Corum And Its Latin American Partners Meet In Mexico City

Taking advantage of SIAR-Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria Alta California International Salon-Opportunity to be held in Mexico City, Corum Kunlun organized a meeting the day before the Salon Show, making it the most popular in Latin America. Important retailers come together.
On Monday, October 3rd, Corum Kunlun held a special meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City, with more than 40 guests attending.
Constantly consolidating its global distribution network, the brand aims to strengthen its visibility and benefit from the huge growth potential of the Mexican and Latin American markets.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Antonio Calce-CEO of Corum Corum-announced for the first time that it would expand cooperation with the brand’s Temposatis agent in Latin America and Mexico, demonstrating the brand’s desire to consolidate Corum Corum’s long-term position in the region.
The strong partnership with Temposatis enables Corum to rely on this trusted partner. What follows is a report on brand strategy and an introduction to Corum’s global sponsorship program-a partnership with the 34th America’s Cup Challenger Energy Team.

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