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August 2020

A Chic ‘grenade’ Treasure Watch Tasting Patek Philippe Aquanaut Series 5168g-001 Watch

The first work of Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut series was launched at the Basel exhibition in 1997. It is the 20th anniversary in 2017, so the brand launched the Aquanaut Ref. 5168G watch to celebrate the series’ 20th birthday. Watches are affectionately called ‘grenades’ by watch fans because of their appearance characteristics. However, this piece of work with many innovations can be more than just ‘special’. From the case to the movement, the power gathered from the outside to the inside is sufficient. Make it stand out from many stainless steel timepieces. (Watch model: 5168G-001)

20th Anniversary of Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection

42mm diameter 18K white gold case

   Like other watches in the Aquanaut series, Ref. 5168G still retains the characteristics of a rounded octagonal bezel, as well as flat parts decorated with vertical satin and chamfered polished case sides. Compared to the previous steel case, the 5167 with a 40 mm diameter, the case of 5168G is made of 18K white gold with a diameter of 42mm, which is the largest watch model of its current series. This is to make the original 1976 Nautilus the same diameter. pay tribute.

Dark blue dial with checkerboard pattern

   Also new is the color of the dial and strap-dark blue tone. The color of the dial also shows a light-dark gradient effect from the inside to the outside, just like the sun pattern effect on the surface of the Aquanaut 5164 TravelTime rose gold watch. The checkerboard embossed pattern on the surface creates the best background for the three-dimensional Arabic numerals in platinum.

Hour markers and hands with luminous coating

   The hour markers and hands are coated with a Superluminova luminous coating, which makes it easy to read the time even in the dark. Another feature is that the five-minute three-dimensional scale in 18K white gold, which also has a luminous coating, is hand-embedded.

Slim second hand

   The hour and minute hands are pencil-shaped, easy to read, and the slender white lacquered bronze seconds hand also has an end balance.

Case back movement display

   The watch uses a Cal.324SC self-winding movement with a thickness of only 3.3mm. Even with the seal and gasket, it is still slim, keeping the overall thickness of this watch at only 8.25mm. With a 21K gold central rotor, this movement can take energy from every minute movement of the wrist and store it as movement power, ensuring that the accuracy of the error is maintained within -3 to +2 seconds per day to comply with the Patek Philippe imprint Standard. Through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover, you can see the Geneva stripe decoration and gold-plated carving on the bridge, and there are tapered holes and chamfered screw holes to join gems and screws. The center of the automatic plate is decorated with scales along the ball bearing position, while the automatic tourbillon is engraved with Patek Philippe’s iconic pattern: Calatrava Doji.

Rubber strap and platinum buckle

   The same Calatrava cross engraved pattern also appears on the 18K white gold folding buckle and strap lining, and the dark blue composite strap with the classic embossed pattern of the Aquanaut series echoes the dial pattern. Not only is this strap comfortable to wear, but it is also highly resistant to tearing and abrasion, and it is resistant to seawater and UV rays.

Watch overall display

Summary: Various characteristics make this 5168G ‘grenade’ look full of personality, full of masculinity 120 meters waterproof watch shows the best posture, it can be called an ideal watch. If it is an innovative breakthrough based on retaining classic elements, then Patek Philippe’s challenge is undoubtedly successful. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)

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A ‘deep Sea Monster’ Worth Having

Diving watches are not just cool props, they can save your life and help your life. Wearing a sports watch with a rotating bezel when diving is much more useful than wearing a decorative watch.

Diving watch
The divers know how to make the points on the bezel arrows on the bezel so that they know how long they have been diving. Diving watches are basically equipped with black rubber straps, luminous hour markers, and screw-in crowns, all of which are essential features. Even if you are not a diver, you can use it to calculate time and avoid mistakes such as how long it takes to cook dinner on the stove, or calculate how long your boss will accept PowerPoint presentations. So, having a dive watch, you will know when you should breathe air!
Left (top)
TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500MCALIBRE 16
Left (middle)
Victorinox Swiss ArmyDive Master 500
Left (bottom)
Cricket X-TREME Automatic Titanium Steel Watch
Right (up)
Sector Shark Master Black
Alpina Avalanche Extreme Diver
Right (middle)
Luminox Deep DiveAutomatic 1503
Right (bottom)
Boss Black Hugo Boss

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Night Warrior Boer Nm2092c-p-bk Watch Appreciation

Bohr watches have this very high status in the United States. It is precisely because of the standard system of Mr. Bohr, the founder of the Bohr brand, that the precision and uniformity of railway timing was ensured nearly a hundred years ago, greatly reducing the railway The accident happened. Today I will introduce the night train model under the Boer Warrior Warrior series, the NM2092C-P-BK watch, and use Boer’s most proud gas light, let us enjoy it together.
 The dial of this Bol night train series NM2092C-P-BK watch is black stainless steel, which accords with the title of black diamond. The 45mm large watch diameter explains the most intuitive needs of men’s watches. It will not look too large when worn on the hand, and the natural rubber strap fits well.

 The black dial has a patented scale with a ball patent. This scale can emit different colors at night. At night: the minute scale is green, the hour scale is orange, and the 12 hour scale is Bright yellow. The design of the junior needle is also very special, the tip is white, and the end is indeed black, which is distinct. There is also a gas light on the pointer, which is bright yellow at night as at 12 o’clock.
 Although this watch is a big three-handed watch, it is not a formal style. It belongs to the casual sports style. It has a water resistance of 100 meters. Although it does not reach the bottom line of professional diving watches (water resistance 200 meters), it can also meet daily needs. It can be worn even if it is superficial. The calendar window is at the general three o’clock position, which can display the date of the current month.
 When it comes to its function, it has to say its gas lamp. In order to solve the problem of reading time at night, Boer specially saves the puppet in a particularly stable way, that is, put it in a hollow mineralized glass tube. There is a layer of coating on the inner wall of the glass tube, which will emit a cold light when it hits the coating. And this kind of light is 100 times brighter than the current luminous paint, it does not need to provide energy for it, and it continues to shine for 25 years. With the length of use, the brightness will decrease year by year, but it has no effect on the wearer.

 This Ball uses the 124 movement modified by eta2824-2, which is specially modified for the Fireman Night Train. Directly 25.6 mm, thickness is 4.6 mm, there are a total of 25 gems, the amplitude is 28000 / hour, and the power reserve reaches 38 hours. The performance of this movement is quite good, and the annual output is also very large, most of which are on the middle and low price models. And the winding effect of this movement is very good, as long as the amount of exercise is large, full chain is quite easy. This makes the watch particularly accurate, and the error is reduced.
 In general, the Boer Night Train Series NM2092C-P-BK watch is a good choice for young men. The price is not expensive at first, and the public price is 13,800 yuan. Secondly, the cool black case and the large diameter are suitable for young men. . The rubber strap is suitable for underwater wear. Personally, the rubber strap and woven strap are the most suitable for underwater use. With 75 gas lights, it performs well at night. In fact, it is much more beautiful at night than during the day. During the day, it is a very ordinary watch. At night, it becomes different. Perhaps it is the heart of nightclub people.
 Watch details: ball / 24670 /

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Pre-sihh 2010: Published By Panerai Radiomir P.999

A new level of internal technology means a watch that has become a Panerai history, with further development: Radiomir P.999, 42 mm, elegant pink Finance combines a precise high-end design with a new mechanical movement for sports watches. This P.999 is designed and manufactured in the Neuchâtel factory.

With a diameter of 12 minutes and a thickness of only 3.4 mm, the new manual P.999 movement is equipped with 19 gems, a 60-hour power reserve, and a balance wheel that runs at 21600 times per hour. Two precise details enhance the perfect performance of the new P999 movement in pink gold.
A device commonly known as ‘gooseneck trimming’ can fine-tune the length of the movement’s spring. Furthermore, each movement is millesimised.
Source: Panerai

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Sir Elton John And David Furnish Join Hands With Chopard To Host The 22nd Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Charity Party

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Los Angeles, March 3, 2014-The 22nd Elton John co-organized by Sir Elton John and David Furnish The AIDS Foundation Oscar Charity Party raised $ 5.1 million in anti-AIDS funds.

   ‘This generosity can help us change the course of this epidemic,’ said Sir Elton. ‘When we bring homeless teens off the street and into resettlement areas and job training and health centers, we AIDS has begun to end. When we provide clean needles for drug addicts and reach out to detoxification centers, we have begun to end AIDS. When we help former HIV-positive carriers find homes and jobs, and adhere to medication We have begun to end AIDS. When we ensure that everyone living with HIV can get sick and receive medical care and treatment, we have begun to end AIDS. ‘— Sir Elton John )

   Fifteen years ago, Caroline Schaefer, Co-President and Art Director of Chopard, first met with Sir Elton John. He advised her to actively participate in the affairs of the foundation. The meeting opened a long-lasting friendship and creative cooperation. The world-renowned artist joined forces with the Schafer family, the owner of the Chopard brand, to create the Elton John watch series, which shows the singer’s unique fashion sense. The sales of this series of watches are donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation in a certain proportion. In addition to this watch collection, Chopard also supports the foundation through the Oscar Charity Party, and is once again proud to join the Elton John AIDS Foundation as the official sponsor of the 22nd Annual Oscar Charity Party.