Earl Launched Sihh 2016 Emperador Coussin Xl 700p Watch

At the 2016 SIHH 2016 Geneva, Piaget will present a new creation to the public, the Emperador Coussin XL 700P watch. In 1976, Piaget introduced the smallest 7P quartz movement at the time, this commemorative watch is the 40th anniversary celebration.
   In addition to using the brand’s iconic design, this watch successfully combines mechanical movement and quartz technology to achieve extraordinary technical feats, which is impressive. In the watchmaking industry, mechanical movements and quartz technology often refer to different modes of operation between independent watches. Today, the precise and reliable electronic speed control and the iconic inverted mechanical movement are perfectly integrated for the first time at Piaget.

   The mechanical movement is designed upside down, giving us the opportunity to appreciate the main functional components of the timepiece from the dial side. The pendulum and the eccentric generator form the ‘8’ shape, which is both a lucky number and a symbol of infinity. An eccentric hour and minute hand is located at the lower right, which smoothly passes over the radial tapered hour markers. This watch took two years to develop and was equipped with an ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement equipped with an electronic speed control device, including a high-frequency quartz oscillation generator (32,768 Hz) to control the operation of the generator and gear train speed. The new movement is highly diamagnetic and not easily affected by gravity, ensuring higher accuracy.

   The watch belongs to the Piaget Black Tie series. The pillow case is made of white gold with a diameter of 46.5 mm and a gold-colored black ADLC-coated round bezel. Through the open dial, you can enjoy the pleasure of admiring the pincushion movement. The movement is equipped with a self-winding pearl tourbillon, engraved with engraved patterns, and decorated with the Piaget emblem. Exquisite satin-finished running wheels, silver-toned screws, sunburst-decorated bridges are chamfered and cut out to create a more transparent appearance. Piaget’s unique aesthetic and workshop genes are combined, and this anniversary watch that blends tradition and innovation will be limited to 118 pieces.

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