Eternal Power Shining In The Eternity

Swiss watch master George Faber Jacques renamed his movement and clock under the starry inspiration of the word ZENITH (Zhenith), which means the highest point in the universe. The workshop, to this day, Zenith has a history of more than 140 years, and the brilliant marks left behind include 1565 awards and more than 50 high-quality mechanical movements. In 1999, Zenith was acquired by the LVMH Group. With its strong watchmaking capabilities, Zenith took a day in the highly competitive high-end watch market and won the love and respect of watch lovers around the world.

On January 8, 2008, Zenith Watch’s Shanghai flagship store was unveiled at the Hang Lung Plaza Watch and Jewellery Gallery. Zenith Global CEO Thierry NATAF came to the scene to applaud. As the global CEO and creative director of this rare treasure, he has been Committed to ‘Bring Zenith to the Peak’. Communicating with Mr. Thierry NATAF is like listening to a business leader describing a grand blueprint, as well as discussing the value of time, the meaning of life, and the eternal truth with an artist. The two-in-one role has on him The perfect interpretation is just like yin and yang. The surfaces deviate from each other, but the perfect combination can bring out the ultimate effect.
In 2001, when you entered Zenith, you adjusted your company’s positioning to focus on creating a world-class watch brand. How did you strengthen this positioning?
Our vision is ‘to push Zenith to the top’. We have technology, craftsmanship, and attention to the beauty of watches. We create watches with style, timeless, traditional and modern. The happy classic series is a very simple and modern style with an 8-character shape, which is a lucky number that almost everyone in China and the world likes. We also launch men’s and women’s watches to meet the needs of different customers. The success of a brand needs to be combined with the development of the international market. Zenith sells in more than 55 countries. We now have 25 sales points in China, and there will be more sales points in the future. In addition, we pay attention to the right place and the right people, and pay attention to investing in the future. We have a great team. One person’s contribution is limited, but if we work together, we can contribute a lot.
We noticed that Zenith only entered China in March 2005. This time, you once again travelled thousands of miles to applaud the opening of Zenith’s second store in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza. What will happen in the Chinese market?
发展 To develop in the Chinese market, we must first attract customers. Zenith will open more sales points to allow customers to intuitively experience the design and aesthetics of Zenith watches. China’s high-end watch market is divided into two parts, one end is traditional and classic, 2/3 market is the same, in this part of the market we have Haute Horlogerie, happy classic series and flagship series. The market at the other end is very modern, and we have launched a challenge series to meet the needs of this market. Zenith’s women’s watch design caters to some women’s desires. Women in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other places like the QUEEN OF LOVE series with fashion elements, and the BABY DOLL star series. I will come to China again in September. Ms. Wan Beibei is the brand manager of Zenith in China. I often tell her to eat vitamins every day because we have a lot of things to be busy. By the end of 2009, China’s Zenith will rank in the first group and become the same market as the United States and Japan.

注意到 We noticed that you are both the CEO of Zenith and the creative director of the Zenith brand. How do you define the positioning of these two roles? Do you find it difficult to focus your work and time?
Two in one is an advantage. To run an international enterprise, you must be rational. Business is a rational thinking process, while creativity is a perceptual process. In terms of creativity, we have a complete watch design room. Engineers and I cooperate in creative design. Yang’s relationship can reach the extreme when well coordinated. At Zenith, I was both CEO and creative director, but this is not the first time I have such a dual role positioning. In the past, I played a dual role in the electronics industry and the luggage industry. I was both a commercial and an artist. It is impossible for a person to experience everything in life, but I try as much as possible, just like a decathlon, hoping that my life can shine more.
哪些 What new initiatives will Zenith have at this year’s Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland? What is your biggest wish in 2008?
I hope to prepare this exhibition with secret military training. From the perspective of this year, there will be several themes. There are very precise movements and designs in the Happy Classics series. To express simplicity is a more refined concept, which we call returning to classics. The world appreciates classics, which is why I respect them. There will be revolutionary designs in the Challenge series, and more ideas and activities will be launched. I especially like the number 8. The next time the Zenith dial appears ‘8’ is 2018, so in 2008, we must seize this opportunity. I like Chinese culture. At the same time, I am Italian. For Venetians among Italians, 8 is also a lucky number. In 2008, the Year of the Rat, Zenith became ZENITH, reached the top of the sky, and let the shining star bring us luck. I hope everyone is lucky, have joy, love, and wish come true.

As a professional in the watch industry, what do you think about time? How do you realize its value?
Time is the most basic element of life, time is life, and life is time. I fully believe that time is the most precious civilization value of mankind. Every second I can reflect the value of time is correct and positive. For me, time is love, friend, success, time to help you, even if you are in a very sad situation. A poet once said that sorrow flies away from the wings of time, in other words time can help you heal. To make friends with time, time is like a dragon. Whether we ride on the dragon or ride by the dragon.

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