Carl F. Bucherer The Shining Aura Of The Light Mature Woman

Since 1888, the founder of Bucherer Karl. In the vision of Carl F. Bucherer, Carl F. Bucherer opened a mythical starting point for Swiss luxury watches and Swiss jewellery craftsmanship in the form of a jewelry watch complex in Lucerne, Switzerland. In the founder family of Bucherer, the insistence on precision watchmaking and the unique design charm of luxury jewelry gradually gained popularity and favor among the Swiss consumers. The sales of the founding store of the Bucherer brand was created, and the cornerstone of the corporate and global operation of the Bucherer brand was laid.
 At the Basel Clock & Watch Fair, Bao Qilai unveiled a new series and the world’s exclusive laser projection nano-engraving anti-counterfeiting technology, which has won countless stunning and applauds from all walks of life. At the same time, Taiwan Bao Qilai was honored to hold Bao Qi Lacquer Alacria series and classic antique watch tour exhibition, let the Taiwanese consumers immerse in the watchmaking craftsmanship spirit of Bucherer, which swept across Europe in the last century, and feel the unique feminine charm of the new Bucherer products.

Shining feminine charm
 After Lin Lizheng joined Yilin’s supermodel at the beginning of this year, under the shape of Yilin, she transformed into a superbly stylish fashion coffee. Earlier this year, in the TV series ‘After the Halo’, Lin Liyi performed a shrewd and capable ace agent, allowing many audiences to feel that Lin Liyi has turned from a green female student to a refined and light mature woman. Therefore, she has been regarded as a brand image by a well-known Swiss watch brand ambassador. Lin Lixuan, who attended the launch event of a well-known watch brand, drew a royal blue sexy little dress, which showed a rare and sexy figure, and perfectly interpreted the moving and elegant design language contained in the watch. She also revealed at the event that In Singapore’s schooling stage, Bucherer enjoyed a high reputation in Singapore. It is the first choice for many high-end female entrepreneurs to wear watches. At the same time when traveling to France last year, they discovered that the brand’s craftsmanship is inseparable from the French royal family The cooperative relationship, I know that the brand was the royal brand of professional jewellery and watches for European nobles in the last century, so that the general manager of the brand was very satisfied with the dedication of Lin Lizhen, and guaranteed that the brand will host the next event. .

Lin Lizheng wears a pair of diamonds from the Taccarat Alacria series.

The image of Lin Liyi’s exquisite light mature woman perfectly reflects the elegant features of Alacria

The Alacria Collection of Aesthetics of Bucherer Lebenger Throughout the Ages
The brothers of the Bucherer Brothers were cultivated by the founders, and their brother Edward. Eduard went to London, England to become a top goldsmith, his brother Ernst. Ernst became the leading professional watchmaker in Switzerland. In 1919, the Boucherer brothers formally took over from the founder, took charge of all the business of the brand, and established their own. Exclusive watch factory. The brothers of the Bucherer inherit the fashion insights and business talents of the founders. In the same year, the brothers of the Bucherer opened the brand’s overseas flagship store in Berlin’s high-end business district “Unter den Linden”. Popular to become a professional watchmaker of the German royal aristocracy, accelerating the popularity of Bucherer watches and top jewelry in Germany’s high elite. And the most recent masterpiece of the European royal aristocracy was snapped up by fashion, using jewellery-grade fine platinum and flawless diamonds to build a new generation of women’s watches. The Alacria series inherits the sophisticated system that the brand has pursued in previous generations. Watch craftsmanship and beauty.

Alacria Delicately inherits the treasures of Qilai generation
Bucherer has always enjoyed a very high market share in the women’s market, due to its bold and unique and timeless feelings from the Bucherer women’s watch collection. The Alacria series inherits the delicate focus created by Bucherer for fashion women, expressing elegance and uniqueness beyond ordinary women’s watches. In the square and circle, it outlines a round and elegant slim waist case, just like Ana’s overflowing perfection. The female actress always releases the charming and proud refraction and gloriousness at all times; she is eternally exuding a sense of fashion and elegance and a timeless classic.

The Alacria TwoTone watch creates a unique two-tone model in stainless steel and 18K rose gold. MSRP NTD $ 228,000

The Bucherer Alacria TwoTone diamond model surrounds the case with 38 diamonds, which attracts everyone’s attention. Suggested selling price NTD $ 368,000-

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