Mb & F Fire Frog Limited Edition Debuts

MB & F specially released the HM3 Fire Frog Limited Edition to celebrate the opening of the world’s first specialty store-ten limited editions worldwide, the model is named from the complex case of 18K rose gold and 22K Eye-catching luster from the rose gold automatic dial.
The internationally renowned independent watch brand MB & F, the world’s first watch store held its opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in Beijing Yintai Center. Intime Center, located in the elite area of ​​Beijing’s business district, is the first choice for many international first-tier brands; this time MB & F’s presence is even more icing on the cake. The founder of MB & F, Mr. Maximilian Büsser, came to Beijing from Geneva to participate in this event. In addition, Mr. Qiu Zijie, the president of MB & F China’s general agent of Europe Square Group, Ms. Qiu Yang Baochun, the vice chairman of Europe Square Group, and the Beijing store operator Jia Mr. Li Shu, President of Huahezhong Investment Group, and Ms. Zhang Wanru, the chief business planner of Intime Center, jointly held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the scene, the well-known film and television star Mr. Sun Honglei was invited as the ribbon-cutting guest; this event was celebrated by many city guests to celebrate the opening of the first MB & F store in the world.

The event attracted VIPs from all sides, many of whom were MB & F watch lovers and watch lovers, and gathered media friends in Beijing and Shanghai. To celebrate the opening of the world’s first store, MB & F has released a limited edition of HM3 Fire Frog-a limited edition of ten worldwide. The naming of the model is a dazzling color interlaced by the complex case of 18K rose gold and the automatic dial of 22K rose gold; the two semi-circular dials protruding like frog eyes plus the transparent mirror are this model The biggest feature is also an indication of hours and minutes. The HM3 Fire Frog has a gorgeous rose gold case that makes it the perfect watch to light up the scene when the MB & F Beijing store opens.
The HM3 Fire Frog is a limited edition of only 10 pieces in the world, especially for the opening of MB & F’s first store in Beijing. Comes in eye-catching color.
The model is equipped with a complex movement designed by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The bright automatic dial is placed on the front of the dial, and the periphery is a large digital date dial. In addition to the two semi-circular transparent mirrors that protrude the dial, in addition to the biggest feature of the watch, it is also an hour and minute indicator.
Real-world amphibian frogs have prominent eyes, allowing them to see scenes in different directions without turning their heads. The HM3 Frog’s semi-circular hour and minute dials have a similar effect, although the significance on this watch has become that the wearer can easily read the time without turning his wrist.
The hour and minute semi-circular turntable is based on the optimal strength-to-weight ratio. It is delicately made from an entire aluminum alloy. Its weight is slightly higher than 0.5 grams, and it is ground from the outside to the end. The millimeter-thick thickness of paper minimizes the power required for rotation.
The semi-circular sapphire crystal glass that protects these two turntables must be shaped and polished most precisely, because any imperfections may affect the magnification of the glass.
Fire Frog may have used a playful way to present time, but the perfectly tuned internal ‘engine’ yelled, but it showed a very rigorous focus on details such as hand polishing.
The HM3 Fire Frog has a gorgeous rose gold case that makes it the perfect watch to light up the scene when the MB & F Beijing store opens.
Horological Machine No3 Frog-THM3 Frog technical information
A 3D watch based on the movement of the SOWIND Group and designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht / AGENHOR ‘
Tomahawk-shaped mysterious auto
HM3 Frog Ti: Blue PVD coated 22K gold automatic disk
HM3 Poison Dart Frog: 22K Gold Automatic Disk
HM3 Fire Frog: 22K Rose Gold Automatic
Hour and minute information is transmitted by ceramic ball bearings to drive the semi-circular turntable
Number of jewels: 36 (all related to functions)
Number of parts: 304
Hours indicated by a semi-circular turntable (aluminum semi-circular turntable, one rotation in 12 hours)
Indicate the minutes with another semi-circular dial (aluminum semi-circular dial, one revolution in 60 minutes)
Date dial orbits the movement
HM3 Frog Ti: Grade 5 titanium case and screws
HM3 Poison Dart Frog: black PVD coated zirconium metal case, 18K yellow gold screws. Limited to 10
HM3 Fire Frog: 18K rose gold and titanium case, 18K rose gold screws. Limited to 10
Screw-down crown
Dimensions (excluding crown and lugs): 47x50x18 mm
Number of case parts: 53
Sapphire crystal:
Both semi-circular mirrors and front and back plane mirrors are treated with double-sided anti-glare
Aluminum semi-circular turntable weighs only 0.58 g
Strap and buckle:
Black hand-stitched alligator strap. Custom folding clasp in 18K gold and titanium.
‘Friends’ in charge of HM3 Frog watches
Concept: Maximilian Büsser
Product Design: Eric Giroud / ERIC GIROUD Design Studio
Technology and Production Management: Serge Kriknoff / MB & F
Development: Guillaume Thévenin / MB & F
Movement development: Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Nicolas Stalder / AGENHOR watchmaking workshop
Basic movements: Stefano Macaluso, Rapha? L Ackermann and Steve Sturchio / SOWIND Group
Movement manufacturing: Georges Auer / Mecawatch, Salvatore Ferrarotto / APR QUALITY
Manually polished movement components: Jacques-Adrien Rochat and Denis Garcia / C-L ROCHAT Parts Factory
Ceramic Ball Bearings: Patrice Parietti / MPS
Movement assembly: Didier Dumas, Georges Veisy, Alexandre Bonnet and Bertrand Sagorin-Querol / MB & F
Case and buckle structure and production: Dominique Mainier and Bertrand Jeunet / G & F.CH? TELAIN watch factory
Sapphire Crystal: Martin Stettler / STETTLER SAPPHIRE
Face plate: Fran? Ois Bernhard and Denis Parel / NATEBER face plate factory
Strap: Olivier Purnot / CAMILLE FOURNET
Showcase: Frédéric Legendre / LEKONI and Isabelle Vaudaux / VAUDAUX
Product Logistics: David Lamy / MB & F

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