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November 2020

Langue – Wrist Observatory

Richard Lange ——Observatory Watch on Wrist

 Saxony’s traditional watchmaking brand Lange presents Richard Lange. A special edition of the Lange watch in white gold and blue steel hands. The new watch will be available exclusively at Lange stores.

 Brand new white gold RICHARD LANGE Richard. Lange watches are displayed at Lange Dresden stores.

 In 2006, Lange introduced Richard Lange. The Lange watch revives the glorious tradition of the observatory. In the past, they were essential tools for navigation, and precision instruments used by scientists. Now its function is to provide accurate timekeeping. Lange gave the white gold case for the first time in an exclusive version of this junior watch with a sweeping seconds hand and retained the familiar 40.5 mm diameter. The blue-steel hands on the silver-white solid silver dial of the watch make the reading very clear.

 Provide clear reading with blue steel hands: RICHARD LANGE in white gold. Lange watch

 Richard Lange Richard. Lange watches to Ferdinando. Adolf. A tribute to Lange’s eldest son. As the technical director of the watch factory, he devoted his life to pursuing scientific research to improve precision watchmaking. The balance spring is one of his greatest achievements. In 1929, he discovered that the addition of beryllium to the nickel-steel alloy of the hairspring made the hairspring less susceptible to temperature changes and more flexible; the invention was patented the following year. Richard. Lange’s vision has brought unprecedented breakthroughs to watch precision and promoted a category of timepieces with precision as the primary condition: chronometers.

 Richard Lange Richard. Inspired by its historical pioneers, Lange watches are reinterpreted with modern elegance. Watches with a white gold case and a carefully polished movement are extremely precise, catering to the times. This special edition watch is only available in Lange stores and only a few can be produced by hand each year.

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Eterna Launches Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 1938

When one of the best watches of the post-Art Deco period suddenly reappeared in the Baselworld in 2012, you may wonder if anyone has let time stand still. In a way, that’s what Eterna is relaunching the most iconic watch of the post-Art Deco period: the amazing 1938 Eterna Chronograph.

For more than 150 years, Eterna has shocked the world with innovative solutions to challenge ancient timepieces, and the Eterna Heritage collection is a tribute to some of the brand’s most important milestones. Eterna Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 1938 is the newest member of this famous series. This amazing watch, along with previous masterpieces from the Heritage Collection, such as the 1973 Super KonTiki and 1942 Pulsometer, certainly deserves a place in history.
This watch is a faithful reproduction of the original Eterna 1938 chronograph. The size of the case has been enlarged only in accordance with the original model to match the taste of the times. It is equipped with a reliable ETA2894-2 automatic winding machine with 37 stones. The core, with an impressive 42-hour power reserve, retains the tradition of embossed numbers on the steel case back, is waterproof to 165 feet, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and elegant stainless steel buckle. The watch is a testament to Eterna’s unique ability to combine timeless ideas with modern technology.
The production of ETERNA antiquities chronograph has been strictly limited to 1938 pieces in 1938, in honor of the original design. If you want to assemble one of these special watches for yourself, you will have to act quickly. The special beauty of this watch, coupled with its limited production, will definitely become a classic.
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