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November 2019

Diamond Outrage

Shocking and extraordinary
   In 2017, Audemars Piguet launched the Diamond Outrage fine jewelry watch, adding a third masterpiece to its unparalleled collection of fine jewelry watches. As the final chapter of this ‘trilogy’, the Diamond Outrage high-end jewelry watch is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Audemars Piguet jewellery watches, combining the extraordinary charm of two previous works with the brilliant light of brilliant-cut diamonds. After Diamond Punk and Diamond Fury, which came out in 2015 and 2016, the Diamond Outrage high jewelry watch is an extremely rare bracelet watch. The explosive design marks another gorgeous change in the artistic style of high jewelry watches. . This high-end jewellery watch comes in two styles, both in 18K white gold, one paved with diamonds and one paved with sapphires.

Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage High Jewellery Watch full diamond model, 18K white gold case, 9,923 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 50.06 carats, 354 baguette-cut diamonds, total weight 15.85 carats, using a 2701 quartz movement.

   The diamond-cut diamonds in the Diamond Outrage haute jewellery watch are reminiscent of the fantastic snow and ice world of Ru Valley in winter. The full diamond model uses three pointed diamonds set with long step-cut diamonds, and the bright light fully illustrates the extraordinary charm of this futuristic design masterpiece. The Diamond Outrage haute jewellery watch combines dazzling design and eye-catching diamonds to create a visual effect like stalactites blooming on the wrist. This watch blends sculptural art and sensual charm, fully showing the perfect fusion of nature’s magical work and Audemars Piguet’s original aesthetic design.

Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage High Jewellery Watch in sapphire, 18K white gold case, 11043 sapphires, weighing approximately 65.47 carats, using a 2701 quartz movement.

The mystery of nature
   Diamond Outrage High Jewellery Watches are available in a variety of sharp designs (from 29.30mm to 40mm), with a snowflake setting to ensure that all diamonds are closely set, and the platinum frame is almost imperceptible, creating a bright and dazzling effect. Hidden inlay is another rare gem setting technique for diamonds with unique sharp designs in the full diamond style. Straight-cut diamonds are suspended in the air as if they do not need to be set. A jewellery master must have many years of experience in order to master the art of invisible setting.

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Seiko Introduces Brightz’s New Solar Radio Watch

SEIKO launched Brightz radio wave watch specially designed for holiday leisure sports. The unique dark green rhombus surface design, low-key taste, expresses its unique value. The Brightz radio-controlled watch adopts SEIKO’s patented white titanium case and the exclusive developed surface hardening treatment (DIASHIELD), which successfully creates a dazzling metallic color and light texture, which makes the small white-collar workers have no burden on sports. The watch is resistant to abrasion and maintains its original luster even after long wear.

 The 2009 SEIKO Brightz series combines the functions of world time zone, GMT, week retrograde and radio waves to show the high performance of the watch. The function of the world time zone is to engrave the names of 24 important cities in the world, including three cities that emit radio waves, on the 12-sided bezel. Among them, the three clear triangles on the faceplate indicate the three cities and frequencies of the radio waves. The 24-hour GMT hand can be set as the second time, which is convenient for grasping the difference in daily life and rest between the two places. The day of the week retrograde function and the second hand instantaneous zeroing system are integrated in this watch, which further highlights the uniqueness of the watchmaking technology and brightz radio watch developed by SEIKO.
 The watch uses the latest environmentally-friendly solar movement, combined with world time display and radio wave transmission and reception, is a crystallization of high-performance technology. In recent years, awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the maintenance of the global environment has become increasingly important. The 2009 SEIKO Brightz radio wave watch uses a solar quartz movement, which can be repeatedly recharged by sunlight or daily light, which is quite convenient. In addition, when fully charged, Electricity can be stored for up to nine months. When not in use (no light source), the pointer will go to sleep, saving power. Europe, the United States, and Asia receive accurate proofreading in all time zones. The receivable radio wave sources cover major cities around the world. You can directly obtain the most accurate local time by operating the adjustment button. Every hour from 2 to 4 am The point is to perform the time calibration synchronously during the time period for forcibly receiving signals. The zero-time multifunctional convenient watch that is connected to the world at any time, is the best business partner for young white-collar workers when traveling.

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Innovative Cartier Celestial Perpetual Calendar Watch Tasting

At the 2014 Geneva Watch Fair, Cartier brought more than a hundred new products, including innovative and innovative models, dazzling jewellery watches, and exciting vintage watches. . This time we will admire a new watch of this year-the celestial movement perpetual calendar watch. This watch not only has elegant temperament, but also has an innovative ring-shaped perpetual calendar display, challenging people’s established impression of the perpetual calendar watch , Showing the beauty of innovation in watches. Official model: W1556242

 The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch has revolutionized the operation and display of the perpetual calendar. Cartier took the opportunity to create a new central display perpetual calendar with a revolutionary concept. In order to make the perpetual calendar clear and easy to read, the design of the celestial rotating perpetual calendar watch is like an amphitheater, which can be called a true watchmaking initiative. Traditional perpetual calendars display twelve months, seven days a week, dates, and leap years. They are listed in a small space of a few centimeters in diameter, making reading difficult. And this new perpetual calendar display method solves all problems.

 The new Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire perpetual calendar watch is equipped with a round platinum case. In this 45 mm case, there is an hour and minute display, a ring-shaped perpetual calendar display and a tourbillon.

 The time display is placed at the upper end of the dial. The white dial has classical Roman numerals, and the sword-shaped blue hands gracefully move above the dial.

 With a three-dimensional, multi-level concentric circle design, the functions of the perpetual calendar are presented layer by layer: the first layer is the week, the second layer is the month, and the date is displayed on the top layer. The delicate panes move along different levels. As for the last function of the perpetual calendar-flat leap year display, it is clearly indicated by a pointer on the case back.

 At the heart of the celestial-operating perpetual calendar watch, it is equipped with the iconic complication of Cartier’s fine watchmaking series-the floating tourbillon, which guarantees the watch’s accurate timekeeping.

 At the center of the side of the case is a platinum bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire. In addition to the traditional hour and minute adjustment, the date and month can also be controlled through the crown. Various functions can be adjusted by rotating the crown forward and backward in both directions, making it easier to use.

   The celestial running perpetual calendar watch is equipped with 9459 MC movement. The assembly and adjustment of the movement is completed in the new Cartier Advanced Watch Workshop. This movement consists of 382 parts and provides a power reserve of about 50 hours when fully wound.

 The 9459 MC movement gear train contains patented technology, which replaces the traditional lever and spring device, which greatly reduces the risk of breakage of the movement parts caused by forced adjustment during non-safety periods. In fact, the traditional perpetual calendar design prohibits any manual adjustments in the hours before and after midnight, so as not to break the movement parts. At the same time, the adjustment by the four tiny buttons on the side of the case is not only inconvenient, but also difficult to identify clearly.

Summary: This Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch with perpetual calendar combined with watchmaking innovation and technological creativity has completely changed the operation and display of the perpetual calendar. It adopts a new ring-shaped rotating perpetual calendar display method to achieve extraordinary dazzling effects It’s memorable. The 9459 MC self-winding mechanical movement, created by Cartier’s Advanced Watch Workshop, is carefully crafted, equipped with a tourbillon and ring-shaped perpetual calendar, and has a premium seal of Geneva. This watch is an important work of Cartier in the high-end luxury watch industry, limited to 100 pieces.
More watch details: cartier / 32479 /

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