Flying’ Every Journey Breitling Shanghai Flagship Store Grand Opening 耀 动 申城

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The cold and resolute fighter is set against the ever-changing situation, the tough and handsome elite pilots are wise without losing humor, the seductive Breitling girl is curvy, the mouth is smiling, the precision and extraordinary chronograph watch is dazzling, and What could ignite Shen Cheng’s fiery passion this summer than Breitling?

 As a pioneer of modern chronograph watches and a Swiss top independent watch brand ‘officially designated supplier of the world aviation industry’, Breitling celebrates the grand opening of its first flagship store in Shanghai-Nanjing West Road flagship store. The cool fighter model flew to Shanghai, and hosted the Breitling Flying Carnival Party and the Breitling Jet Team private meeting, setting off an unparalleled Breitling frenzy in the charming Shencheng, showing the brand’s heritage of the century-old timepiece spirit and flying culture. Watch fans and flying enthusiasts present an exclusive ‘flying’ journey.

Breitling Elite Pilot: Multifaceted Charismatic Man

 They are the combatants of the sky, they are the masters of time, they are the elite pilots of Breitling’s star-studded stars! A dazzling background (mostly from the French Air Force), superb flying skills, a tall figure, coupled with a friendly attitude and funny talk, there is always a flying whirlwind wherever you go.

 Professional men are attractive! Breitling pilots are flight professional households with thousands or even tens of thousands of flying hours. Looking at their standing position, they know that the strength is not ordinary. The focused men are charming! Breitling pilots not only focus on flying, they are even serious about answering media questions
 Breitling pilots visit the Breitling flagship store in Shanghai to add handsomeness to this modern and stylish timepiece hall. Breitling pilots will not be short of fans everywhere, and we will share them at the meeting with Chinese flying enthusiasts and watch fans. Soaring blue sky passion moment

 We are meticulous and focused when we fly a fighter jet, but seriousness is just my job. If you are careful enough, you will find that humor is also the specialty of Breitling pilots. The signatures are also cute and eclectic. Breitling Jet team members are on the same stage with the hot and sexy Flying Baby. Calm and calm, who made us see the world

Breitling Flying Party: Music Stops, Carnival Ends

 The thicker the night, the more the carnival factor is about to move. The hot dance show, special spirits, dazzling DJ, interactive games, all surprises are at Breitling’s elaborate flying carnival party for you. Rigor is Breitling’s attitude towards watchmaking, and enjoyment is the gift of life to people. Work hard! Play hard!

Tired of work clothes? Tired of working makeup? Put aside, take the Breitling Flight and set off to find your true self

 Only by passing through the ‘security check’ of flight attendants and drinking this welcome drink can you enter the flying carnival party that Breitling has carefully crafted for you. are you ready?

Breitling Precision Timepieces: The latest limited edition watch is specially presented for the grand opening of the flagship store

 The arrival of a number of Breitling’s latest special limited edition watches also adds a lot to the opening of Breitling’s flagship store on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. ‘Creating only the most precise timepieces’ is the eternal pursuit of Breitling.

 A winged blue sky, a dive into the deep ocean, the same charming blue, different passion challenges

Left: Breitling Aviation Chronograph 60th Anniversary Limited Edition (Navitimer Blue Sky 60th Anniversary Limited)
Right: Breitling Superocean 42 Watch Pure Blue Limited Edition (Superocean 42 Blue Limited)

The real pilot’s timepiece is Chronomat, the ultimate chronograph derived from the official watch of the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic team.
It’s Breitling!

Left: Chronomat 44 Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition Breitling Ultimate Chronograph
Right: Breitling Aviation Chronograph 01 Watch Silver Dial Limited Edition (Navitimer 01 Limited)

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