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Couple watches are usually composed of two similar men and women watches in the same series, inspired by the trend among modern young people. They are often worn as love tokens between couples. When a couple wears it, it is very good from the appearance effect to the inner feelings of the couples! Wearing couple watches has also become a trend and spread among young people. But many friends who do n’t know the watch very well do n’t know what brand of couple watch is good. Today the watch home will tell you!
Couple watches are very popular watches among young people now, there is no fixed style. This watch has no fixed style. But often men’s and women’s models are similar, reflecting the expression of love among young people! At present, there are also many brands producing couple watches. The following watch homes will introduce some of them by grade:

卡 ‘CASIO’ always pays attention to every consumer and strives to achieve the goal of ‘personal multimedia’. Casio is one of Japan’s three well-known watch brands and has been known for many years for its truly versatile G-SHOCK watches.
And in the design and manufacture of fashion watches, Casio also has very rich experience. Not only exquisite style, but also durable. Extremely affordable prices, especially suitable for students.
2.Swatch SWATCH

As a model of Swiss watches, Biswatch has the youthful power in world watches. With its fashionable and colorful colors, lively design and subversion of traditional style, Swatch watches are ticking forward with the rhythm of modern life. Prior to Swatch, no popular brand has achieved such an achievement: in a very short period of time, it has occupied the hearts of global enthusiasts and has maintained its standing; in addition to maintaining its existing territory, it has also continued to develop in other areas .
The reason why Swatch is successful is not a secret: Swatch is not just a timepiece. Swatch brand is positioned in fashion, sports, music, art … Create with passion.
3.Tissot TISSOT

The Tissot brand was founded in 1853 and joined the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor in 1983. Since its inception, we have been developing innovative products that can surprise our customers. The market retail price is around 1,000 to 10,000 yuan. It has seven series of sports, classic, classic nostalgia, fashion, high technology, pocket watches and gold watches. More than 150 years of history, the Tissot brand is now sold in more than 150 countries on five continents.

Founded in 1832 in Soymia, Switzerland, Longines has repeatedly broken the world’s watchmaking technology and is proud of its peers, while still embodying its elegant style.
Time passes minute by minute, but love is deeply entrenched. The moment of holding the hand is only one second, but from this second, the pointer dialed between the wrists connects the pulses of love, recording the love Bit by bit. And Longines has a variety of pairs of watches, allowing time to inscribe the minutes and seconds of love in the most accurate and elegant form.

Rolex’s popularity and popularity in China is far beyond the top watch brand Patek Philippe. In the minds of the people, Rolex has always been a superior symbol of performance and honor. Even more, ‘Once you have nothing else’ reputation!
Rolex is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with 28 branches worldwide. Through more than 4,000 watchmakers in more than 100 countries, Rolex continues its long history of achievement and innovation.
6, Cartier CARTIER

Cartier is a top French watch and jewellery manufacturer, in Rue Montorgueil, Paris in 1847
Founded on the 31st. Now a subsidiary of Richemont Group. Cartier’s watch products combine the fineness of French jewelry with the quality of Swiss watches, both beautiful and practical. Cartier also has many couple watches, such as tank series, blue balloon series, key series and so on. For couples to choose!

Breguet couple watches are always filled with timeless simplicity. Its inspiration is inspired by the design style of Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet. With elegant lines, accurate time and clear display, it has become the perfect system A model of table technology.

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