Men’s Stunner: Big And Small Self-questioning Three Questions Perpetual Calendar

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Manufactured in 1997, a solo watch, automatic winding function, large and small self-sounding and three-question function, solid three-piece platinum case with diamonds, frosted, bezel and lugs set with diamonds The switch at the 2 o’clock position on the side of the case can control the volume and mute status of the watch. The transparent case back, movable lugs, sapphire crystal, silver dial, pyramid-shaped hour markers, blue steel hands, retrograde perpetual calendar , Time equation, moon phase display and 24-hour indication, Franck Muller buckle in platinum with diamonds, Cal.97 rhodium-plated movement, 50 rubies, 5-azimuth correction, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, avoid Vibration device, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, fine-tuning device, three-question slider on the side of the case, case diameter 37 mm, thickness 13 mm, with case and certificate.
[Brief Comment] Franck Muller has had few technological breakthroughs in the past two years, and has been ‘eating the old ways.’ Learning is like sailing against the water. The same is true of watchmaking. Traditional watchmaking techniques are vast and profound, but if you stop the pace of exploration and cannot keep up with the times, you will eventually be forgotten by society or even eliminated. In fact, the high price of this watch can be interpreted from two aspects: On the positive side, the complex features of this watch are enough to convince every watch fan; on the negative side, since it is not good to make a watch now, quickly buy a block Let’s collect the ‘former’ watches! Then again, there are not many companies that can do big and small self-awareness and three questions. In any way, this watch can be called a man’s stunner. It is also very comfortable to lead her home and come to a gold house.

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