Diving In Midsummer: Not To Say To The Bottom Of The Sea

Hermès Clipper 39mm Automatic Winding Watch
    Hermès Clipper 39mm automatic watch: adopts ETA2892 self-winding chronograph movement, diameter 39mm, stainless steel case, charcoal dial, matte brown alligator leather strap, 50m water resistance. Founded in 1981, Hermès CLIPPER series. Name From a barque. From the appearance of the watch, we can see the difference between this watch and the general Hermes watch. More sporty and tough casing, simple and bright dial and reading design, Yingwu’s sword-shaped hands, although on the porthole-shaped watch outer ring, those exposed circular decorative rivets can still make people think of the ‘most Hermes’ horse. Elements, but the overall feel of the watch is very different from the past, full of art and gorgeous Hermes watches. Although compared with ordinary diving watches, CLIPPER still resembles a modest gentleman, but this kind of elegant sports style is enough to move many people’s hearts.

    Whenever we want to buy a new watch for ourselves in this hot and difficult time, the first thing to think about is the diving watch. And on the Internet or in a variety of newspapers and magazines, at this time, articles recommending diving watches also seem to be particularly numerous. But for most people today, wearing a diving watch does not mean that they must wear it to go to the bottom of the sea to make intimate contact with fish. Even more diving enthusiasts are more inclined to use some powerful electronic devices. Watches, to deal with the complicated situation on the sea floor. ‘Diving’ is more often a division of this watch style with strong sports style. Most people are more concerned about the appearance of diving watches than they are about the requirements of diving functions. Especially now that people are more and more advocating for a free life, and the desire to express themselves is becoming more and more strong. The dynamic and large dial of the diving watch, the broad shoulders and the powerful strap, this masculine watch is just right. In line with today’s fashion trends.

    Of course, due to the good waterproof performance of the diving watch itself, in such a summer that is difficult to be separated from the water, we wear a slightly casual, sporty watch, and join various water sports, naturally it is also A great choice. However, as often reminded in our magazines, how many meters of water resistance are marked on general watches is only a certification based on the ISO2281 international standard. For example, the data parameters of general dress watches will have an indicator of water resistance of 30 meters, but in fact, the water resistance of these watches can only meet the waterproof requirements for rain, splashing water, etc. in life, and must not be worn when launching. Even for simple water sports, we should choose a watch that is at least 100 meters waterproof. However, fish and bear’s paw can’t have both. In another aspect, watches with better water resistance, in order to ensure their excellent performance, their cases will be relatively thick, and the decorative and functional elements on the dial will be corresponding. Shrinking, then for those who are looking for the beauty of the watch, this type of watch is not very satisfactory. Therefore, if you want to choose a watch from a variety of styles and different waterproof performance that meets your requirements, you also need a very rigorous selection process.

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