Introduction To The Patek Philippe 5235 Three-pin First-line Watch

Patek Philippe Model 5235 new three-pin first-line calendar watch combines many new features, creating its first timepiece series. The watch belongs to the brand’s first use of the three-handed and one-line (regulator) surface design. With the central minute hand, the hour display is set at 12 o’clock, and the small three-hand display is set at 6 o’clock. The watch body contains a new 31-260 REG QA movement, which is Patek Philippe’s first self-winding ultra-thin movement with a mini-swinging tourbillon and a small three-pin auxiliary display at 6 o’clock. In addition, the 31-260 REG QA is also the first new basic movement designed based on Silinvar & reg; parts: Pulsomax & reg; escapement gears and levers of the escapement, and Spiromax & reg; balance springs are made of the above-mentioned innovative silicon Material manufacturing. The watch also incorporates an annual calendar device, which is one of Patek Philippe’s most popular complication functions. The display window displays the month, week and date information.

 In the field of Patek Philippe, the watch face design of a standard timepiece pendulum clock is interpreted in a watch mode, and the practice of expressing hours, minutes and seconds with three displays is indeed an initiative. This initiative is not just from the perspective of design, but hopes to use this novel surface layout to promote more innovative results. To put the concept into practice, the watch needs to be equipped with a very thin automatic movement, the classic 240 movement is the best choice. However, due to the movement of the small three-pin auxiliary display dial position is unique, set at five o’clock position, failed to meet the needs of the proposed six o’clock position. The 240 movement came out in 1977. It was equipped with a 22K gold mini-swinging rotor embedded in the motherboard, resulting in a movement thickness of only 2.53 millimeters. Today, the movement still maintains the finest fiber on the face. The list of thin automatic winding movements is a valuable source of inspiration for the development of new movements. Thanks to the superiority of the original core and several innovations, the new Patek Philippe 31-260 REG QA movement is enough to set new benchmarks. The small three-handed auxiliary display square is squarely located between the center and the surrounding area. The area is enlarged as much as possible to create the best time reading effect. It reflects Patek Philippe’s another watchmaking philosophy, and the timekeeping instructions must be symmetrical and clear.

Innovation 1: Oscillator made of Silinvar & reg;
 Patek Philippe pioneered itself. For the first time, from the beginning of the design, based on the oscillator parts made of Silinvar & reg; based on the geometric shape design of the new machine arc & ldquo; Controller controls time allocation; The escapement lever and gear are isochronous, and the power efficiency is also improved by the Pulsomax & reg; escapement, which makes the speed more accurate and long-term reliable. In addition, Silinvar & reg; material parts are absolutely anti-magnetic, excellent in shock resistance, and have anti-corrosion characteristics. They do not need to be lubricated.

Innovation two: new gear set ─ interlocking teeth

 Patek Philippe’s engineers are not complacent with the new swing design, but work hard to add new ideas. They comprehensively reformed the gear set between the clockwork and the escapement gear, the gears and the discerning gear faces, analyzed the shape of the relevant teeth in depth, and recalculated them into the central gear, the third gear, the fourth gear, and their respective gears. The discriminating gear is designed with a unique tooth shape. The new shape improves the meshing effect between the gear teeth and the discriminating gear teeth, reduces friction, increases the tolerance between different axis distances, and further improves the efficiency of power transmission from the mainspring to the escapement gear; all these results promote the power In addition to the increase in conversion efficiency, part losses have also been reduced.

Innovation 3: The frequency of 3.2 Hz is remarkable
 The 31-260 REG QA new three-pin and one-line movement incorporates innovative technology, benefits efficiency and isochronism, and also yields many positive results. Looking at the classic 240 self-winding movement, the swing frequency is 21,600 swings per hour, and the swing frequency of the new movement has increased by 10%, reaching 23,440 swings per hour, which is equivalent to 3.2 Hz; power reserve also rose simultaneously. With the increase of the swing frequency, the new movement can respond to the established standard of Patek Philippe imprints, and the speed accuracy can be easily adjusted to every 24 hours -3 / + 2 seconds. At the same time, thanks to the increased power efficiency of the gear set and escapement, the tension of the mainspring is reduced, and the shear stress on the gear is reduced. This promotes the reduction of friction between the fine gear pivot and the jewel bearing, which makes the movement longer and more reliable. These are the two essential elements of the Patek Philippe mark and the prerequisites for a watch to be precious enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

Innovation 4: Extra Long Clockwork
 The new movement’s outstanding power efficiency allows it to use a more flexible and longer mainspring. Therefore, despite the higher frequency of the 31-260 REG QA movement and the use of only a single spring, the power reserve can still be as high as 60 hours, compared to a maximum of 48 hours for the 240 movement. Extra long springs bring another benefit: when the spring is relaxed, the torsion arc can be more flat, which promotes the balance and speed of the balance wheel to stay stable most of the time. . The result: the movement speed is more accurate and more durable, allowing watch owners to choose to leave the watch idle all weekend without having to recalibrate the time and calendar display on Monday morning to use it.
 Other major innovations Patek Philippe has introduced more innovations in order to make the new three-handed and first-line calendar watches longer, more durable and reliable. Like all Patek Philippe automatic movements, the 31-260 REG QA movement can also be wound by hand. Whenever the automatic winding mode is activated, the hand winding device is automatically separated, thereby increasing the winding power of the watch and reducing the loss. In addition, Patek Philippe has also improved the crown gear operation of the hand winding device, using a new meshing mechanism to reduce wear and improve efficiency, making the hand winding process more supple. The new movement is equipped with a 22K gold mini-oscillating weight, which is embedded in the bottom plate. It is 0.3 mm thicker than the 240-caliber oscillating weight, which is more visible and promotes winding power. It is adorned with Geneva’s rotating circular pattern, which is a miniature art masterpiece, beautiful. Thirty-four years of the 240 movement was launched. Relatively speaking, the 31-260 REG QA new movement increased the swing frequency by 10%, the power reserve also increased by 25%, and the overall efficiency increased by 3%. ten. Such a great achievement highlights the huge potential of mechanical timepieces. It is enough to become a model under the current global energy controversy, clarifying that even in traditional categories such as classic technology, there is still plenty of room to greatly improve efficiency performance.

Automatic winding calendar device, display window display mode
 Model 5235 The new three-handed and one-line annual calendar watch, measuring time accurately in seconds, and at the same time, it can accurately display time information with large intervals. The new basic movement incorporates an annual calendar device, which has been expensive for fifteen years and has been one of Patek Philippe’s best-selling complication features. The annual calendar function is practical and convenient. It displays weekly, month and date data in three large display windows. It can automatically identify the difference between the month of thirty and thirty-one. It only needs to be corrected once a year on March. The new movement is equipped with an annual calendar device named ’31-260 REG QA’; it is composed of 320 parts (the basic movement occupies 181 and the annual calendar device 139), and the thickness is 5.08 mm (2.60 mm for basic movement, 2.48 mm for annual calendar installation), 33 mm straight (31.74 mm for basic movement, 33 mm for annual calendar installation), It is medium in size and reveals a long and magnificent feeling.

New three-pin, one-line surface with Calatrava classic style
 The new Patek Philippe watch features a three-needle, one-line surface with an extraordinary design, and is as elegant and charming as the work created by its Geneva workshop. The body of the watch shows the classic outline of the Calatrava timepiece. The case is round and beautiful, and it has been a model for 70 years. The watch uses a new ultra-thin movement, making it only eleven millimeters thick, which is amazing for an automatic winding watch with an annual calendar device. The body diameter is 40.5 millimeters, and the design is elegant and fashionable. The classic three-in-one case design, consisting of the ring, bezel and case back, made of 18K white gold, is a great example of Bauhaus’s “function depends on shape” design philosophy. The bezel is carefully chamfered, and the bezel is decorated with a straight grain pattern, which reflects the effect of the grinding process on the surface, which is seamless. The surface of the lugs is slightly inclined, so that the chamfer of the ring is extended to perfect the lines of the watch, and it is comfortable to wear on the wrist. The watch is paired with a precious dark blue crocodile leather strap, square texture, hand-stitched, 18K white gold pin buckle, and engraved with ‘Patek Philippe’. The case display case back allows the watch owner to appreciate the unique parts of the movement and a wide range of decorative effects: including the new Pulsomax & reg; escapement, Spiromax & reg; balance spring, and Geneva rotary pattern on the mini-swing , The Geneva stripe pattern on the bevel, there are various kinds of gold carving.
The new Patek Philippe model 5235 has an unsurpassed surface design, protected by a sapphire glass, and equipped with a central minute hand. The hour display is set at 12 o’clock and the small three-hand display is set at 6 o’clock. . Large annual calendar function display window, concentrically hugging the surface along the ring: the day display window is set at ten o’clock, the month display window is set at two o’clock, and the date display window is set at six o’clock. The surface is engraved with the brand name ‘PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVE’ along the horizontal axis at three o’clock; the entire surface is transformed into a black-to-silver-gray tone depending on the angle of the incident light, softly reflecting the unique surface of the texture. Blue transfer numbers, hour markers, and other markers ensure legible reading. The track minute scale and hour and small three-pin auxiliary display dials are matched with a bright silver-gray tone background, contrasting with the darker silver-gray tone in the center of the surface, which is prominently shaped; a short five-minute scale is displayed in the center of the surface. The Arabic numerals are clearly displayed. The Barton-style blue steel hands are made of 18K white gold, and the blue calendar indicator is matched with a white background. This highlights the technical style of this new 2011 work. Earth pendulum tribute. The silver gray two-tone surface is decorated with vertical rubbing effect, and the two subsidiary display panels are decorated with a rotating circular pattern, which produces a lot of color.
Patek Philippe model 5235 new three-pin first-line calendar watch, just shows how its Geneva workshop blends avant-garde aesthetics with timeless elegance. The innovative features of this watch do not flow from the external level, but originate from the internal mechanical core, which set a new standard for the watch industry and display the unique characteristics of Patek Philippe.

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