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February 2021

Corum Corum Black Ceramic Gold Bridge Watch

Corum Corum’s famous Golden Bridge watch, which combines straight-line transparent art, introduces the black ceramic style for the first time, making its superior and unique structure a more detailed interpretation. The case is made of ceramics, one of the strongest materials. It is made up of a long movement with a complex structure, which shows the subtle chemical effect between the improvement of technology and pure art.

Molding an all-ceramic case requires injecting crystals into the mold at about 980 times the atmospheric pressure, which is a very difficult process. The first challenge in the production process was to ensure that the material was evenly distributed to avoid rough and uneven surfaces, and then placed in an oven and fired at 160 ° C for 30 seconds, making the material with many fine pores still harder. After this process, the ceramic volume will shrink by about one-third to reach the target of 34 × 51 mm size. To do this accurately, you need to fully grasp the firing time, because deviations of a few seconds may cause excessive shrinkage, so that the case is too small to accommodate the movement.
The ceramic Golden Bridge watch injects light aesthetics into the highly precise watch craftsmanship, and the elongated lines of the long movement extend into the elegant barrel-shaped case. This special mechanical structure was first created in 1980, and instantly became a symbol of the Swiss watch industry. Its unique linear structure cleverly meets the requirements of kinetic energy transmission and is definitely a masterpiece in the watch industry. This perfect pure ceramic Golden Bridge watch also sets the crown at 6 o’clock, as if letting its CO 113 manual winding movement stretch out. The watch’s sliding mainspring winding system can avoid affecting the movement due to excessive winding, and the gears and pinions are installed between the main board and the bridge. This clever structure allows the special clutch to adjust the winding and time. More separated. Abandoning the classic scale indication or three-pin one-line design, the watch movement is equipped with a variable inertia balance, which can ensure that the watch remains accurate for a long time. The movement has a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), a power reserve of 40 hours, and two bridges on the bridge to strengthen and strengthen the watch, making it more accurate.

The long movement is placed in a black ceramic case, and the surface, back and sides are made of sapphire crystal glass. 360-degree perspective of the linear movement structure makes people immersed in the charming transparent art. The splint bridge on the upper level is made of 5N 18K red gold and is decorated with a hand-carved Corum logo. It is surrounded by elongated scroll patterns that depict three types of places where the Golden Bridge watch was born. Ferns in the forest of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, are exquisitely handcrafted; the main board made of red gold is also embellished with delicate hand carvings, showing the finest traditional watchmaking techniques. The hollow rod-shaped hands on the movement reveal the watch’s design without surface, which makes the transparency more prominent. The elegant alligator leather strap with black PVD coating pin buckle adds a part to the watch. Elegance.
The Golden Bridge watch, made of ceramics, embodies a light weight, exquisite and clear aesthetics, and presents a fascinating spectacle.

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Lange Lange 1 Big Calendar Watch Introduction

Lange 1 Large Calendar Watch
Ten place plate and unit ring combination
Everyone who has seen this large calendar mechanical watch will be deeply impressed. Lange’s biggest innovation is that it reduces the area of ​​the movement occupied by the large calendar mechanism to a minimum, so that it can be placed in a small size movement. According to the structure diagram of the Lange large calendar, we can see that its structure is not very complicated. The big calendar displays a ten-digit disk shaped like a cross. It has three numbers 1, 2, and 3 printed on it. , And together with another one-digit ring printed with ten digits from 0 to 9 make up the calendar display.
Maybe a friend will ask at this time: ‘How exactly do they complete the process from 1st to 31st of each month and then to the 1st of next month?’ & rdquo; Of course, I will explain to you here first, the big calendar we talked about in this issue is an ordinary calendar display system, and its cyclic transformation can only be as described earlier. If it can automatically identify big and small months and even leap years and leap months, it is the perpetual calendar display system. I will focus on explaining it in future articles.
Let’s continue with the topic just now. The conversion of this large calendar first requires the input of power through the time wheel of the mechanical watch movement. The time wheel is a part that everyone will not be unfamiliar with. Its rotation speed is one week every twelve hours, and then it will drive a day-changing wheel that rotates once every twenty-four hours, and a body is also set on it. Dial for turning the day wheel. This dial will move the date-changing wheel with 31 teeth that engages with it. Every day, one tooth of the date-changing wheel will be dialed, and the date-changing wheel rotates once, which is equivalent to the completion of a full month. .
At this time, everyone may ask again, how are the two different parts printed with numbers combined to change the calendar display together? This key point lies in the body of the day-changing wheel: in fact, it is a collection of three-layer gears. One of the two gears above will mesh with the gears under the ten-digit plate with the number printed, and the other will The internal teeth of the unit ring engage. Then, how many teeth are needed to drive the ten-position wheel and the number of teeth of the one-position wheel? We can now count 31 days in a month. If we think of ten days as a group, it will be three groups of ten days, 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 20 to 30, plus the day 31. However, the place dial is ten numbers from 0 to 9, and it is responsible for displaying the nine numbers from 1 to 9 in these three groups. In other words, the combination with the ten-digit plate should be 1 to 9, 11 to 19, 21 to 29. The setting of the number 0 on the single-bit ring is specifically used for the conversion of these three groups of numbers, that is, the interval numbers 10, 20, 30 between them. In addition, the ten-digit disk will also convert its numbers synchronously. The space is converted into 1, 2, and 3.
According to this law, we can conclude that the number of teeth for the ten-digit wheel responsible for driving the ten-digit disk should be at least two before the three numbers can be converted. According to the previous statistics, the number of teeth of the unit wheel driven by the unit ring is at least 28. At this time, what you need to pay attention to is that the calendar changes from 29 to 31 through the two numbers 30 and 31. The number is from 9 to 1, and the number on the ten-position plate is from 2 to 3. Then, another bit wheel needs to add two more teeth to reach 30, and a ten bit wheel needs to add one tooth to reach 3. Of course, the most important step is not to be ignored: due to the change of the month, the number jumps from 31 to 1 again. At this time, the movement of the ten-digit plate and the unit ring is: the ten-digit plate changes from 3 to blank, and the single-digit plate does not move. At this point, the basic transformation of the Lange Large Calendar is complete. Changing the position wheel should be 31 full teeth and 1 missing, while the corresponding one for the ten position wheel is to set 1 tooth every 9 pitches, plus a total of 4 teeth. At this point, you can complete the original design idea of ​​this big calendar mechanism. I don’t know if you have understood the display principle of the Lange big calendar.

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British Gentleman Wins Longines Longines Global Jockey Award

British jockey Ryan MOORE has a brilliant and jockey career, not only winning many major races around the world, riding the best purebred horses, and breaking several major events recording. Ryan Moya was awarded the second ‘Longines Longines Global Jockey’ for his outstanding career at the annual dinner hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club on the evening of 12/9. Moya leads the French jockey Christophe SOUMILLON by 98 points and Australian Jockey Hugh BOWMAN 94 points with a total score of 166 points, winning the Longines and International Horse Racing Federation (IFHA) A Longines timepiece and trophy.

Ryan Moya wins the Longines World’s Best Jockey Award

Outstanding contemporary jockey
Born in the British racing family, Ryan Moya is one of the greatest jockeys of our time. With the wonderful achievements of the 2015-2016 season, he won the ‘Longines Longines World Best Jockey’ award for the second time. What’s even more impressive is that Ryan Moya is the champion of eight first-level events, and three of them are officially timed by Longines. These three are the Longines Hong Kong Miles Championships held at Sha Tin Racecourse in New Territories, Hong Kong, The Longines Hong Kong Bottle, and the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe race at the Shanti Racecourse in Paris, France.
Later in the awards ceremony, Juan-Carlos CAPELLI, Longines Vice President and International Marketing Director, and Louis ROMANET, Chairman of the International Horse Racing Federation (IFHA) presented Ryan Moya a Longines Saint-Michel 18K rose gold watch and a crystal award seat. On the crystal trophy, Ryan Moya’s name will also be engraved again, and will be tied with the name of the 2015 award-winning Italian jockey Frankie DETTORI.
This ‘Longines Longines World Best Jockey Award’ was jointly established by Longines and the International Racing Federation (IFHA). The award score is the total points performance of the top 100 international first-class events of the year listed by the jockey on the Longines Global Best Horse Ranking Committee. Events from December 1st to November 30th of that year will be included in the score. The jockey who won the championship can get 12 points, 6 points for the second runner-up, and 4 points for the third runner-up. The award was established in 2014, and Ryan MOORE was the first winner of the year.
Longines Giants Collection Gentleman’s Taste Elegant Collection
At the banquet of the day, in addition to presenting the ‘Longines Longines World’s Best Jockey’ award, Longines also presented for the first time a Longines new television image advertisement for 2017, shot by Longines Global Elegant Ambassador and Asian Goddess-Peng Yuyan. Orgasm again. The main product of the advertisement is Longines Longines series. This series is also the official watch for Longines Hong Kong International Competition. The Longines series is a perfect blend of classic elegance and superior quality. The silver wheat ears dial is equipped with a full calendar moon phase display function and an elegant dark brown crocodile leather strap. The elegant design shows extraordinary timepiece performance. Love and favor of enthusiasts and business people.

Longines’ giant calendar full moon phase chronograph with self-winding movement. Its wheat-silvered spiked dial and blue-steel hands also match seamlessly.

The Longines giant series debuted in 2005, and this series later became the flagship model of Longines. Since its launch, the Jue series has been very popular and has become a symbol of Longines watchmaking. In recent years, in addition to the classic junior hand, the Juxian series has also added new sizes and specifications, such as including chronograph function, world time zone, power reserve display, moon phase profit and loss display and retrograde function. Upholding the timeless classics, it is also in line with the diverse and compact life pace of modern people.

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Carl F. Bucherer The Shining Aura Of The Light Mature Woman

Since 1888, the founder of Bucherer Karl. In the vision of Carl F. Bucherer, Carl F. Bucherer opened a mythical starting point for Swiss luxury watches and Swiss jewellery craftsmanship in the form of a jewelry watch complex in Lucerne, Switzerland. In the founder family of Bucherer, the insistence on precision watchmaking and the unique design charm of luxury jewelry gradually gained popularity and favor among the Swiss consumers. The sales of the founding store of the Bucherer brand was created, and the cornerstone of the corporate and global operation of the Bucherer brand was laid.
 At the Basel Clock & Watch Fair, Bao Qilai unveiled a new series and the world’s exclusive laser projection nano-engraving anti-counterfeiting technology, which has won countless stunning and applauds from all walks of life. At the same time, Taiwan Bao Qilai was honored to hold Bao Qi Lacquer Alacria series and classic antique watch tour exhibition, let the Taiwanese consumers immerse in the watchmaking craftsmanship spirit of Bucherer, which swept across Europe in the last century, and feel the unique feminine charm of the new Bucherer products.

Shining feminine charm
 After Lin Lizheng joined Yilin’s supermodel at the beginning of this year, under the shape of Yilin, she transformed into a superbly stylish fashion coffee. Earlier this year, in the TV series ‘After the Halo’, Lin Liyi performed a shrewd and capable ace agent, allowing many audiences to feel that Lin Liyi has turned from a green female student to a refined and light mature woman. Therefore, she has been regarded as a brand image by a well-known Swiss watch brand ambassador. Lin Lixuan, who attended the launch event of a well-known watch brand, drew a royal blue sexy little dress, which showed a rare and sexy figure, and perfectly interpreted the moving and elegant design language contained in the watch. She also revealed at the event that In Singapore’s schooling stage, Bucherer enjoyed a high reputation in Singapore. It is the first choice for many high-end female entrepreneurs to wear watches. At the same time when traveling to France last year, they discovered that the brand’s craftsmanship is inseparable from the French royal family The cooperative relationship, I know that the brand was the royal brand of professional jewellery and watches for European nobles in the last century, so that the general manager of the brand was very satisfied with the dedication of Lin Lizhen, and guaranteed that the brand will host the next event. .

Lin Lizheng wears a pair of diamonds from the Taccarat Alacria series.

The image of Lin Liyi’s exquisite light mature woman perfectly reflects the elegant features of Alacria

The Alacria Collection of Aesthetics of Bucherer Lebenger Throughout the Ages
The brothers of the Bucherer Brothers were cultivated by the founders, and their brother Edward. Eduard went to London, England to become a top goldsmith, his brother Ernst. Ernst became the leading professional watchmaker in Switzerland. In 1919, the Boucherer brothers formally took over from the founder, took charge of all the business of the brand, and established their own. Exclusive watch factory. The brothers of the Bucherer inherit the fashion insights and business talents of the founders. In the same year, the brothers of the Bucherer opened the brand’s overseas flagship store in Berlin’s high-end business district “Unter den Linden”. Popular to become a professional watchmaker of the German royal aristocracy, accelerating the popularity of Bucherer watches and top jewelry in Germany’s high elite. And the most recent masterpiece of the European royal aristocracy was snapped up by fashion, using jewellery-grade fine platinum and flawless diamonds to build a new generation of women’s watches. The Alacria series inherits the sophisticated system that the brand has pursued in previous generations. Watch craftsmanship and beauty.

Alacria Delicately inherits the treasures of Qilai generation
Bucherer has always enjoyed a very high market share in the women’s market, due to its bold and unique and timeless feelings from the Bucherer women’s watch collection. The Alacria series inherits the delicate focus created by Bucherer for fashion women, expressing elegance and uniqueness beyond ordinary women’s watches. In the square and circle, it outlines a round and elegant slim waist case, just like Ana’s overflowing perfection. The female actress always releases the charming and proud refraction and gloriousness at all times; she is eternally exuding a sense of fashion and elegance and a timeless classic.

The Alacria TwoTone watch creates a unique two-tone model in stainless steel and 18K rose gold. MSRP NTD $ 228,000

The Bucherer Alacria TwoTone diamond model surrounds the case with 38 diamonds, which attracts everyone’s attention. Suggested selling price NTD $ 368,000-

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Sandblasting Releases Rough Personality Hermès Arceau 78

HERMÈS’s Arceau series launched a new work Arceau 78. This watch once again shows the design characteristics of the series, and incorporates new ideas in details. Although the function is not unexpectedly breakthrough, but the overall visual Beauty has changed to another sense of freshness.

Hermes launches the new Arceau 78. This time, the watch is sandblasted on the case and dial. With the distressed luminous digital time scales, the entire watch looks completely new.

Case surface treatment has two levels
The case of the watch is 40mm, which is considered to be a medium size in the Arceau series. Since its introduction in 1978, this series has established its own recognition with its stirrup shape, but this time the Arceau 78 is a little different, that is Hermes. In the bezel part, the sandblasting process is used, which is just a contrast with the polishing treatment of the lugs and the front side. This is different from our previous impression that the entire Arceau is polished to glitter. For some people, It should be full of such changes. After all, polishing is relatively easy to leave scratches or fingerprints, etc. It is really difficult for people who are looking for the perfection of the watch to maintain a good condition. The positive side can always stay close to a completely new feeling.
Sandblasted surface with luminous hour markers
In terms of faceplates, Arceau 78’s signature italic Arabic numerals are still on, but Hermès uses a beige luminous paint with anthracite faceplate, which is also sandblasted, and willow hands coated with gray and black. These fine-tuning details make this watch refreshing-although it lacks the double-layered dial design common in the Arceau series, it is actually not inferior to the whole piece of sandblasted dial. By the way, the watch is located in the date window at 6 o’clock, and its date dial is also changed to a beige with a gray background, which makes the overall look more consistent.

Different from the previous dual-layer dial of the Arceau series, the Arceau 78 directly adopts a single-piece sandblasted dial, and adds italic Arabic numerals and hands with beige luminous materials, which makes the watch night-reading. Gained promotion

Equipped with quartz movement
In the past, we also saw the Arceau watch with the same function and two hands + date display. At that time, it was equipped with the H1837 movement, so we originally thought that it would continue to use this Hermes-made main movement, but it was a little unexpected. Arceau 78 actually uses a quartz movement. Of course, this can make the watch relatively lighter and thinner to some extent, but what the brand really considers is currently unknown. At least we do n’t have to worry about the watch for a few days. Stop wearing it.
Different options for Arceau series
From the name of Arceau 78, the modification of the design, to the change of the built-in movement, it can be seen how much it is different from the original mechanical movement style. Perhaps Hermès wants to give people who like the Arceau series more different options However, if it is iron powder for mechanical watches, even if they appreciate the transformation of this appearance, but when it comes to the movement, this may be the key to let them change from a eager start to a wait-and-see attitude, but there is no design at all It is everything, as long as you can accept it, even if you wear a quartz watch, you can wear it stylishly and happily.

Arceau 78

Stainless steel material / quartz movement / hour, minute, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm

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Mb & F Fire Frog Limited Edition Debuts

MB & F specially released the HM3 Fire Frog Limited Edition to celebrate the opening of the world’s first specialty store-ten limited editions worldwide, the model is named from the complex case of 18K rose gold and 22K Eye-catching luster from the rose gold automatic dial.
The internationally renowned independent watch brand MB & F, the world’s first watch store held its opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in Beijing Yintai Center. Intime Center, located in the elite area of ​​Beijing’s business district, is the first choice for many international first-tier brands; this time MB & F’s presence is even more icing on the cake. The founder of MB & F, Mr. Maximilian Büsser, came to Beijing from Geneva to participate in this event. In addition, Mr. Qiu Zijie, the president of MB & F China’s general agent of Europe Square Group, Ms. Qiu Yang Baochun, the vice chairman of Europe Square Group, and the Beijing store operator Jia Mr. Li Shu, President of Huahezhong Investment Group, and Ms. Zhang Wanru, the chief business planner of Intime Center, jointly held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the scene, the well-known film and television star Mr. Sun Honglei was invited as the ribbon-cutting guest; this event was celebrated by many city guests to celebrate the opening of the first MB & F store in the world.

The event attracted VIPs from all sides, many of whom were MB & F watch lovers and watch lovers, and gathered media friends in Beijing and Shanghai. To celebrate the opening of the world’s first store, MB & F has released a limited edition of HM3 Fire Frog-a limited edition of ten worldwide. The naming of the model is a dazzling color interlaced by the complex case of 18K rose gold and the automatic dial of 22K rose gold; the two semi-circular dials protruding like frog eyes plus the transparent mirror are this model The biggest feature is also an indication of hours and minutes. The HM3 Fire Frog has a gorgeous rose gold case that makes it the perfect watch to light up the scene when the MB & F Beijing store opens.
The HM3 Fire Frog is a limited edition of only 10 pieces in the world, especially for the opening of MB & F’s first store in Beijing. Comes in eye-catching color.
The model is equipped with a complex movement designed by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The bright automatic dial is placed on the front of the dial, and the periphery is a large digital date dial. In addition to the two semi-circular transparent mirrors that protrude the dial, in addition to the biggest feature of the watch, it is also an hour and minute indicator.
Real-world amphibian frogs have prominent eyes, allowing them to see scenes in different directions without turning their heads. The HM3 Frog’s semi-circular hour and minute dials have a similar effect, although the significance on this watch has become that the wearer can easily read the time without turning his wrist.
The hour and minute semi-circular turntable is based on the optimal strength-to-weight ratio. It is delicately made from an entire aluminum alloy. Its weight is slightly higher than 0.5 grams, and it is ground from the outside to the end. The millimeter-thick thickness of paper minimizes the power required for rotation.
The semi-circular sapphire crystal glass that protects these two turntables must be shaped and polished most precisely, because any imperfections may affect the magnification of the glass.
Fire Frog may have used a playful way to present time, but the perfectly tuned internal ‘engine’ yelled, but it showed a very rigorous focus on details such as hand polishing.
The HM3 Fire Frog has a gorgeous rose gold case that makes it the perfect watch to light up the scene when the MB & F Beijing store opens.
Horological Machine No3 Frog-THM3 Frog technical information
A 3D watch based on the movement of the SOWIND Group and designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht / AGENHOR ‘
Tomahawk-shaped mysterious auto
HM3 Frog Ti: Blue PVD coated 22K gold automatic disk
HM3 Poison Dart Frog: 22K Gold Automatic Disk
HM3 Fire Frog: 22K Rose Gold Automatic
Hour and minute information is transmitted by ceramic ball bearings to drive the semi-circular turntable
Number of jewels: 36 (all related to functions)
Number of parts: 304
Hours indicated by a semi-circular turntable (aluminum semi-circular turntable, one rotation in 12 hours)
Indicate the minutes with another semi-circular dial (aluminum semi-circular dial, one revolution in 60 minutes)
Date dial orbits the movement
HM3 Frog Ti: Grade 5 titanium case and screws
HM3 Poison Dart Frog: black PVD coated zirconium metal case, 18K yellow gold screws. Limited to 10
HM3 Fire Frog: 18K rose gold and titanium case, 18K rose gold screws. Limited to 10
Screw-down crown
Dimensions (excluding crown and lugs): 47x50x18 mm
Number of case parts: 53
Sapphire crystal:
Both semi-circular mirrors and front and back plane mirrors are treated with double-sided anti-glare
Aluminum semi-circular turntable weighs only 0.58 g
Strap and buckle:
Black hand-stitched alligator strap. Custom folding clasp in 18K gold and titanium.
‘Friends’ in charge of HM3 Frog watches
Concept: Maximilian Büsser
Product Design: Eric Giroud / ERIC GIROUD Design Studio
Technology and Production Management: Serge Kriknoff / MB & F
Development: Guillaume Thévenin / MB & F
Movement development: Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Nicolas Stalder / AGENHOR watchmaking workshop
Basic movements: Stefano Macaluso, Rapha? L Ackermann and Steve Sturchio / SOWIND Group
Movement manufacturing: Georges Auer / Mecawatch, Salvatore Ferrarotto / APR QUALITY
Manually polished movement components: Jacques-Adrien Rochat and Denis Garcia / C-L ROCHAT Parts Factory
Ceramic Ball Bearings: Patrice Parietti / MPS
Movement assembly: Didier Dumas, Georges Veisy, Alexandre Bonnet and Bertrand Sagorin-Querol / MB & F
Case and buckle structure and production: Dominique Mainier and Bertrand Jeunet / G & F.CH? TELAIN watch factory
Sapphire Crystal: Martin Stettler / STETTLER SAPPHIRE
Face plate: Fran? Ois Bernhard and Denis Parel / NATEBER face plate factory
Strap: Olivier Purnot / CAMILLE FOURNET
Showcase: Frédéric Legendre / LEKONI and Isabelle Vaudaux / VAUDAUX
Product Logistics: David Lamy / MB & F

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Qianye Rose Love For Watch Longines Watching Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Gift

A thousand times of encounters, can you fate your destined true love partner; a thousand days of keeping together, can you close the distance between heart and heart; a thousand sentences ‘I love you’, can you talk deeply Hidden thoughts? On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, joins hands with Robert Koene, the world’s top floral designer, to present the ‘Chiba Rose’ true love flower box and select the time-honored masterpiece series. Stainless steel and gold pair watch, conveying enthusiasm and praise for happy love. At the same time, Longines also joined hands with the elegant ambassador Peng Yuyan, holding a heart-shaped flower box, and passed on the sincere blessing of ‘Romantic Life, Harmony with Qinser’.

Longines Masterpiece Series Stainless Steel Gold Pair Elegantly Presents ‘Chiba Rose’ True Love Flower Box
  In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is both the incarnation of the god of beauty and the blood of the god of love. To celebrate the Valentine’s Day, Longines joined hands with Robert Cohen, the royal floral designer of the Middle East, to present the ‘Chiba Rose’ true love flower box. Chiba’s technique of gathering ingenuity is the unique skill of Robert Cohen. He took the most delicate petals of more than a thousand roses and reunited them. Even the most skilled florist, it takes hours of craftsmanship to make a “Chiba Rose” start to bloom.
  The beauty of more than a thousand roses is all in one, this hard-won beauty is a collection of superb skills of a florist. And when a pair of Longines master craftsmanship stainless steel and gold pair watches are placed in it, complementing the florist’s exquisite skills, it is Longines’ pure watchmaking craftsmanship and classic elegant design for more than 180 years. The petals are superimposed and combined, and the hour and minute hands are separated and meet on the dial. Whether it is the elegant Chiba Rose or the elegant and timeless wrist watch, they all know the true meaning of time and love: only through long waiting and paying can they gain the most precious beauty.
  As one of the most classic series of Longines watches, the famous master series stainless steel gold-plated watch with a warm 18K stainless steel gold-plated case, engraved the golden years in the love journey, praises the long-lasting companionship and love between couples. The stainless steel gold ladies watch is set with brilliant diamond hour markers on the silver dial, decorating the noble and elegant style of the beauties. The stainless steel and gold men’s watch combines simple and powerful modern design with precision performance, which adds charm to the graceful and elegant gentleman. Surrounded by Chiba Roses, the timeless and magnificent high-quality diamonds radiate brilliant colors, telling the sweet vows of a lifetime in the two-person world.

Longines elegant ambassador Peng Yuyan sincerely prays for ‘romantic life, harmony and harmony’
  With the warmest roses praising the deepest nostalgia, condensing the tenderness and tenderness of love in one inch. At this sweet moment, Longines Elegant Ambassador Peng Yuyan also transformed into a handsome and handsome gentleman, holding a heart-shaped flower box, interpreting elegant confession, and wishing the lovers of the world ‘a romantic life, harmony and harmony’.

  Watch description

Longines Master Craftsmanship Stainless Steel Gold Ladies’ Watch Number: L2. Reference Price: RMB 20,000
  This Longines master craftsman’s stainless steel and gold ladies’ watch has a built-in L595 / 592 automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 40 hours. The diameter of the watch is 25.50 mm. The silver-white dial is set with 12 diamonds. The total weight is 0.034 carats. The hours, minutes and seconds are displayed. The date display window is at 3 o’clock. The transparent case back reveals the subtle movement. 18K stainless steel gold-plated case with stainless steel gold bracelet, water-resistant to 30 bar.
Longines Master Series Stainless Steel Gold Men’s Watch Model: L2.518.5.77.7 Reference Price: RMB 22,500
  This Longines masterpiece stainless steel gold men’s watch has a built-in L619 automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. The model is 36 mm in diameter. The silver-white dial is set with 12 diamonds, with a total weight of 0.055 carats. It displays the hours, minutes and seconds, and a date display window at 3 o’clock. The transparent case back reveals the subtle movement. 18K stainless steel gold-plated case with stainless steel gold bracelet, water-resistant to 30 bar.

Longines Longines
Longines was founded in Soymia, Switzerland in 1832. The brand upholds long-standing and exquisite craftsmanship. Its unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has achieved the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise. Longines has a wealth of experience and tradition of glory as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sports, and has established a beautiful and close relationship with it.
Longines is a well-known brand of the Swatch Group, a leading global watch manufacturer. Known for creating exquisite timepieces, the brand, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is now available in more than 140 countries around the world.
Longines Global Website:
Longines China website: http: //

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Eternal Power Shining In The Eternity

Swiss watch master George Faber Jacques renamed his movement and clock under the starry inspiration of the word ZENITH (Zhenith), which means the highest point in the universe. The workshop, to this day, Zenith has a history of more than 140 years, and the brilliant marks left behind include 1565 awards and more than 50 high-quality mechanical movements. In 1999, Zenith was acquired by the LVMH Group. With its strong watchmaking capabilities, Zenith took a day in the highly competitive high-end watch market and won the love and respect of watch lovers around the world.

On January 8, 2008, Zenith Watch’s Shanghai flagship store was unveiled at the Hang Lung Plaza Watch and Jewellery Gallery. Zenith Global CEO Thierry NATAF came to the scene to applaud. As the global CEO and creative director of this rare treasure, he has been Committed to ‘Bring Zenith to the Peak’. Communicating with Mr. Thierry NATAF is like listening to a business leader describing a grand blueprint, as well as discussing the value of time, the meaning of life, and the eternal truth with an artist. The two-in-one role has on him The perfect interpretation is just like yin and yang. The surfaces deviate from each other, but the perfect combination can bring out the ultimate effect.
In 2001, when you entered Zenith, you adjusted your company’s positioning to focus on creating a world-class watch brand. How did you strengthen this positioning?
Our vision is ‘to push Zenith to the top’. We have technology, craftsmanship, and attention to the beauty of watches. We create watches with style, timeless, traditional and modern. The happy classic series is a very simple and modern style with an 8-character shape, which is a lucky number that almost everyone in China and the world likes. We also launch men’s and women’s watches to meet the needs of different customers. The success of a brand needs to be combined with the development of the international market. Zenith sells in more than 55 countries. We now have 25 sales points in China, and there will be more sales points in the future. In addition, we pay attention to the right place and the right people, and pay attention to investing in the future. We have a great team. One person’s contribution is limited, but if we work together, we can contribute a lot.
We noticed that Zenith only entered China in March 2005. This time, you once again travelled thousands of miles to applaud the opening of Zenith’s second store in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza. What will happen in the Chinese market?
发展 To develop in the Chinese market, we must first attract customers. Zenith will open more sales points to allow customers to intuitively experience the design and aesthetics of Zenith watches. China’s high-end watch market is divided into two parts, one end is traditional and classic, 2/3 market is the same, in this part of the market we have Haute Horlogerie, happy classic series and flagship series. The market at the other end is very modern, and we have launched a challenge series to meet the needs of this market. Zenith’s women’s watch design caters to some women’s desires. Women in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other places like the QUEEN OF LOVE series with fashion elements, and the BABY DOLL star series. I will come to China again in September. Ms. Wan Beibei is the brand manager of Zenith in China. I often tell her to eat vitamins every day because we have a lot of things to be busy. By the end of 2009, China’s Zenith will rank in the first group and become the same market as the United States and Japan.

注意到 We noticed that you are both the CEO of Zenith and the creative director of the Zenith brand. How do you define the positioning of these two roles? Do you find it difficult to focus your work and time?
Two in one is an advantage. To run an international enterprise, you must be rational. Business is a rational thinking process, while creativity is a perceptual process. In terms of creativity, we have a complete watch design room. Engineers and I cooperate in creative design. Yang’s relationship can reach the extreme when well coordinated. At Zenith, I was both CEO and creative director, but this is not the first time I have such a dual role positioning. In the past, I played a dual role in the electronics industry and the luggage industry. I was both a commercial and an artist. It is impossible for a person to experience everything in life, but I try as much as possible, just like a decathlon, hoping that my life can shine more.
哪些 What new initiatives will Zenith have at this year’s Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland? What is your biggest wish in 2008?
I hope to prepare this exhibition with secret military training. From the perspective of this year, there will be several themes. There are very precise movements and designs in the Happy Classics series. To express simplicity is a more refined concept, which we call returning to classics. The world appreciates classics, which is why I respect them. There will be revolutionary designs in the Challenge series, and more ideas and activities will be launched. I especially like the number 8. The next time the Zenith dial appears ‘8’ is 2018, so in 2008, we must seize this opportunity. I like Chinese culture. At the same time, I am Italian. For Venetians among Italians, 8 is also a lucky number. In 2008, the Year of the Rat, Zenith became ZENITH, reached the top of the sky, and let the shining star bring us luck. I hope everyone is lucky, have joy, love, and wish come true.

As a professional in the watch industry, what do you think about time? How do you realize its value?
Time is the most basic element of life, time is life, and life is time. I fully believe that time is the most precious civilization value of mankind. Every second I can reflect the value of time is correct and positive. For me, time is love, friend, success, time to help you, even if you are in a very sad situation. A poet once said that sorrow flies away from the wings of time, in other words time can help you heal. To make friends with time, time is like a dragon. Whether we ride on the dragon or ride by the dragon.

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