Seiko Introduces Brightz’s New Solar Radio Watch

SEIKO launched Brightz radio wave watch specially designed for holiday leisure sports. The unique dark green rhombus surface design, low-key taste, expresses its unique value. The Brightz radio-controlled watch adopts SEIKO’s patented white titanium case and the exclusive developed surface hardening treatment (DIASHIELD), which successfully creates a dazzling metallic color and light texture, which makes the small white-collar workers have no burden on sports. The watch is resistant to abrasion and maintains its original luster even after long wear.

 The 2009 SEIKO Brightz series combines the functions of world time zone, GMT, week retrograde and radio waves to show the high performance of the watch. The function of the world time zone is to engrave the names of 24 important cities in the world, including three cities that emit radio waves, on the 12-sided bezel. Among them, the three clear triangles on the faceplate indicate the three cities and frequencies of the radio waves. The 24-hour GMT hand can be set as the second time, which is convenient for grasping the difference in daily life and rest between the two places. The day of the week retrograde function and the second hand instantaneous zeroing system are integrated in this watch, which further highlights the uniqueness of the watchmaking technology and brightz radio watch developed by SEIKO.
 The watch uses the latest environmentally-friendly solar movement, combined with world time display and radio wave transmission and reception, is a crystallization of high-performance technology. In recent years, awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the maintenance of the global environment has become increasingly important. The 2009 SEIKO Brightz radio wave watch uses a solar quartz movement, which can be repeatedly recharged by sunlight or daily light, which is quite convenient. In addition, when fully charged, Electricity can be stored for up to nine months. When not in use (no light source), the pointer will go to sleep, saving power. Europe, the United States, and Asia receive accurate proofreading in all time zones. The receivable radio wave sources cover major cities around the world. You can directly obtain the most accurate local time by operating the adjustment button. Every hour from 2 to 4 am The point is to perform the time calibration synchronously during the time period for forcibly receiving signals. The zero-time multifunctional convenient watch that is connected to the world at any time, is the best business partner for young white-collar workers when traveling.

Innovative Cartier Celestial Perpetual Calendar Watch Tasting

At the 2014 Geneva Watch Fair, Cartier brought more than a hundred new products, including innovative and innovative models, dazzling jewellery watches, and exciting vintage watches. . This time we will admire a new watch of this year-the celestial movement perpetual calendar watch. This watch not only has elegant temperament, but also has an innovative ring-shaped perpetual calendar display, challenging people’s established impression of the perpetual calendar watch , Showing the beauty of innovation in watches. Official model: W1556242

 The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch has revolutionized the operation and display of the perpetual calendar. Cartier took the opportunity to create a new central display perpetual calendar with a revolutionary concept. In order to make the perpetual calendar clear and easy to read, the design of the celestial rotating perpetual calendar watch is like an amphitheater, which can be called a true watchmaking initiative. Traditional perpetual calendars display twelve months, seven days a week, dates, and leap years. They are listed in a small space of a few centimeters in diameter, making reading difficult. And this new perpetual calendar display method solves all problems.

 The new Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire perpetual calendar watch is equipped with a round platinum case. In this 45 mm case, there is an hour and minute display, a ring-shaped perpetual calendar display and a tourbillon.

 The time display is placed at the upper end of the dial. The white dial has classical Roman numerals, and the sword-shaped blue hands gracefully move above the dial.

 With a three-dimensional, multi-level concentric circle design, the functions of the perpetual calendar are presented layer by layer: the first layer is the week, the second layer is the month, and the date is displayed on the top layer. The delicate panes move along different levels. As for the last function of the perpetual calendar-flat leap year display, it is clearly indicated by a pointer on the case back.

 At the heart of the celestial-operating perpetual calendar watch, it is equipped with the iconic complication of Cartier’s fine watchmaking series-the floating tourbillon, which guarantees the watch’s accurate timekeeping.

 At the center of the side of the case is a platinum bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire. In addition to the traditional hour and minute adjustment, the date and month can also be controlled through the crown. Various functions can be adjusted by rotating the crown forward and backward in both directions, making it easier to use.

   The celestial running perpetual calendar watch is equipped with 9459 MC movement. The assembly and adjustment of the movement is completed in the new Cartier Advanced Watch Workshop. This movement consists of 382 parts and provides a power reserve of about 50 hours when fully wound.

 The 9459 MC movement gear train contains patented technology, which replaces the traditional lever and spring device, which greatly reduces the risk of breakage of the movement parts caused by forced adjustment during non-safety periods. In fact, the traditional perpetual calendar design prohibits any manual adjustments in the hours before and after midnight, so as not to break the movement parts. At the same time, the adjustment by the four tiny buttons on the side of the case is not only inconvenient, but also difficult to identify clearly.

Summary: This Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch with perpetual calendar combined with watchmaking innovation and technological creativity has completely changed the operation and display of the perpetual calendar. It adopts a new ring-shaped rotating perpetual calendar display method to achieve extraordinary dazzling effects It’s memorable. The 9459 MC self-winding mechanical movement, created by Cartier’s Advanced Watch Workshop, is carefully crafted, equipped with a tourbillon and ring-shaped perpetual calendar, and has a premium seal of Geneva. This watch is an important work of Cartier in the high-end luxury watch industry, limited to 100 pieces.
More watch details: cartier / 32479 /

Beijing Brand Watch Flagship Store Grandly Opened

On June 18, 2010, the first flagship store of the ‘Beijing’ brand watch opened by Beijing Watch Factory was grandly opened. The flagship store is located in Sanlitun SOHO, Gongti Beilu. The store has a building area of ​​124 square meters and displays more than 60 watches produced by Beibei. The chairman of Beipiao Xu Xuejun and the research and development consultant Mr. Zhang Youxu cut the ribbon for the flagship store. More than 30 people including professional media and Beipiao’s VIP customers participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
The flagship store showcases the outstanding works of Beibei in recent years, including the famous Chinese tourbillon watches at home and abroad, as well as enamel watches, skeleton watches and mechanical automatic watches. Among them, the enamel skeleton gold watch ‘Panda Bamboo Sea’ and skeleton tourbillon. The watch ‘Star and Moon Legend’ is the latest product of this year. What attracts most attention is the concept table ‘Ruga’ equipped with the newly developed B24 movement. The B24 movement has two barrels and two escapement speed adjustment mechanisms. The movement diameter is 34 mm, thickness is 4.75 mm, and 39 diamonds. It was designed by Master Xu Yaonan and Master Shi Wenli.
June 19 is the anniversary of the establishment of the Beibei factory. Beibei chose to open its first flagship store at this time, which means that this 52-year-old national brand officially returns to the retail market with a new image. The flagship store will make use of Beibei’s image as the leader of China’s high-end watches is fuller.
Chairman Xu Xuejun and R & D consultant Mr. Zhang Youxu cut ribbon for flagship store opening

Yiqu · Context-gucci Watch Jewellery 2016 Spring And Summer Art Presentation

This is a surreal paradise.
   Carnival, admiration, addiction, tenderness, romance, all good emotions are being praised.
   Unique unruly and wild, graceful graceful extreme charm is becoming a dreamy language of emotion, under the support of clear visual effects and aesthetic ideas, runs through the past, present and future. Art is no longer an ethereal imagination, but revealed in the details of every interesting situation.

   To embrace a romantic city with love, the city makes love city more romantic …

   For a moment of rest, it is a gentle appreciation of time that gently reveals …

   The collision and combination of colors, even a glance at the wrist, is enough to become an unforgettable beauty …

   There are no strangers in the city, and the exquisite and distinct personality is enough to make you cherish …

   Time walks in a sacred way according to the hands, and people stop between cities to become the most unique time mark …

   Looking not only from curiosity, but also from a free and wild soul …

   Even if it’s quietly put on hold, it can’t hide the noble charm of horse title design …

   The asymmetric design of butterflies and flowers is the best trade-off between city and nature …

   The fantasy animal symbol comes from the vast nature, but it has achieved infinite imagination …

   Warm elegance, build your own secret garden in a subtle space of self appreciation …

Admiral Kunlun Cup Two Watches Beijing Financial Street Spot Quotes

The Admiral Kunlun Cup series is the brand’s marine watch series. There are many models in this series, and the range of options is relatively large. The Watch House specially visited the Beijing Financial Street Hengli Watch Co., Ltd., and brought the two latest Kunlun Admiral Cup series watches for reference.

Kunlun LEGEND 42 series 395.101.20 / 0F61 FH10 watch

In-store public price: ¥ 33800 (collection time June 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Admiral’s Cup
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch details: The FH10 watch belongs to the basic watch of the Admiral Kunlun Cup series, a 12-sided stainless steel case, a small seconds dial plus a small calendar window at three o’clock, and twelve sea flag hour markers Up this watch. The bar-shaped dial makes the dial more three-dimensional, and the self-winding movement can also see the internal structure of the movement from the back.

Kunlun LEGEND 38 series 082.101.47 / 0F41 PN11 watch

In-store public price: 68800 (collection time June 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: HERITAGE
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel with diamonds
Strap Material: Satin
Case diameter: 36 mm
Details of the watch: The PN11 watch is a 38mm women’s watch. The black mother-of-pearl dial with satin strap shows the elegant elegance of the lady from the inside out. The dial hour markers and diamonds on the bezel take the luxury experience of this watch to a new level. It is worth mentioning that a small calendar window is used at three o’clock instead of a time scale, and the Arabic numerals 60 and 30 are used at twelve and six o’clock, showing a unique design concept.

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Distributor Name: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
Dealer Address: Kunlun Store, 1st Floor, Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-66220282

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Don’t Underestimate Women’s Wearing Watches These Watches Can Afford Them!

In the spring evening, Jia Ling PK Qu Ying’s ‘Goddess and Female Man’ sketches frequently appeared and laughed a lot. While bringing joy to the audience, it also caused people to talk about it. The goddess Qu Ying ‘I am beautiful, a group of boys hug and hug before, I have special face’, Jia Ling said, ‘I have no heart and lungs, a group of boys hug and hug before, look for my wrist’ … This different type actually implies some potential changes in today’s society. Many people say that men now live like women, and women live like men. Maybe this is also a way of life and a reversal of personality.

Goddess and man

  In the eyes of men, do women only like to show off flowers and make up? Obviously this is not the case. Most modern women go to the halls and kitchens, earn money and fight, can work hard in the workplace, can be economically independent in life, and never lose in social entertainment. To men. Women are no longer completely dependent on men’s accessories.
  Today’s women can not only hold gold and silver jewellery, can withstand high heels, they can also play watches, sports cars, and rivet motorcycles; they have always disliked any regulations, any frame, and their unfettered personality is like this. If people rely on clothes and beauty rely on beautiful clothes, then their personality must be watched!

  Not to mention the octagon is too stingy!

  Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a series that I first thought of. Royal Oak completely overturned the aesthetics of watchmaking, showing avant-garde innovative style, highly brand recognition, and also showing your unruly feelings. Many people may question whether women are suitable for such a tough guy?
  There is no doubt that it is the king who dares to get started. The hand-assembled strap is completely embedded in the case, and it fits the wrist perfectly in one go. Don’t you think that the domineering feel of the strap is the real queen?

Only can not be done, there is no unexpected gas field.

  This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Women’s Watch 67651SR.ZZ.1261SR.01 watch has the most notable features: First, it is the first time that Audemars Piguet has launched a two-tone stainless steel and rose gold model. The interactive use of the two materials makes Audemars Piguet In the tough style, there is an extra stylish femininity and excessive neutrality. At the same time, such a stylish bezel is inlaid with a circle of gorgeous diamonds. The toughness of metal and the collision of diamond color are such a beauty. It’s hard to refuse.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

  Secondly, in terms of aesthetics, the bezel of the watch is fixed with eight hexagonal screws, with sharp edges and corners, and has a special shape; the silver dial is decorated with a unique ‘GrandeTapisserie’ checkered pattern, luminous rose gold embedded hour markers and RoyalOak Royal Oak pointers, which are guaranteed to be clearly read at night, are the classic features of Royal Oak. Domineering reveals elegance. Compared with more completely soft and gentle female watches, this watch is more perfect to meet the modern lifestyle of modern women.

  It’s not just the King of Diamonds who brings the golden labor!

  Rolex, the eternal crown, is a dream in many people’s hearts, and it is also an ‘abyss’ that most watch fans can’t get over. Once contacted, it will get deeper and deeper. Although there are many people with Rolex, Dai Lao has very few women. In fact, it is just because everyone is accustomed to the usual way of wearing, and dare not try it. Many mature men who love watches can’t resist the temptation of Jinlao. You must know that women can also bear Jinlao!
  Since Jinlao was chosen, there is no need to consider low-key, what is required is high-key, that is conspicuous, that is foreign spirit!

Rolex Greenwich II Series 116718-LN-78208 black dial watch

  Jin Lao uses many choices, whether it’s Gindy, Jin Diary, or Water Ghost, all have fascinating charm and toxicity. The choice of Jinlao is to make the watch stand out, so I think this contrasting color of gold and black is the most prominent. The Rolex Greenwich II series 116718-LN-78208 black dial watch, the strong contrast between gold and black dial is irresistible, the 40 mm diameter supports the strength of the wrist. Mercedes-Benz hands, ‘fisheye’ calendar, timeless crown, rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel, easy-to-adjust chain extension system, every place reveals the classic Rolex features, two can be mastered simultaneously at the wrist Time in different time zones. The sturdy, locked crown is easy to match and can be used anywhere. A woman who dares to bring gold labor must be extraordinary. Do men hold it?

White Explorer II

  From another perspective, if it is low-key, Rolex’s Baidi and White Explorer II are very women’s wear, the size of the explorer should be 42 mm. Baidi’s words are more suitable for most women with Rolex’s choice, classic chronograph watch, show time and speed competition. Called the perfect Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch, it has won unprecedented success in terms of shape and function and enjoys a worldwide reputation, and has been praised for its extraordinary chronograph in many ways.

Woman can control Baidi

  The number of this watch is 116520-78590 white plate. The 40mm stainless steel case is sturdy, waterproof and automatic. The white dial has three small dials. The 30-minute, 12-hour, and small seconds hands are located at three o’clock, six o’clock, and nine o’clock, respectively. The white background and the black digital scale make the reading more clear. At the same time, this Baidi is comfortable to wear, timeless and elegant. Rolex watches are engraved with the words ‘Oyster’, ‘Perpetual’, ‘Cosmograph’, etc., which is the superior performance of this watch, and it is worth having.

  Who says Pei Dang can only be men?

  When it comes to buying watches, Rolex and Omega are naturally very good watches, and I personally appreciate and approve them, but because of their high popularity and too many people wearing, it will inevitably make some people feel visually tired. It is a slightly niche watch; and the brand recognition is very high. The bridge crown, sandwich structure, and Italian style are very prominent. The Italian style is clear and relatively low-key. Of course, another point that attracts Chinese consumers may be mass production, which gives buyers a sense of cherished collection.

  There are many classic styles of Panerai, 380, 510, 512, 111, and many of them like Peipei. From the perspective of pure appearance, I always think that the choice of Panerai for the ladies must not lack the bridge crown. As for the diameter of the watch, I don’t think it is necessary to worry about it. I think 42mm is not enough, 44mm is more suitable. Since there is a need for personality, there is no need to fill every gap of the watch. Wearing a watch is for people to notice, and a large watch can bring out the feel of the wrist.

Panerai LUMINOR1950 series PAM00312 watch

  This Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00312 watch has a diameter of 44 mm, a silver stainless steel case with a pure black dial, luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. Date display at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. In terms of power, this watch is equipped with a Panerai P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 13¾ legal minutes, 7.9 mm thick, 28 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, vibration every hour 28,800 times. With 3-day power reserve, 2 barrels. Although Panerai’s self-produced movement is not very long, the quality is still acceptable. Panerai is such a watch, it may not feel like looking at it, only to know the depth of toxicity after getting started.

  Who stipulates that men’s watches cannot be worn by women?

  Full of personality, women who can hold men can easily get started. When it comes to here, how can we not say IWC? IWC watches also come in a variety of styles. The pilots are tough, the Portuguese gentlemen are elegant, and the Portofino is simple and classic. Let’s just take a look at a CHRONOGRAPH chronograph watch series IW371401. It’s actually easier for men With. The elegant design of the Portuguese chronograph and the moderate thickness of the case make it one of the most coveted models in the Portuguese collection. Women’s effects are more fashionable and personalized.

IWC IW371401 watch

  For a person like me who does not have a calendar plot, this watch has enough functions and a very symmetrical design, which is in line with Chinese aesthetic habits. This chronograph has a cool, stainless steel case, exuding a unique elegance.
  With a diameter of 40.9 mm, it does not look too bloated. The layout of the dial is simple and intuitive. The white dial with gold time scale display, the raised Arabic numerals are more visual; the blue hands and gold time hands used to indicate the timing period are clear at a glance. The 30-minute counter and small seconds are located at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively, which are more restrained.

IWC IW371401 watch

In summary: Zhou Xun once said that a sentence made me quite reasonable, ‘Wearing a watch does not need to be a male or female watch, it is important to see if it belongs to your watch.’ This is indeed the case in the selection. Maybe some styles have attracted much attention from everyone, but they may not be yours. It is precisely because each person’s personality is different that there are so many brands for consumers to choose from. Women must be brave enough to try out the styles they can control, and keep trying so that there will be new surprises. What you can do is far more powerful than you think! (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Transparent Flight Instrument: Bell & Ross Br-x2 Tourbillon Micro-rotor Watch

The mysterious ‘X’ factor is everywhere. First in the mathematical equation, it represents the unknown; second, in psychology, it is a factor for one’s success, transcendence, and breakthrough of limitations. It is also common in the aerospace industry, and most of NASA’s test programs are named ‘X’. It is also useful in the watchmaking industry: Since 2014, Bell & Ross’s experimental watch series has been named with the letter X. Now in 2017, the new BR-X2 watch conveys the innovation, creativity and high-performance value of the Bell & Ross watchmaking brand. The meaning of ‘X’ doubled …

BR-X1 was born …
   In 2014, the BR-X1 watch was released. With its uncompromising masculine design, it shocked the world, marking Bell & Ross’s first successful step towards a more experimental and innovative arena. . Combining boldness with the technical features of sports watches, it features a skeleton chronograph movement and a high-tech square case made of a mixture of titanium, ceramic and rubber.

BR X-1
   Two years later, the BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire tourbillon sapphire watch set off a veritable revolution — the case was cut directly from a single piece of sapphire, giving the famous square case a clear, transparent look! This precious model establishes a direct link between the two fields of “high-end watches” and “super sophisticated”. Now, with the birth of the new second-generation wristwatch X-series BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor, Bell & Ross has added a new chapter to the BR legend.

BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire Tourbillon Sapphire Watch
Unique concept
   If only three words are used to define a watch, there is no doubt that it is ‘case, movement, dial’. It’s hard to get rid of any of these elements. However, real innovation lies in questioning traditions, challenging impossible factors, and exploring entirely new paths.

BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor
   That’s exactly what Bell & Ross did when designing the new BR-X2 watch — integrating the case and the movement. When designing the case of stainless steel and sapphire, an extremely difficult high-tech material, Bruno Belamich, the creative director of the brand, came up with a utopian fantasy idea: ‘Put the case and the The movement fuses into a single component, making the case disappear, leaving only the movement visible. ‘BR-X2 was born from this.

The original design of the BR-X2-Tourbillon-Micro-Rotor is to fuse the case and the movement into one component, so that the case disappears, leaving only the movement visible. Therefore, Bell & Ross placed the CAL.380 self-made movement between two pieces of sapphire crystal glass, and the periphery was connected by a narrow strip of stainless steel processed to ensure that the view was completely unrestricted.
Innovation and Haute Horlogerie
   The basic design concept of the BR-X2 watch is to wear the movement directly on the wrist. The square BR-CAL.380 self-developed movement completely developed and designed by Bell & Ross is placed in two pieces of sapphire crystal glass. The perimeter is connected by a narrow strip of stainless steel processed into a whole to ensure that the field of vision is completely unrestricted. This design makes the case disappear visually, with a skeletonized dial to reveal the movement.

BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-rotor watch frosted polished stainless steel case, 42.5 mm diameter, hollow dial, metal-applied hour markers filled with Superluminova®, hour, minute hands, flying tourbillon, BR-CAL.380 automatic Winding movement, sapphire crystal, water resistant to 50 meters, grey alligator strap.
   In order to highlight the inherent pure aesthetics and professional skills, the designers of the BR-X2 chose to combine simplicity with high performance. With a flying tourbillon that counteracts the effects of Earth’s gravity, this two-hand watch displays hours and minutes with ultra-high accuracy. Simple yet elegant and understated, this is also thanks to its medium-sized square case (42.5mm) and its exquisite ultra-thin movement (4.05mm), which is automatically wound by a micro-automatic top.

The BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor watch is equipped with a CAL.380 homemade movement.
Totally transparent limited edition watch
   BR-X2 has achieved the ultimate leap in creativity with its bold and modern design, and Bell & Ross has established itself as one of its most innovative “high-end watch” brands. A very unique watch, limited to 99 pieces, dedicated to smart eye connoisseurs, creating a unique experience for them: wearing the watch movement directly on the wrist …

BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor

Breitling Film Action Team: Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Driver, Daniel Wu ### — –

Breitling has solemnly announced ‘the first team of the’ Breitling Action Team ‘composed of talented film and television stars-the film action team. This creative idea aims to create a three-person action team, each of which One member is a recognized master in their field of expertise. This concept is rooted in Breitling’s brand value of ‘action, goals and avant-garde spirit’, and aims to connect people with common goals. This concept will be brand new in Breitling. Is fully displayed in the advertising campaign.
   ‘Breitling believes in the strength of the team, the collective strengths and a common understanding of common goals, which will ultimately lead us to success.’ Explains Breitling CEO Georges Kern, ‘We are committed to brand and product, As well as injecting reliable, credible and sincere brand values ​​into our interactions with customers, these values ​​also apply to every Breitling action team. We are about to launch a number of action teams from sports to the art world, covering the brand theme ‘Sea, All aspects related to land and air. Our action team members, whether they are internationally known or not, are masters in their respective fields. I am looking forward to seeing them complete individual or collective in the world of Breitling’s exploration in the near future. All kinds of tasks. ‘
Today we are very proud to announce the Breitling Film Action Team, composed of outstanding film and television artists
   Breitling shares some important genes with filmmaking. First of all, like a good movie, our watches are telling meaningful stories beyond human beings. A good script can bring the audience into any environment above and beyond the earth, and Breitling watches are unique in all fields of sea, land and air. There is another obvious connection: movies as dreams show us that everything is possible. We can say without exaggeration that a Breitling watch is equally ambitious and a dream worth pursuing. Breitling watches have played a pivotal role on the wrists of some of our favorite actors, such as Sean Connery in 1965’s 007 Thunderbolt. Now we are proud to announce four outstanding actors as members of our film action team: Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Driver and Daniel Wu Wu). Our connection with the film industry will take this to a new stage. They will soon appear in Breitling’s new advertising with different mobile teams and backgrounds. With the All-Star lineup, Breitling Film Action Team brings on-screen excitement and drama to a new partnership with Breitling’s vibrant and creative.
Brad Pitt

   Brad Pitt, one of the best and most versatile actors in the world. As the owner of Plan B Entertainment, he is also a successful film producer. In recent years, Brad Pitt has been awarded the Oscar as a producer in the film ’12 Years a Slave’ directed by Steve McQueen. In addition, he led the five-man tank team in the WWII epic film Fury directed by David Ayer, starring in the supporting role of The Big Short, and starred in David Mishaw. Starring David Michôd’s provocative satirical comedy ‘War Machine’ for Netflix. The last two films were produced by his Plan B Entertainment company. In 2016, Brad Pitt also starred in a rival play with Marion Cotillard in Robert Zemeckis’s ‘Allied’. He’s about to star in James Gray’s ‘Ad Astra’ and will be filming Quentin Tarantino with Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.
Charlize Theron

   Charlize Theron is an Oscar winner who has made an extraordinary film career by playing a challenging role. She has successfully created many amazing characters, including her serial killer Aileen Wuornos in her Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning character ‘Monster’. She has also been nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for Nor Th Country, and nominated for a Golden Globe for Young Adult. Charlize Theron has also achieved considerable success as a filmmaker. She is the founder of Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project, a charitable organization dedicated to fighting the AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa.
Adam Driver

   Adam Driver recently starred in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Logan Lucky. He made his big-screen debut in the film ‘J. Edgar’, and in the years that followed he relied on ‘Silence’, ‘Frances Ha’, ‘Flight at Midnight’ (Midnight Special), ‘Inside LlewynDavis’, ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Paterson’ and other performances have consolidated their position as one of the most widely cast actors in the United States. He is about to star in new films by Noah Baumbach, as well as Spike Lee’s ‘Black Klansman.’ Adam Driver is also widely acclaimed in the field of drama and will perform in the first Broadway remake ‘Burn This’ in 2019, directed by Michael Mayer. Adam Driver is a graduate of Julia College and has served in the US Navy.
Daniel Wu

   Daniel Wu is a Hong Kong-based actor, director and producer who has shot more than 60 films since his debut in 1998. Since 2015, he has starred in Sunny, a popular martial arts series ‘The Waste Land’ on the American AMC Channel, and is also the producer of the show. After graduating from the University of Oregon, Daniel Wu returned to Hong Kong in 1997 to star in his first film. He has won performance awards many times, and he won the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Chinese Film Media Award for Best New Director with his first film, The Four Kings.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Elegant And Intoxicating Look Three Top Wine Barrel-type Watches Recommended

Barrel-type watches are highly recognizable because of their special appearance. Compared to common square and round watches, barrel-type watches save aesthetic fatigue and bring new Visual experience. Today, the Watch House recommends you three top-level barrel-type watches, and feel the charming charm and charm brought by this unique design. I hope everyone likes it.

Parmigiani KALPA Series PFC194-1601400-HA1441

Product model: PFC194-1601400-HA1441
Watch diameter: 42.3 x 32.1 mm
Case thickness: 10.1 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: PF442
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: HOURS series 8880 CH

Product Model: 8880 CH
Domestic public price: ¥ 280000
Watch diameter: 39.5 x 55.3 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: x47.61 mm
Case thickness: 9.25 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Cal.4400AS
Case material: 18K 5N pink gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: vacheron / 36805 /
Watch reviews: In 1912, in order to break away from the traditional circular design, Vacheron Constantin began to carry watches with barrel-shaped cases, and finally interpreted into the Malta series. On the ivory white dial, the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions are all Roman numerals, and a small second dial is set at 6 o’clock. Equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 4400AS manual winding movement, it can provide 65 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The movement is adorned with Geneva ripples and stamped with the Geneva Seal.

Summary: The barrel-type watch combines the characteristics of square and circle, which is unique among many models and brings unique visual charm. If you want to break the aesthetic fatigue, change your taste with a charming barrel-type watch. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

How About Longines Quartz Watches? How About Longines Quartz Watches?

Longines brand profile
  The Swiss Auguste Agassi started the watch business in Saint-Imier in 1832. Later his nephew Ernest Francillon continued to expand his business and opened a watchmaking workshop in Les Longines, Switzerland in 1866. In 1867 Francois registered the ‘Longines’ company, and the Longines brand was officially born. In the same year, the first Longines movement L20A was launched. From 1867, each Longines watch is engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo.
  In 1880, Longines officially became a registered trademark in Switzerland, and it is also one of the oldest trademarks in the Swiss watchmaking industry. In 1885, Longines won its first prize at the Antwerp International Exhibition. Since then Longines has won a series of international awards, including a record of 10 Greenwich Awards.
  In the 20th century, watches gradually replaced pocket watches. Longines produced the first mechanical watch in 1905, and in 1912 launched a square watch with an innovative spirit, introducing elegant geometric design into the watchmaking industry. At the Swiss Federal Games in Basel in 1912, Longines became the first watchmaker in the world to launch a fully automatic timepiece.
  In the 1920’s, Longines’ design and manufacture of clocks and watches were handy. Its new art deco style was well received by the market, and Longines with its geometric design concept became a name for elegance. In 1927, the pilot Charles Limbaugh set the record for the uninterrupted transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. The timepiece he chose was Longines. Later, Lin Bai specially designed a timer for Longines, which is the prototype of Longines navigation watches. By the 1930s, Longines had become a must-have for some famous explorers.
  Longines’ 30 millionth watch was born on February 19, 2001. In 1994, Longines re-entered the Chinese market after nearly half a century. By 2003, the sales of Longines watches in the Chinese market were already the largest in the world, surpassing the sales of Longines watches in Italy and Japan.
  Longines is a company founded by Ernest Francillin in Saint-Emil, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1830s. Longines also owns the oldest registered trademark (a winged hourglass). Longines now belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
  Longines is famous for its ‘Flying Home’ watch. After a successful Atlantic Rim flight, Charles Lindenberger designed a watch to help air navigation. Longines was originally used for his special purpose flying.
What about Longines quartz watches, netizens comment
  Comment 1: Longines’ quartz watch is very beautiful, and the dress is very elegant. I also have one, but pay attention to buying large dials. My piece has a small diameter because I bought it early (7-8 years ago). The price is not expensive, starting from around 3000 after discount, which is good. And the maintenance cost is low, it is enough to change a battery for a few years, just change the battery street repair shop. However, if you like watches, it’s still fun to start with machinery.
  Comment 2: Buy Longines this style watch, mainly because of elegant appearance, coupled with the price is not very high. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to buy a Longines electronic watch at a low price, but it is too cost-effective to buy a high price electronic watch.
  Comment 3: If you buy Longines, choose a mechanical watch. Quartz watches are still good for radar.
  Comment four: Longines quartz watches are more suitable for women, men or mechanical watches, it seems to be more stable. Furthermore, Longines quartz watches have relatively poor value retention and are not as collectable as mechanical watches. Moreover, the longest life of a quartz watch is 30 years, and replacing the battery in the middle may be a bit troublesome.
  Comment five: Longines is a Swiss watch. Longines quartz watches sell at a minimum of around 5,000 yuan. Swiss mechanical watches are very famous, but quartz watches are certainly not as good as Japanese movements. So, let’s choose a Japanese electronic watch.
Comment six: Longines quartz watches, like mechanical watches, are naturally elegant in design. At the same time, because of its low price, Longines quartz watches are not flamboyant at all, and they are very connotative.
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