Iguay Marine Timepiece ‘galapagos Islands’ Chronograph

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IWC has always been pursuing its own brand to create high-precision and high-quality timepieces. The recently released marine timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ chronograph watch fully complies with IWC’s status as The identity of an international boutique watch brand. This work beyond imagination has conquered the love watch family with a combination of brand and professional precision skills.

 In the center of the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent, it is famous for the Galapagos Islands. Whether it is a terrestrial or marine iguana, they bathe in the sun on black volcanic rocks, looking like dragons described in fairy tales. A squadron of manta rays was patrolling back and forth on the bank. Hammerhead sharks circle in shallow waters. The biodiversity contained in this area is amazing, many of which are unique in the world, and have a profound impact on inspiring Darwin’s future evolution. However, this paradise discovered by Darwin during his expedition in 1835 is under serious threat today. The reason is precisely because humans lack care for nature. The Charles Darwin Foundation works with the strong IWC partners of Schaffhausen to protect the Galapagos Islands, which has sensitive and fragile ecosystems.

 IWC’s commitment to environmental protection extends not only to remote regions of the world, but also to its hometown: Schaffhausen. IWC is officially certified as a carbon-neutral enterprise, and all energy needs within the company use energy that protects the ecology. IWC has spared no effort in environmental protection issues, whether it introduces high-efficiency filtration systems, energy recycling, rainwater recycling, or the use of solar collectors, all play a pioneering role. As an international boutique mechanical watch brand, IWC is committed to creating the highest quality haute horlogerie products. Just like the ‘Galapagos Islands’ chronograph version of the oceanic timepiece, the brand’s charm, professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship are perfectly combined with creativity beyond imagination. The stainless steel case has undergone an intensive vulcanization process to give the model a black matte rubber coating. This watch has a compressive strength of 12 bar, and has a stylish appearance and top quality: black like lava on a volcanic island, and white like a mist covering lava. Most of the sales proceeds of this model will be donated to the Charles Darwin Foundation, which also means that the collection that owns this top-level diving watch will double interpret its unique taste and ability to appreciate the good things in life, and move towards new The stages of evolution.

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