Brad Pitt Sends 39 Million Patek Philippe Watches To Julie

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Hollywood actress Brad Pitt was formally engaged to actress Angelina Jolie in April this year, and made a Patek Philippe for $ 390,000. (Patek Philippe) High-grade female watch, as a wedding gift to fiancee.
     This Patek Philippe premium women’s watch bought by Brad Pitt is not only very expensive, but it usually takes two years to pick up. It is reported that the body of this Patek Philippe watch is made of gold and the dial is composed of mother of pearl, which took a total of two months to complete. In addition, according to Patek Philippe’s regulations, each watch must be shipped to Patek Philippe’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and thoroughly tested by members of the company’s Stern family before being delivered to customers.
    According to people familiar with the matter, Brad Pitt decided to buy a magic watch after meeting the Stern family in Basel. He wanted to give Julie an unparalleled unique gift, not only rare in the world, but also like a work of art. Brad’s watch is made by hand, which can imitate the clock of the Big Ben in England.

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