Outdoor Equipment Must Be Appreciated Tissot T-touch Jungfrau Watch

The Jungfrau is a very famous peak in the Swiss Alps and the highest peak in the fault of the same name. Tissot established a special series under this mountain name. In 2016, Tissot added a new member to this series. Multi-function watch with touch function, with Jungfrau as the dial pattern, thus becoming an excellent wrist equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

    This watch comes with several very important functions, including barometer, countdown, alarm, altimeter, segment timer, etc. These functions are specially designed for outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts, while the touch screen is greatly reduced Difficulty in function selection and operation.

    With a large case diameter of 45 mm, the watch’s functions have more space for display and touch operation. The digital display at 6 o’clock on the dial makes reading information quick and easy.

Summary: In an era where smart watches are so popular, multi-function touch watches avoid the tediousness and uncertainty of smart watches that need to be connected to mobile phones or the Internet. In other words, such a watch is obviously more professional than a smart watch.
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