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In 2013, MIDO launched the new Great Wall series to join the lineup of watches, which became the latest milestone for MIDO to realize the design spirit of ‘Inspiration A Mark of True Design’. On the day of the press conference, the mysterious guest invited the recent film and television amphibious drama Xiaoyihou Chen Yihan to make an appearance, elegantly showing the mysterious Chinese charm and perfectly echoing the theme of the watch. In addition, the press conference also invited the drama star Liu Yihao, who has the title of beautiful male, for the first time Appearing in a Chinese style, showing a completely different masculine masculinity, the two new-generation actors each interpreted the men’s and women’s ‘watch’ sentiment of the new MIDO design watch-Great Wall series.
Chen Yihan, a dazzling performer, is a film and television ambition, moving towards a full range of actors. The costume Geisha in the recent film ‘Flower’ is stunning. At the presentation of the Great Wall series of MIDO Great Wall, Chinese style and modernity coexist. The Chinese short dress was unveiled, and the red paper-cut totem lace brought out the Chinese style, and the smart eyes interpreted the elegant classic femininity. Chen Yihan admits that there is a big difference between the characters in the Huayang drama and his lively and active personality in private. He needs to interpret the playfulness and richness of the dark layer. The soft and elegant costume in the play is a big challenge for her. But once wearing the right outfit, it is very helpful to interpret the role; like wearing this bright red Chinese tailored dress today, like the characteristic neckline of a flower bud, reminds her directly of the elegant woman wearing cheongsam , Interpreting the Chinese style theme of this new watch of the Great Wall series.

茗 Lan Kai, Deputy General Manager of MIDO Brand, Yihan Chen, Peter Szabo, General Manager of Swatch Group Taiwan

Great Wall Series Men’s Watch
The implication of the new film and new book coming out at the same time. In the first written work, the prose photo book ‘Meeting of the North Island’, I also wore the Great Wall Great Wall series new watch first, and left New Zealand’s mood notes during the trip. In the book, a stylish windbreaker is worn with a 39mm ivory white dial, which is suitable for men and women. It has a neutral large diameter design. Through a sweet smile and an elf-like temperament, the watch is low-key and elegant. Tradition design. On the day of the event, she attended as a mysterious guest. She also chose to wear the Great Wall series women’s watch with ivory white dial and Chinese style clothing. The exquisite details call out the architectural story of the Great Wall. The large dial with a sense of presence is bright red. Set against the backdrop of short dresses, it has a sense of both Chinese classical and modern wash chain designs, which sets off a sense of elegance and beauty.
新 The rising star Liu Yihao, who has the title of innocent flower boy, will soon be in the idol drama ‘Dessert Shop without a Name’ starring Zhang Rongrong. Sunshine playful natural acting has attracted much attention and is a new idol in women’s hearts. On the day of the event, Liu Yihao wore the Great Wall Great Wall Men’s Watch. The 42mm ink black dial with bright red and red seconds hand, the thick dial with a sense of weight, showed the masculine charm that is exclusive to men. Yi Hao said that he is different from the previous Huamei and sports sunshine images. He is very happy to meet you in different styles. Although he is no stranger to the stretcher, he has never walked through a Chinese-themed fashion show. Very fresh and interesting; novices who want to try now have no restrictions on their roles in future performances. If they have the opportunity, they also want to try a variety of different dramas and roles to challenge and widen their limits. At present, they want to challenge spiritual subjects, like It is a role like a mental patient, full of strange imagination. He comes from a model. He is very opinionated in private wear. He loves to visit composite boutiques. He has his own opinions on wearing items. Now he prefers to wear bright colors. Through some unique items, he is very active. I like it very much. There are accessories for the story. The Great Wall series watches released at the event have their own design stories. They are low-key but figuratively show the Chinese style. They also have a deep love for traditional culture and appreciate the preservation of cultural meaning and innovation. The design style is very fond of items such as Great Wall men’s watches. The Great Wall series 42mm watch has a 100-meter waterproof, high-precision performance certified by the observatory, and a thick and detailed watch appearance, which makes him love the watch.

Liu Yihao wears the Great Wall men’s watch
Great Wall Women’s Watch

Stainless steel / Cal ETA2678 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / power reserve 38 hours / diameter 31mm

Stainless steel material / Cal ETA2836-2 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display, day of the week display / diameter 39mm
The power of GREAT WALL passed down, the Swiss Mido Great Wall series showcases Chinese architecture, a new combination of watch art and ancient culture
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Swiss Mido new interpretation of Chinese elements to create the classic Great Wall series
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