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June 2021

2015 Basel Watch Fair On The First Day Of Key Watch Try-on Experience

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At 9:00 am on March 19th, Swiss time, the highly anticipated 2015 Basel Watch Fair officially opened. In order to meet everyone’s enthusiastic expectations for the latest watch, the front of the watch home On the first day of the development, the reporting team conducted a comprehensive understanding and try-on experience of new watches from watch brands with a high degree of attention. Below we will take stock of the key models of these brands.
Patek Philippe

   5524 soft leather strap and lugs fit very high, even if your wrist is very thin, the lugs will never protrude when worn, and comfort is definitely beyond 5205 and 5130.
   The two buttons on the left side of the case are intimately rotated to prevent the possibility of misoperation. Every detail of the hands, scales, and dials is very rich in texture. You can’t find any inherently rough sense of the pilot’s watch. The domineering body contains the extremely polished 324 S C FUS movement, which is impeccable.

   You can understand 5370 as the double-track version of 5170. The lugs are just right. The absolute gospel of the wrist is fine. If someone asks you about ordinary timing, it’s beautiful. Why buy a double-track, you just need to turn the watch over. Do nothing.
   It has a dial layout similar to the 5205, which is definitely practical enough to be dignified and concise! It is equipped with the same vertical chronograph movement as the 5960, which is absolutely complicated and shocking! This 5905 combines the two into one and has a deep blue dial. Apart from the price factor, I can’t think of any reason why you can say no to it!

The matte and polishing of the new yacht masterpieces complement each other in the ceramic word circle, which is refreshing, and it is more textured with red gold.

   The new rubber strap is as durable as the metal strap, and the special cushioning device on the inside makes it comfortable to wear like a sports bracelet.

   The precious lady’s pearl ladies watch is as smooth as silk, and the brilliant luster of colored gemstones makes your fragile little heart keep vibrating. In short, you don’t want to pick it up, even though they are all female watches.

   The new Zunba series belongs to the constellation family. This is a watch that makes you feel very secure. The materials are too kind. The observatory badge set on the sapphire bottom will tell you that this is the most accurate Omega.
 This diamond-set white ceramic ‘the dark side of the moon’ is another correct choice for female friends who like big watches.


  Sesame chain, three questions, tourbillon, these three words make up 7087. The special shape of the reed, unique sound film and vertical percussion method make its sound become one hundred thousandth.

  The two balance wheels on the dial control the travel time and timing respectively. The titanium alloy balance wheel on the left starts to operate when the timing is started. Since the Jaeger-LeCoultre dual-power chronograph is called ‘double wings’, this dual-capacity named 7077 Should the chronograph be called ‘double fly’.


This watch is equipped with the latest design characteristic bezel, with a very strong digital scale design, the bridge and the chassis adopt asymmetrical form. The fine frosted finish and NAC coating make it stand out from the Blancpain classic series, while the tourbillon and carrousel frame shapes, combined with the multilayer skeleton movement, create vitality through the layered spatial depth of space dynamic.

   The case of the Octo series with enough corners is very layered, and the ultra-thin is extremely close to the wrist, and the new self-produced ultra-thin movement gives you one more reason to like it.
Glashütte Original

   Practical World Time features the thoughtful addition of standard time and daylight saving time options. The domineering appearance highlights Germany’s pure blood, but it is a bit thick.

Tag Heuer

  Modular case made of different materials; hollowed-out dial; highly layered scale; self-produced 1887 movement; especially the price of only more than 20,000, need to say more? In addition, on the first day, TAG Heuer has reached a strategic cooperation with Google and Intel. Apple, do you think the corner of TAG Heuer is so easy to dig?


   The more colorful colors on the dial and the thinner new automatic movement across the splint make this little fresh brand in Germany more and more cute. In the next few days, we will continue to experience more new models for you, stay tuned! For more details, please click Watch House 2015 Basel Live Show Feature:

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Personnel Changes: Michele Sofisti Announced His Resignation As Ceo Of Gucci Watch & Jewellery Division

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Gucci announced at the end of November 2014 that Mr. Michele Sofisti officially resigned as CEO of Gucci Watches and Jewellery Division due to personal career planning.
   Mr. Michele Sofisti is an expert in the field of high-end watches. He joined Gucci Group Watches as a strategic consultant in 2009. During his tenure, he led Gucci to reorganize its watch product line and market, successfully bringing positive improvements to the watch and jewelry business , And was promoted to CEO of the brand in 2010. With his expertise and the support of the CEOs of Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard, Mr. Michele Sofisti further became the CEO of Sowind Group, which had just joined PPR Group in 2011. In 3 years, he reorganized the positioning of these two brands and their product lines, leading Girard Perregaux to win the 2013 Aiguille d Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. ‘or Grand Prix).
   With the rename of PPR Paris Spring Group as Karing Kering Group and the subsequent organizational restructuring, Mr. Michele Sofisti was removed from the role of CEO of Sowind Group in October this year, and continued to serve as CEO of Gucci Watch and Jewellery. Less than two months after the release of the new personnel case, the news that Mr. Michele Sofisti has decided to leave is shocking.
   Kering Group stated that the replacement of Mr. Michele Sofisti will be announced in the near future, and during this transition period, the vacant positions will be represented by Mr. Patrizio di Marco, global president and CEO of Gucci.

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Analytical Freak Diavolo Rolf Limited Watch Introduction

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Schneider’s dream is: ‘I found a long-awaited strange experience. I found that no Swiss had set foot in it, and even wrote these tours for Switzerland and other publishing houses. & rdquo;
Looking back on the past 75 years of Schneider, it feels like reading an adventure novel. Schneider immediately acknowledged that he once had a good time. He recalled: ‘All the time, the past experience is quite unforgettable, and I haven’t finished it yet. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and like many Swiss boys, play, ski, and learn in this beautiful country; but I have a desire that most people don’t have, to see places outside Switzerland. & rdquo;

The Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 Tourbillon has a power reserve of more than 8 days, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz), an inertia of 8 mg * cm2, and adjustment by 4 screws.It is equipped with a silicon spring with a unique design of the Athens watch. The silicon angle right-angle pallet fork does not require lubrication. The tourbillon rotates once per minute, the running track rotates once every hour, and the manual refining is carried out. The refining mechanism is driven by turning the bottom of the watch. One rotation of the bottom of the watch is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power. Turn the outer ring forward or backward to adjust the time.

In recognition of Schneider’s contribution to the watchmaking industry, in 2003, the International Watch Museum awarded him the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’ award in recognition of his corporate achievements and commitment. Then in 2009, Schneider won the Grand Prix d & rsquo; Horlogerie de Geneve Lifetime Achievement Award in Singapore in Singapore, in recognition of his contribution to watchmaking technology and his dedication to promoting the development of watch innovation. Now, Schneider frequently travels between Switzerland and Malaysia, and when he is not in the business of Lerok, he will stay at his home in Kuala Lumpur, or visit subsidiaries and distributors around the world. Schneider’s wife, Chai, is a Sarawakian from Malaysia. They live in a tropical house with three children.

庆祝 To celebrate Schneider’s 75th birthday and to pay tribute to the achievements of Athens Watch over the years, the brand has decided to launch a platinum limited edition Whispering Dark Lord Limited Watch. The case is specially engraved with Schneider signature to commemorate. This unique ‘Freak’ Freak tourbillon is limited to 75 pieces worldwide. The reason for choosing this model is because ‘Fantasy Freak’ is a symbol of creativity, marking the rebirth of the Athenian watch. As Schneider described, the appearance of ‘Fantastic Freak’ shocked and inspired watchmaking. Combining new watchmaking technology and revolutionary beauty, Freak is a Caruso tourbillon without the design of an hour hand, minute hand, face plate and crown. It is a world-class silicon and a new lightweight material for bidirectional escapement. The device has the advantage of no need for lubrication.
Fantastic Dark Lord Limited Watch Freak Diavolo Rolf 75, platinum case, limited edition of 75 pieces worldwide.

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