Beautiful And Bvlgari Divas’dream Peacock Hollow Tourbillon Watch

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Bvlgari Women’s Watch has always been creative and beautiful. In addition to the profound heritage of jewellery brands, brands always inevitably add elements of gemstone technology to make other women’s eyes attractive when making women’s watches. However, if they only make women’s watches, in fact, there are many competitors on the market. The key to truly making Bvlgari Women’s Watches stand out is the rich and varied design theme, and the brand itself is not just pursuing external beauty-it also dares to apply some complex functions to women’s watches to show women who don’t want to frown. force.

For example, the Divas’ Dream series to be introduced this time is a representative of this kind of beauty. Of course, this series basically uses the basic functions of the two stitches as the bulk, and the design is from simple to flowery, but one As mentioned above, in addition to the two-needle works, this series also has advanced functions such as retrograde + jumping or direct tourbillon. It is included in the new Divas’ Dream 2017 new product, in a peacock-themed Under the sub-series, there is a tourbillon style, which can be said to have made a wonderful demonstration for the top female watch.

The peacock is a focus of the 2017 Divas’Dream series. Bulgari draws inspiration from the Caracalla baths and Roman mythology, and uses the positive power it symbolizes to integrate into the watch to become an eye-catching theme.

Feature one: why is a peacock?
The theme of the peacock is not surprising for Bulgari’s creative ideas, but the question is why do you choose a peacock? On the one hand, this is related to the brand’s Italian descent. On the floor around the ancient Caracalla baths in Rome, there is a classic fan-shaped mosaic pattern. It is one of the inspirations for the brand’s creation. Such a fan-shaped pattern is very natural. It is associated with peacock feathers, so this can be linked to Roman mythology, the favorite animal of the god God Jupiter’s wife (that is, peacock). Since the peacock has the symbolic meaning of immortality and wealth, it can be used in addition to beauty. It is said to be a collection of positive energy, so it inspired Bulgari to publish three peacock-themed works in the Divas’ Dream series in 2017. In addition to the protagonist skeleton tourbillon watch, there are also two models equipped with BVL The three-hand automatic watch of the 191 movement, these two models are roughly the same. The difference is that the material is white gold and rose gold, and then the amethyst or mother-of-pearl face plate is used to distinguish the background from the night or day. .

In addition to the tourbillon showing the height of the watchmaking process, the faceplate also has a hand-drawn peacock pattern and a carefully designed hollowing effect, which is full of visually appealing elements

Feature 2: Not just the tourbillon + peacock pattern
When it comes to the Peacock skeleton tourbillon watch itself, it is also a precious metal case with diamonds on the bezel and lugs as embellishments. The tourbillon at six o’clock on the faceplate is the three hands mentioned above. The biggest difference is that the tourbillon holds the colorful hand-painted peacock pattern on the upper plate. It is reasonable to say that these are two trump cards with enough eye-catching power, but the self-confidence and guts of Bvlgari watch are further manifested The movement is hollowed out-and it is not ordinary hollowing out, but the plate of the movement is carved into a graphic decoration (like flowers and sparks), and the center is also set with diamonds, and it is temporarily faced In addition to the short version of the hour and minute sword, because of too many things, I really do not know where to start. From this, it also shows the brand’s comprehensive attitude to watchmaking.

The BVL 208 skeleton movement maintains its plate design. Although it is a pity that some changes have not been made in accordance with the peacock theme, the original modification and polishing of the movement and the intimate dynamic storage display have long been of good standard.

Feature three: relatively gorgeous movement decoration
The transparent bottom cover reveals the whole picture of the BVL 208 movement. The application of this movement has also been seen in other works of the brand. The arrangement and decoration of each plate are generally completely preserved. For example, there will be The engraving of engraving and engraving presents the level difference between the bright side and the matte side. At the same time, the transparent 1 to 2 points set the power reserve display of the value of the opponent’s winding watch. The space is 64 hours, which is not particularly ample data for the configuration of complex function levels, but thanks to the intimate reminder displayed by the mobile storage, so that the wearer will not be absorbed in the beautiful picture of the faceplate. When the watch is temporarily taken off, the crescent scale can clearly reveal whether it is time for the watch to be wound; due to its advanced functions and complicated decoration processes, the watch is expected to be issued in a limited amount, which can be on the back of the watch. Seeing its limited number, no more than 50 people can own it worldwide.

Divas’Dream Peacock skeleton tourbillon watch

18K rose gold material / BVL 208 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / case back power reserve display / hand-painted peacock hollow face plate / bezel and 76 lug diamonds, weighing approximately 1.76 carats / sapphire Crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / limited 50 pieces / reference price: 1,006,000RMB

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