Ocean Charm Tudor Ocean Prince Series

While elegant taste and precision machinery cooperate with the fashion design to show the light, Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) perfectly combines the spiritual experience deep inside the outstanding person with the external design, from the details to the whole The expressed marine spirit is a strong call to and touch on the marine complex of successful people, and touches the extraordinary and brave hearts.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Ocean Prince II 20040 Black Interlaced Dial (41mm) Black Rubber Strap

Like all Tudor watches, the Tudor Oceanron series is manufactured by the original factory in Geneva, Switzerland. Its material selection and design are very professional, and are loved by professional divers and those who seek excellence: the iconic characteristics of absolute water resistance at 200 meters deep are impeccable; the entire watch is made of stainless steel or 18ct gold and stainless steel, and every inch is classic Technology; one-way rotating outer ring strengthens the reading function of the low-light underwater environment, providing clear and accurate diving time at any time; all joints of the chain are smooth and smooth, and the wrist feels directly inside the heart; the wear-resistant blue crystal glass surface is tough Clear, perfect feeling is coming out.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Marine Prince II 24040 Silver Dial (31mm) Blue Rubber Strap

Tudor Hydronaut series is available in three sizes to suit the needs of watch connoisseurs and different admirers, and a variety of surface options pay more attention to the aesthetic differences of those who seek perfection, resonating with their more unique temperament With taste.

Tudor HYDRONAUT II Marine Prince II 20030 White Dial (41mm) Stainless Steel Strap 95000

The combination of pure Swiss watch pedigree and classic manufacturing technology makes Tudor a representative watch brand in the world. The Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) and other members of the Tudor family, contrast each other and continue to write outstanding classics.

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