Introduction To Blancpain’s ‘time Equation’ Complex Watch

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The so-called time equation is a complex function that displays the difference between solar time and civil time in a watch. If the civilian time is counted as a precise perfect circle, the actual solar time is like an irregular kidney shape (called a ‘figure 8 curve’). The watchmaker can show the accurate operation of two frequencies at the same time between the inches above the wrist, which shows the difficulty of the craft.

Before Einstein published his theory of relativity, we always thought that the flow of time was as simple and clear as an arrow—they are 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, a minute and a second. However, due to the movement of celestial bodies, the actual length of the day is not the widely known 24 hours, but it is increased or decreased by about 15 minutes on the basis of 24 hours (to be precise, it is negative 16 minutes to 23 seconds to (Between 14 minutes and 22 seconds).
In 1925, Audemars Piguet created the first perpetual calendar wall chart to show the time equation. This was great at the time. In the era of gears, it seemed like a ‘useless’ time equation. Other complex features have spread as widely. In 2010, Audemars Piguet launched a time equation watch that simultaneously shows sunrise and sunset; Girard Perregaux also added a time equation annual calendar watch to the 1966 series; in the same year, Panerai showed a wrist with time equation. Watch, limited to 30 pieces, and advertised as ‘one of the most complicated watches ever’; Zenith launched the Columbus Time Equation in 2011 and was recently awarded the ‘Presse’ watch of the year in Austria Grand Prize for Best Highly Complex Watch. In addition, in recent years, the time equation has been hard to find.

难 How difficult is the presentation of the time equation? First, it only appears on watches with a perpetual calendar function. This coincidence of the heavens must occur at the same time to truly show the time change of the year-the time equation indication shows the change of the length of the actual solar day; and the perpetual calendar shows the change of the length of the month. The combination of the two is considered to be the pinnacle of a brand’s technology.
Until 2004, all watches with time equation indication function only provided the difference indication of time deviation. At Baselworld 2004, the situation changed dramatically when Blancpain introduced the Le Brassus Equation du Temps Marchante. In addition to indicating the difference between the positive and negative time equations, this watch also has a hand that directly indicates the sun’s time, which is unprecedented in the history of watchmaking.

Now let’s explore how this ‘unprecedented’ pointer works. The initial time equation indication is relatively simple. It indicates that a kidney-shaped cam made according to the ‘eight figure curve’ is added to the watch movement, and the wheel rotates one week a year. When this cam rotates, a pawl riding on it will also move with it. The law of movement is the length of the actual solar day.
经典 This classic is not a complex time equation indicating device, which has more than two hundred years of history. Blancpain’s watch, not only designing the actual solar time hands, but also the common civilian hour hand, it is commendable. On the one hand, the pointer mechanism must have a civilian minute transmission gear train; on the other hand, in order to show increase and decrease, the sun time pointer must have two driving sources, and the two must not interfere with each other.

In 2011, this skill was reborn on the new Virere collection. Compared with Le Brassus in 2004, the new Villere Equation du Temps Marchante watch will bring the skills of complex functions to the extreme. The watch has a perpetual calendar function, a flyback moon phase display, and two functions to indicate the time equation (difference hand and actual solar time hand). The window at 6 o’clock shows a kidney-shaped cam—it now looks more like a description of a cosmic phenomenon. The shape calculated accurately shows the relationship between the Earth’s rotation and the orbit. I felt the romantic intentions of the watchmaker.
Although it is only a small change, when it comes to the doorway, it is full of interest. Mark admits that he has enjoyed explaining the subtleties of the watch to interested people for months after wearing it. ‘Owning a watch does not only mean that you bought it, but also that you understand and master the culture behind this watch-but it is also a gradual process.’ It is true that compared to a perpetual calendar, a moving tourbillon The interpretation of the time equation does take a bit more tongues, but the fun lies in it-after all, mastering the pleasure of catching up with you in two types of time is not comparable to a few gurgling sounds.
除了 In addition to indicating the difference in positive and negative time equations, this watch also has a pointer that directly indicates the solar time, which is unprecedented in the history of watchmaking.

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