Cartier Men’s Fine Jewelry Watch Introduction

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Blue Balloon Floating Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch
Containing Cartier’s unique understanding of the concept of time, the blue balloon floating tourbillon haute jewellery watch gloriously carries the 9452MC type movement that has won the “Imprint of Geneva”. This free-floating tourbillon rotates once every 60 seconds to get rid of the bondage of the tourbillon bridge and become a representative work of Cartier watch art. When the watch is placed in the backlight position, through the frame of the free-floating floating tourbillon, you can have a panoramic view of the watch’s internal structure. The Cartier Blue Balloon Floating Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch, which also adopts the pillow-type diamond cutting process, fully reflects the creative inspiration and elegant and luxurious modern gentleman temperament, and depicts the urban noble life with artist style.

Pasha de Cartier 42mm High jewelry watch
Cartier, who combines the poet’s romantic feelings and the jewellery master’s exquisite craftsmanship, once again launched a high-end jewelry watch with a cheetah pattern. This new masterpiece of art combines the essence of traditional watchmaking with jewellery creativity. The black agate and diamonds are arranged in a staggered manner. The serene and majestic cheetah is vivid and vivid on the dial, and the two eyes with their tourmaline decoration show their infatuation and fascination with time. The round Pasha high jewelry watch decorated with cheetah motifs shows the graceful and luxurious style of the king, with countless dazzling diamonds inlaid in it, adding a little elegance and calmness to this style. In addition, the unique transparent case back reveals every movement of the watch’s internal mechanical structure, and the heart of the watch loves to beat with the rotation of the gears.

Santos Triple 100 High jewelry watch
Delicate and exquisite design, ingenious design, Santos Triple 100 continues Cartier’s consistent innovative spirit, with a new breakthrough vision of the three-sided watch, makes the wearer extraordinary, beyond the crowd. This watch is Cartier’s first rotatable three-sided dial with a skeleton movement. Just turn the crown slightly, and the hidden mystery will be revealed. A watch can show three different dials, one is the classic Roman numeral dial, the other is set with diamonds and black sapphire, while the black Cartier Double & Cquo; Logo; this is just like a charming male with different sides, The tenderness of love is like water, on the one hand, it is resolute and decisive to challenges, and on the other hand, it is positive optimism about life. This watch is completely pavé diamonds, showing its stunning beauty in exquisite patterns.

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