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June 2019

Love You Is Hard To Say, Let The Watch Tell You The Heart

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‘If you have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it is 10,000 years’-said in the movie ‘Journey to the West’ by Qi Tianda Sheng played by Zhou Xingchi. Movies are movies after all. We know that there is no such thing as ‘forever’ in the world, and we understand that all love has time. But if you have someone with you right now, remember to be grateful and cherished, thank you for accepting such a less than perfect self. In this cold season, wearing a couple’s watch and exchanging feelings with your lover may be another way for you to express love easily.

Cartier blue balloon series W6900456 / W6900256 couple watch

Product model: W6900456 (male) / W6900256 (female)
Domestic public price: ¥ 105000 (for men) / ¥ 68500 (for women)
Watch diameter: 36.6 mm (men’s) / 28.6 mm (women’s)
Case thickness: 12.5 mm (for men) /9.35 mm (for women)
Movement Type: Automatic / Quartz
Movement model Cal.076 / Cal.057
Case material: 18k rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Gold mother-of-pearl couple watch

Product model: 116333-72213 dark gray plate (male) / 179383 golden mother-of-pearl (female)
Domestic public price: ¥ 89200 (for men) / ¥ 144500 (for women)
Watch diameter: 41 mm (men’s) / 26 mm (women’s)
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: / 3578420 couple


Product model: 1548530 (male) / 3578420 (female)
Domestic public price: 45500 (men’s) / ¥ 115000 (women’s)
Watch diameter: 39 mm (men’s) / 34 mm (women’s)
Case thickness: 8.5mm (for men) /9.56mm (for women)
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 899/1 (men’s) / 935A (women’s)
Case material: stainless steel / steel diamond
Water resistance: 50 meters (men) / 30 meters (women)
Watch details: lecoultre / 53312_54356 /
Recommended reason: Elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre, suitable for elegant couples. Some partners have different temperaments, and some partners have unexpected conversations even if they have different styles. Although these Jaeger-LeCoultre watches come from different series, they are surprisingly contrasting. The two watches each use blue elements as the main color of the design. Compared to women’s watches, the design of the Men’s Jaeger-LeCoultre series is simpler and fits the simple and straightforward personality characteristics of men. The design of the diamond and the moon phase disc is more in line with the feminine femininity.
Summary: Whether it is love or love, in life not short or short, thank TA, to accompany us through or happy or unforgettable days. If your love is difficult to speak, if you want to tell your TA your affection, may wish to give TA a couple watch. I think, without you saying it, the other party will be able to appreciate your full love.

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Sunshine Dynamics’ Plan To Use Solar Energy As The Power To Complete The First Flight Around The World For The First Time And Return Smoothly

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On July 26, 2016, ‘Solar Power 2’ landed safely in Abu Dhabi. OMEGA, a well-known Swiss watch brand and a partner of the ‘Sunshine Dynamics’ program, immediately responded to Mr. Bertrand Piccard and Mr. André Borschberg. ) And the entire Solar Impulse project team.

Solar Impulse 2 Lands Safely in Abu Dhabi

   This is a major milestone in the history of human flight. As the main partner of Solar Impulse, technical support and official timing, Omega feels extremely glorious.

Mr. Bertrand Piccard, Mr. André Borschberg

   Since 2006, Omega has provided a number of important technological innovations to help the entire ‘Sunshine Dynamics’ team achieve the ambitious goal of relying solely on solar energy for global flight. At the beginning of the project, Omega developed a performance simulation and test system. Subsequently, the Omega Instrument was born. This very easy-to-read device was designed by Claude Nicollier, a former European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and current head of the Solar Impulse test flight, to enable aircraft to take off and land Assist pilots in reading important parameters.

Solar Impulse 2

   Not only that, Omega has also developed an ultra-light landing light system for the ‘Sunlight Dynamics’ prototype. All the system’s accessories and wires together weigh only one kilogram and have an incredible ‘Watt Weight’ ratio. In addition, Omega has developed an energy dispatcher that distributes energy from one engine to another.

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