Complex Function Table Of Patek Philippe

Recommending Patek Philippe’s complicated function table requires a lot of courage, not because it is unclear, but because it is not enough to say enough. For example, this Patek Philippe 5951P is the most complicated one of Patek Philippe’s N timepieces this year.
Where is the complexity? Those who know it will say that this watch is the thinnest perpetual calendar single push-button chronograph in the world, even if the perpetual calendar module is removed, it is still the thinnest. As far as ordinary people are concerned, as long as they can count. The 5951P has 7 hands and 5 windows, including three hours, minutes, seconds, three chronograph hands, and a full moon phase and perpetual calendar display.
According to my experience, distinguishing Patek Philippe watches must look at its hands. Except that the two hands of the 5951P are steel hands, the other hands are white gold, rendered in black, white, and red. Just punching such a beautiful needle is worth buying one. I also have experience that when I don’t know what watch to buy, I can’t go wrong buying any Patek Philippe. When you don’t know which Patek Philippe to buy, buy its hand-winding chronograph. Of course, it is best to use a double-tracking chronograph. Anyway, when you order the goods, you have to line up, so you don’t have to pick them very carefully, because you may buy some individual ones when you are tired.

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