Jiajia Is Committed To Fulfilling Its Promise: Protecting The Earth And Protecting The United Nations World Marine Heritage Glacier Bay

Since 2008, Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre cooperates with UNESCO to protect the 47 oceans on the UNESCO World Heritage List heritage.
Glacier Bay: Labs in Nature
   Every year, the Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre selects a World Marine Heritage on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a key project. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is the focus of this year. This world marine heritage is located on the Alaska border between the United States and Canada.
   As Scott Gende, Senior Scientific Advisor for Glacier Bay, explains: ‘Scientific research conducted here is very important. This area is of special significance for research on the continuation of the glacial period and was listed as a U.S. country in 1925 Memorial area. It is for this reason that the Glacier Bay project leader encourages comprehensive research on the one hand, such as glaciology and research on landscape evolution, and on the other hand, encourages research on the consequences of glacier erosion and strong applicability. ‘
Protect whale
   Before being listed as a World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay was an extremely important research base. This area is where humpback whales look for food during their migration. Humpback whales have been seriously injured or killed as a result of hitting a cruise ship. In view of this, the authorities launched a research project in 2005.
   Since then, local teams have overseen all incoming ships. This project continuously records the interaction between ships and huge marine life. It is the first in history and the largest related plan to date. Whenever a ship enters Glacier Bay National Park, the mammalian zoologist on board uses special binoculars to locate each whale in this area. Once the whale is found, the message will be automatically transmitted to the captain, enabling him to adjust the speed or course of the ship accordingly. This plan brings new sailing regulations, greatly reducing the harm of ships to humpback whales, and making this unique sea area their true sanctuary.

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