange, and Lange Global CEO William Schmid.

Merkel visits Lange’s new factory building

 Langer President Wilhelm Schmid said: ‘The new building is built to meet the demand of increasing staff in recent years and represents investment in the brand.’ He added: ‘The focus of the project is on design A modern, energy-efficient, and beautiful environment building provides the best working environment for employees. This will help us further improve the quality of our products and improve the production process. We have always strived to reduce Ecological footprint and resource consumption. ‘

Merkel writes message for Lange
 In fact, Lange’s new plant is a model for sustainable buildings and innovative energy management. The building is equipped with the largest geothermal power plant in Saxony. It is equipped with 55 underground heat exchangers up to 125 meters deep to keep the indoor temperature pleasant. The electricity used to drive the heat pump is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. In other words, Lange’s new watch factory is a building with zero carbon dioxide emissions, and has made an important contribution to mitigating climate change.

Merkel visits Lange’s new factory building
 The investment of this project amounted to tens of millions of euros, which is the largest investment project Langer has ever made. This shows the brand’s determination to use the town of Glashütte as a production base.

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Jiajia Is Committed To Fulfilling Its Promise: Protecting The Earth And Protecting The United Nations World Marine Heritage Glacier Bay

Since 2008, Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre cooperates with UNESCO to protect the 47 oceans on the UNESCO World Heritage List heritage.
Glacier Bay: Labs in Nature
   Every year, the Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre selects a World Marine Heritage on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a key project. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is the focus of this year. This world marine heritage is located on the Alaska border between the United States and Canada.
   As Scott Gende, Senior Scientific Advisor for Glacier Bay, explains: ‘Scientific research conducted here is very important. This area is of special significance for research on the continuation of the glacial period and was listed as a U.S. country in 1925 Memorial area. It is for this reason that the Glacier Bay project leader encourages comprehensive research on the one hand, such as glaciology and research on landscape evolution, and on the other hand, encourages research on the consequences of glacier erosion and strong applicability. ‘
Protect whale
   Before being listed as a World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay was an extremely important research base. This area is where humpback whales look for food during their migration. Humpback whales have been seriously injured or killed as a result of hitting a cruise ship. In view of this, the authorities launched a research project in 2005.
   Since then, local teams have overseen all incoming ships. This project continuously records the interaction between ships and huge marine life. It is the first in history and the largest related plan to date. Whenever a ship enters Glacier Bay National Park, the mammalian zoologist on board uses special binoculars to locate each whale in this area. Once the whale is found, the message will be automatically transmitted to the captain, enabling him to adjust the speed or course of the ship accordingly. This plan brings new sailing regulations, greatly reducing the harm of ships to humpback whales, and making this unique sea area their true sanctuary.

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Complex Function Table Of Patek Philippe

Recommending Patek Philippe’s complicated function table requires a lot of courage, not because it is unclear, but because it is not enough to say enough. For example, this Patek Philippe 5951P is the most complicated one of Patek Philippe’s N timepieces this year.
Where is the complexity? Those who know it will say that this watch is the thinnest perpetual calendar single push-button chronograph in the world, even if the perpetual calendar module is removed, it is still the thinnest. As far as ordinary people are concerned, as long as they can count. The 5951P has 7 hands and 5 windows, including three hours, minutes, seconds, three chronograph hands, and a full moon phase and perpetual calendar display.
According to my experience, distinguishing Patek Philippe watches must look at its hands. Except that the two hands of the 5951P are steel hands, the other hands are white gold, rendered in black, white, and red. Just punching such a beautiful needle is worth buying one. I also have experience that when I don’t know what watch to buy, I can’t go wrong buying any Patek Philippe. When you don’t know which Patek Philippe to buy, buy its hand-winding chronograph. Of course, it is best to use a double-tracking chronograph. Anyway, when you order the goods, you have to line up, so you don’t have to pick them very carefully, because you may buy some individual ones when you are tired.

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Tudor Launched A New 1926 Series Mechanical Watch, Paying Tribute To The Brand’s Origin And Watchmaking Tradition

Tudor launched a new 1926 series mechanical watch, paying tribute to the brand’s origin and watchmaking tradition. This series is classic and elegant, the dial style is rich and varied, and there are four size options, which highlights the Tudor brand concept: affordable prices, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.

   Tudor launched the 1926 series, reaffirming that the brand will remain committed to upholding the traditional values ​​of Swiss fine watchmaking, superb mechanical craftsmanship and enduring precision design are inseparable. The name 1926 series also commemorates the founder of the brand Hans Wilsdorf (HansWilsdorf) in 1926 registered the ‘TheTudor’ trademark and founded Tudor. Adhering to the concept of the Tudor watch, this series strictly follows the development direction that has been adhered to since its inception, combining technology and aesthetics, and even reaching beyond the limits of craftsmanship.

Embossed dial Tudor heritage

   The dials of the 26 series embody Tudor’s attention to detail and meticulous attitude. The dome-shaped design adds a retro touch, and the center of the dial is adorned with delicate embossed patterns, reminiscent of the origin of the Tudor, and contrasts subtly with the silky minute hands. The dial is available in silver, white and black, with double-digit Arabic numerals set between the bevelled arrow-shaped hour-markers, and the diamond-set hour-markers are also available. The dials of the 1926 series are rich in details, intertwined with light and shadow, contrasting and striking, and complement the sword-shaped hands of the same color.

Tudor metal strap

   From the beginning, the metal strap was an important design of Tudor. In addition to being an accessory, it is a symbol of the aesthetic characteristics and practical functions of Tudor. Therefore, the strap of the 1926 series has also been specially designed and manufactured, combining comfort, exquisite elegance and excellent quality. This strap has 7 rows of different sized links that fit snugly around the wrist. The outer chain links are sanded and the middle links are polished. Various techniques add elegance to the watch. Assembled with Tudor’s long-standing technology, the strap is both flexible and sturdy.

Classic watches unisex

   The 1926 series inherits the Swiss watchmaking tradition and the brand’s ultimate craftsmanship, equipped with a sturdy and reliable automatic mechanical movement. The classic ‘ROTORSELF-WINDING’ mark on the dial highlights the watch’s exceptional performance. This watch is crafted with a power reserve of 38 hours, with hour, minute and second hands, and a calendar window at 3 o’clock. Available in stainless steel and gold steel, and available in 28, 36, 39, and 41 mm sizes. Unisex, especially those who love beautiful objects, will love it. The case is made of stainless steel, fully polished and water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). All four sizes are available with a rose gold outer ring. The rose gold gloss not only highlights the dial details, but also highlights the stainless steel winding crown, which reflects each other.

Tudor watches are born to dare

   In 2017, Tudor launched a new brand declaration-‘BorntoDare’, which inherits the rich tradition of the brand, presents the current value concept, and pays tribute to every fearless brave, accompanying them on land, glaciers, air and water. The following four areas have achieved extraordinary achievements. At the same time, adhering to the watchmaking philosophy of Tudor founder Hans Wilsdorf, even in the face of harsh environments, Tudor is still outstanding, and it is Wear. This declaration is the proof of Tudor’s unique style. Tudor has always been at the forefront of watchmaking, and its innovation has now become the basic standard. Tudor’s ‘born by nature’ spirit has set off a global wave and has received the support and endorsements of countless outstanding people. Their life-long achievements come from their daring attitude towards life, which coincides with Tudor’s attitude.


91650/1, 91550/1, 91450/1, 91350/1

Polished steel case
41, 39, 36 and 28 mm diameter

Outer ring
Polished steel or polished rose gold outer ring

Winding crown
Stainless steel screw-in winding crown with embossed

Black, white or silver, embossed with or without diamonds
Calendar window at 3 o’clock

Sapphire crystal

Automatic mechanical movement
2671 movement (28 mm)
Caliber 2824 (36, 39 and 41 mm)

Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)

Stainless steel or rose gold steel strap with 7 rows of links
Frosted outer link, polished middle link
With discount and insurance deduction

Power reserve
About 38 hours

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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Disruptive Skeleton Watch Elegant Style

Hollow watch subverts the internal mechanical structure of the watch. The outline of the watch body is fresh and simple, full of dynamic, carefully polished parts and the polished case that echoes it are from the Amy’s own manufacturing plant. Black PVD-coated graduation indexes and titanium-plated small seconds and small seconds dials are distributed on the surface of the sapphire crystal. All these elements stand out against the black PVD coating of the entire table, highlighting the modern and elegant style. Craftsmanship Skeleton Watch
   The discrete design of the ML134 movement, the three-quarters of the splints and the detents are bold and creative. The tantalum-colored polished PVD plywood is carefully embedded by black PVD-coated screws, rubies and gold-plated gears … all this is exquisite The crystallization of science and technology together created another fine series of Le Méridien: ingenuity series hollow watch.完美 Perfect interpretation of natural colors
   Containing feminine charm and feminine elegance, women’s jewelry watches have always been Amy’s highly regarded strengths. Today, Le Méridien’s new DivinaFlower’sCaress women’s watch is full of taste and style, with graceful, fluent and smooth curves, colorful and dazzling diamonds, creating a classic again. The designer’s inspiration is from nature, and the rich colors are taken from the colorful flowers in the field. The DivinaFlower’sCaress case is made of white gold. It uses a large number of precious diamonds and multi-colored gemstones to blend and show the delicate color changes of the flowers. It is beautiful and dazzling. The extremely luxurious design style shows a unique artistic creation, which can be called a wonderful work in a watch. It is reported that DivinaFlower’sCaress has several different colors, each of which is a perfect piece of jewelry, each limited to 30 pieces.

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Swiss Mido Launches The Commander Series Big Calendar 60th Anniversary Limited Watch

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Commander Series, Swiss Mido launched the new Commander Series Large Calendar 60th Anniversary Limited Watch (Model: M021.626.16.081.00). The new watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 42 mm. It is equipped with a curved sapphire crystal and a bottom-through design. It is waterproof up to 50 meters.

   The grey dial is retouched with sunburst satin and features a large calendar window at 6 o’clock. To mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Commander Series, the Arabic numeral ’60’ is emblazoned at 12 o’clock. The flat diamond cutting hour and minute hands and time markers are coated with SuperLuminova fluorescent material.

   It is equipped with a Swiss-made Caliber80 self-winding movement (based on ETAC07.651). This movement contains 25 stones, a frequency of 21,600 vibrations / hour (3 Hz), and can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the exquisite Elaboré-class movement, whose oscillating weight is decorated with the Geneva pattern and the Swiss Mido logo. Caliber80 movement is adjusted in three directions to ensure highly accurate travel time.

   This watch has a black leather strap with red stitching and a stainless steel folding clasp. The watch is limited to 1,959 pieces and comes in a special case with a limited edition certificate, priced at RMB 8,800. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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