Jacques De Rouge 39mm Off-centre Second Hand

Jaquet Droz launched four 39mm diameter models for the brand’s signature Grande Seconde Off-centered.

   The Grande Seconde Off-centered is legendary. Its creator was a forward-looking watchmaker. He was not only a mechanical expert, but also an expert in painting, making the perception of time elegant and charming in the age of enlightenment. In that era, it was a pioneering move to make the hours and minutes display inferior to the seconds display. The eponymous watch brand founded by Pierre Jacques de Rooney created one of the most famous dials in the European watchmaking industry. The two overlapping dials form the number 8 symbolizing perfection, balance and infinity. Endless. 8 also became a lucky number for Jaquet Droz …

   Today, the brand launches a new design. The four new watches are the same as the historical models, but they are completely different. The similarity lies in the shape of lines, showing overlapping circles, geometric curves, and clear and easy to read surfaces. The slight eccentric design is ingenious. The hour and minute display is set at 2 o’clock, and the second dial is set at 7 o’clock. Subtle differences, brand new. The Grande Seconde Off-centered has the unique exquisite temperament of Jaquet Droz, renews the vitality of the generation, and adopts the new 39 mm diameter size, which is unisex and elegant. The watch is equipped with two mineral dials hand-crafted by master craftsmen Jaquet Droz, exuding a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. Available in deep single black onyx dial or aventurine star dial with diamond-set bezel. Against the edge of the engraved hour markers, the simple and pure dial is like a contemporary art painting. In addition, there is another flawless silver-plated opal dial with blue steel hands and the brand’s signature large fire enamel dial style, which features unique textures and ivory tones.

   Senior connoisseurs must pay attention to one subtle detail: the crown position has also changed, set at 4 o’clock. This meticulous and charming offset design reflects the style essence of these engraved Jaquet Droz individually numbered models: the classic meaning that is never rigid, always advancing with the times and breaking through innovation.
   ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’

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