Famouran 29th Wphh High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition Held In Geneva

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The 29th World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH) will be held at the brand’s Watchland headquarters in Genthod, Geneva, Switzerland from January 13-18 this year. Each year, Franck Mulan invites global media representatives and watch enthusiasts to take the lead in appreciating the brand’s new works of the year, and presents the brand’s masterful design and superb craftsmanship. FRANCK MULLER has made the popular classic complication sweeping, and launched the following series:

RANFRANCK MULLER implements the brand’s bold style and playful design, and launches a new Remember series, which gives a new concept of time and adds interest to those who pursue a taste of life.

At first glance, Remember’s dial is adorned with traditional Arabic numerals, which looks like FRANCKMULLER’s iconic watch. But if you look closely, you will find that Remember uses a new way to display the time, and the hour, minute, and second hands rotate in a counterclockwise direction, breaking the norm. This completely different watch is like a wonderful ability to reversible time and space, leading us into the world of retrogression.

FRANCKMULLER adheres to bold creativity and sophisticated craftsmanship, and achieves beautiful masterpieces. Among them, the hour hand of FRANCKMULLER’s legendary CrazyHours watch will jump to the next correct digital time scale every 60 minutes. After the CrazyHours series, the extraordinary Remember series bursts with magical and precious memory power, which seems to extend the wonderful moments indefinitely, fascinating watch lovers.

18 Available in 18k rose gold, white gold, and stainless steel, it is elegant and elegant, allowing lovers of high-end watches to show their unique style in the inherent timing and to enjoy every minute and every second carefully.

RANFRANCK MULLER launched last year Skafander, the first barrel-shaped diving watch. Since the traditional circular rotating bezel is not applicable, the brand has designed a unique button and locking system to quickly and accurately set the rotating inner bezel as a 60-minute dive timer.

At WPHH 2019, FRANCK MULLER further enhanced the design of Skafander and integrated the second timing function. The new Skafander Chronograph is equipped with 4 touch buttons and a locking device, which better meets the needs of divers.

The watch has two buttons at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock, and the inner bezel can be adjusted forward by 1 minute or 5 minutes in the counterclockwise direction. After alignment, press the safety lock at 9 o’clock to prevent accidental button touching. On the other side of the case, there are 2 common timing buttons that make the barrel-shaped diving case more perfect and smooth. A button made of titanium to start the 30-minute chronograph as an auxiliary timer.

The watch design is inspired by the Romanian Skafander wetsuit. The Skafander full pressure protection set was introduced in the 1930s, and it is specially designed for deep sea exploration by navy divers. Years later, the designer modified the Skafander wetsuit into a space suit, and its original function remains unchanged.

As the Skafander wetsuit evolved into a space suit, the Skafander Chronograph has also changed, replacing the common round case with a classic barrel-shaped case. This innovative design helps to adjust the diving bezel and the highly clear chronograph. The new design of the watch is completely different from the general circular diving timepiece, and equipped with a push-button adjustment system that can advance the inner bezel, unprecedented. The wearer does not need to wear a pressure wetsuit to explore the underwater world in a stylish manner through an excellent setting system.

The Vanguard series presents the new Vanguard Lady Skeleton. Its exquisite hollow design is beautiful and elegant, which meets the perfect pursuit of elegant ladies for watches.

GuardVanguard Lady Skeleton The skeleton design of the hollow dial is exquisitely crafted. It consists of 156 parts, each of which has been carefully polished to bring out the charming and complex movement structure. The decoration of the movement and the bridge is manually polished, and the processes include polishing, chamfering and satin and pearl dots.

Vanguard Lady Skeleton perfectly combines mechanical and extreme aesthetics, and its detailed dial layout shows the beauty of structure. If you look closely, you will find that the carved movement and bridge are cleverly fixed on both sides of the Vanguard case, while the hour hand is decorated with Super Luminova, as if suspended on a tempting hollow dial. Show the unique beauty of the hollow structure.

Vanguard Lady Skeleton is full of elegance and elegance, designed for ladies who love fine craftsmanship. Equipped with 18K rose gold, white gold and stainless steel case, the white inner bezel and the same color alligator rubber strap and crown mutually complement each other, with a 4-day power reserve, so that every moment will bloom charming female charm

The Vanguard series is a major feature of FRANCK MULLER’s works. This year, it is even more masculine. The new Vanguard Racing is introduced, which blends racing details with detailed metal curves.

Guard Vanguard Racing features a refined curved caseback and a 45mm Vanguard barrel-shaped case in stainless steel or rose gold. Looking closely at the dial, the three-dimensional digital hour markers and inner bezel make the dial more distinct and attract the attention of the wearer. The stick-shaped time scales resemble the starting line of Formula One, replacing the brand’s traditional Arabic numeral time scales. In addition, Vanguard Racing is equipped with a prominent crown guard. The 9 o’clock position is combined with a phase-contrast mirror design, which highlights a different style.

Many racers are also looking forward to wearing breathable leather racing gloves before the competition. However, this Vanguard Racing watch also comes with a comfortable black rubber alligator strap with perforated calfskin surface, two rows of stitching and The dial’s theme colors complement each other, and its double folding clasp keeps the watch firmly on the wrist. Vanguard Racing is full of antique racing style, making people feel like being on the racing track.

In addition, the two buildings of the Watchland headquarters have been completed, and the manufacturing process of the components in Meyrin will be concentrated in the same watch factory.

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