Be A Man With A Connotation, Choose A Watch With A Story Behind It

& ldquo; Do you have high requirements for underwear? & rdquo;
Sometimes the hidden details behind him can actually represent this person more realistically. A person who can give a positive answer does not necessarily mean how affluent life is, but the pursuit of a quality life in his heart. In fact, watches are also a truth. Gold watches, diamonds, tourbillons, and even moon phases really make people around them look envious, so it seems that the effort on the back of the watch makes it meaningless. But this is actually a story of cold and warm self-knowledge. First of all, you have to look at your interests, and secondly, the connotations and tastes that are inadvertently revealed, although there are not many opportunities, can be more effective.
The transparent bottom cover can best express the beauty of machinery
The back-to-back watch is actually very simple. It is nothing more than replacing the back of the case with transparent glass, but its appearance makes the mechanical watch no longer just internal beauty. If you want, you can see the complicated ones by removing it. Mechanical structure, see the rotation of the gears, and those gorgeous gems. In addition, it is also a good opportunity to show the quality of the watch. If you dare to expose it, it must be a masterpiece with meticulous workmanship and polishing.

Breguet REF. 7639BB
The Breguet watch seen above is definitely a model of a luxury watch. You can see its gorgeous coat from the front. The gems are added around the body to show luxury. In fact, its case back is also Hidden mystery, in addition to seeing the internal structure, you can also find that the designer has also added a richer content to them. Those who play musical instruments give this watch more spirituality.

Breguet REF. 7639BB
Of course, the example of back-to-back is not limited to this extreme watch. Even thousands of products can find the back-to-back figure. For brands like NOMOS, you can also choose whether to require back-to-back. Of course, the price is It’s about 15-20% more expensive.

Simple back watch style
背面 Back of the table filled with painting patterns
In addition to expressing the beauty of this machine, the back of the watch can also be used to reflect its artistic beauty. The most representative are those alternative Spring Palace watches. This kind of erotic related art is still not suitable for fanfare in life, and the back of the watch is an excellent location.

Blancpain Three Questions Spring Palace Table
This watch of Blancpain is weak. It is difficult to imagine the picture hidden behind you when you see the front. Such a watch is too suitable for those who wear underwear with a deep appearance. Back to the original topic, this choice is actually very easy to understand. Under normal outerwear, he has a heart that desires leopard print, lace, and erotic underwear.
插 One more thing here, if you are going to give a watch to a female companion, then this type of watch is actually quite suitable. Of course, it is not to choose this erotic style, which may mess things up, but the watch with a colorful background pattern on the body will surely win her heart, just like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso jewelry watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
Back can also be a place to commemorate

The decoration on the caseback is a favorite of some commemorative models, the most characteristic of which is the Da Vinci series of IWC. The Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Gertz Limited Special Edition watch is launched in tribute to Gertz. The lower right corner of the dial is also signed by Gertz, and the caseback is engraved with a portrait of the designer. However, I believe that this kind of back is more the inner monologue of the watch factory, and it is not as closely related to consumers as the next way we are going to say.

Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Getty Limited Edition
Caseback is a corner that cross-border cooperation will not ignore
Cross-border cooperation is actually a common occurrence, and watches are no exception. The most personal and most personal cooperation with them is the car. Many watch manufacturers will collaborate with high-end automotive brands to launch limited edition models. In order to incorporate more automotive elements into the watch, they will naturally not forget any small corners, and the case back is most likely to be used as the hub location. . BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, etc., you can find them on the watch.

Breitling Bentley 6.75 chronograph
After the large wheel pattern on the back and back cover, you will find that its temperament has changed suddenly. On this Breitling Bentley chronograph, do you see the original flight watch style of Breitling and also appreciate the elegant temperament of Bentley? The larger design of the back wheel case actually means that people are fully integrated into the aura brought by watches and cars.
The case back is also another window for complex models
Complex watches need more positions to show its capabilities, perpetual calendar, multi-time zone timing, moon phases, three questions, tourbillon. If you don’t want to give up, and there is really no such solution on the surface Method? That’s right, the case back is easy to think of. Although it is not so convenient to use, there is a fundamental difference between the presence and absence.

Patek Philippe 5002
Patek Philippe brings together all the outstanding complex functions of the watchmaking industry: perpetual calendar, minute repeater, tourbillon, stellar time, night sky map reflecting the movement of stars, the lunar trajectory, and the moon phase profit and loss. You see it like this.
Anyway, the careful design of these watchbacks is more about pursuing a kind of self-enjoyment, and has nothing to do with the people or things around them. This is a little world of your own, a little story of your own.

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