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June 2018

Tissot 200 Series Ladies Watch Tailored For Sexy Women Who Love Sports

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White as pearl-like China Resources, blue as deep as the sea, intoxicating, enjoying the charm of time in beautiful beauty, Tissot Chichi 200 series ladies watches have this kind of enchanting magic. The shape is ingenious, but at the same time it has the toughness to prevent eyebrows. The Gallop 200 series is tailored for sexy women who love sports; the elegant leather strap is like a bracelet, sexy and beautiful, whether it is pure white like pearls, or It is a beautiful deep blue. Both watches can make the wearer stand out from the crowd, showing the unique taste of women. The stainless steel case and the tough dial lines give the wearer a true personality; and At the same time, the chronograph function of this watch brings dynamic vitality to it. As the so-called scarf does not allow eyebrows, the appearance of sexy movement and the precise timing coexist, to meet the beautiful sight of modern women. Rather than saying that the Tissot 200 series ladies watch is a watch, it is better to call it a time stunner of contemporary women’s wrists, race against beauty, and dance with time.

 Tissot Gallop 200 Women’s Watch-White and Blue Belt

Feminine and graceful, sporty and sexy

 The Tissot Gallop 200 automatic chronograph uses a classic and elegant round 316L stainless steel case. The polished bezel is simple in design and focuses people’s attention on the dial. The dial is tinged with the tone of pearl white or sapphire, and the feminine femininity is highlighted on the dial with colorful shimmer. The central area of ​​the dial is designed with a ‘Paris stud’ pattern, which is exactly like relief, slightly raised, while adding a three-dimensional and texture to the dial, it also adds a touch of floral style to the watch, exuding feminine and sexy femininity.

 The performance of the Gallop 200 series ladies’ watches is more applauded. It can accompany women who love sports to swim underwater and enjoy themselves. The speed measurement function of the Gallop 200 can also provide accurate data throughout the process, allowing you to better understand your exercise rate while sweating. In the design of the chronograph, Tissot ingeniously adopted the runway pattern to add dynamic to the watch. The passage of time in the night is often not easy to detect, but Tissot intimately adopts the Super-LumiNova® design on the hands to record the change of time at all times. Wearing such a watch that has a good balance of femininity and grace, you are the focus of the audience.

 Gallop 200 series steel belt

 In addition, the Gallop 200 series also launched a number of different styles for modern women to choose from. The all-steel strap depicts a decisive and tough style, while the leather strap looks feminine and feminine. The hands and scales use the same color system, both wild silver and rose gold with feminine charm, and more cool smoke gray. Women of different styles will definitely find a suitable one.

 Gallop 200 Series Brown Belt

娉 ting and galloping, highlighting the attitude of life

 Carrying Tissot’s century-old exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, the Tissot Gallop 200 series ladies watch is not only a timing tool, but also a true attitude towards life. The Gallop 200 series watch’s English name is PRC200. P stands for Precise’s precision, and it has a good grasp of life and self. R stands for Robust, which is a metaphor for women’s toughness. C stands for Classic, which advocates elegant and classic lifestyle. Tissot’s care for women reflects its elaborate care in details. Three chronograph discs are placed at the 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock on the left side of the dial to balance the visual impression; unlike the general 3 o’clock Clock calendar logo, calendar window is arranged at 4 o’clock on the right side of the dial, quite cute and cute. The screw-down crown and back cover ensure a water-resistant depth of 200 meters, allowing the wearer to accurately read the time under water, as elegantly as on land. Let the water and time record your elegance and sensuality, and Ting Ting is free to run freely. This is the Tissot 200 series ladies watch and its attitude to life.

Technical Parameters:
Swiss made quartz movement
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case, screw-in crown
Water resistant to 200 meters / 20 atmospheres
Leather strap with butterfly buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 3,350-3,850

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Details Of Roger Dubuis Series Round Table Knights From The First Generation To The Fourth Generation

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The Swiss watchmaking brand Roger Dubuis founded in 1995 by watchmaker Roger Dubuis and designer Carlos Dias Carlos Dias, upholds both innovation and rigor. Big brand concept, in just over 20 years, we have independently developed and produced a variety of classic watches that shine throughout the watch industry. Such as the Excalibur series, La Monégasque series, Pulsion series and Velvet series, among them the most representative is the Knight of the Round Table of the Excalibur series. At the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair (SIHH), Roger Dubuis officially launched the first generation of Round Table Knights-Knight of the Round Table I. Knight of the Round Table I: Series: Excalibur Model: RDDBEX0398 The first generation of Round Table Knight uses Roger Dubuis self-winding movement RD821, the movement thickness is 3.43 mm, the vibration frequency is Hours 28800 times, 33 gems, power reserve of 48 hours. The body, threaded crown, and classic three-pointer lugs are all made of 18K rose gold. The mirror is sapphire crystal. The diameter is 45 mm. The thickness of the case is 15.7 mm. Leather strap. The biggest highlight of the first generation of this round-table knight, limited to 28 Geneva-only stores, is the enamel-made dial and three-dimensional moulded knight-golden moment. The entire dial is made of big fire enamel. At the center of the dial is the Tudor Red and White Rose badge, Tudor Rose. The alternating stripes of dark green and milky white spread outward to form a full circle. This simple and reckless dial pattern perfectly reproduces the Winchester Round Table cave paintings created in 1552 in the Winchester Castle, England. It is said that there was no Tudor rose badge in the center of the original Winchester round table. The red and white rose badge was added during the second creation, in honor of Henry VII’s termination of the Lancaster family with the red rose as a coat of arms. The pioneering cause of the Rose War between the York family with the white rose as the coat of arms. It is also said that the Winchester Round Table was only a large target in green and white, and it was later called the Winchester Round Table according to the legend of King Arthur. It is said that the great King Arthur had a meaningful round table specially prepared for the elite knights of His Majesty King. Every time King Arthur held a ’round table meeting’, His Majesty Knights from various kingdoms sat around the round table to discuss and discuss. This round table It stands for equality and freedom. According to legend, this round table was given to him by King Arthur’s father-in-law King Uther Pendragon. At most, King Arthur’s round table sat with up to 150 elite knights. After time passed, the folk King Arthur’s round table was simplified into a twelve knight round table. Knight of the Round Table I The first generation of round table knights perfectly reproduces the twelve knights round table. All the moments on the dial are made of three-dimensional molds. According to Roger Dubuis, the master of the goldsmith refers to the image of the twelve knights of His Majesty King Arthur, and the ghostly axe site sculpts the face, expression and conference expression with a sharp sword. On the Knight of the Round Table I, Roger Dubuis can see that Roger Dubuis wants to make this watch, a treasure of art, a famous weapon of their label. After the first generation of round table knights was launched, Roger Dubuis launched the second generation of round table knight watches at the 2015 SIHH. Knight of the Round Table II: Series: Excalibur Model: RDDBEX0495 Knight of the Round Table II The same movement and the same body design. The difference is that the Knight of the Round Table II second-generation round table knight watch does not use 18K rose gold material, the entire watch is made of 18K white gold material. In the dial design, Roger Dubuis did not indiscriminately reproduce the design concept of the first-generation round table knight King Arthur’s round table. On the basis of the round table, boldly blended Mo Yu’s gentleness, financial protection, avoiding evil, and preventing evil The moral is in it. The round table on the Knight of the Round Table II’s second-generation round table is made of dark gray natural ink jade. At the same time, the delicate pattern is inscribed, which means auspicious and peaceful. Similarly, the statue of the twelve knights is also different from the gold casting of the first generation of the round table knights. Instead, it is made of bronze that is more difficult to make. At the same time, the patina is stained with patina on the edge of the platinum plate, making the entire dial show a retro humanistic feeling and cultural precipitation. Compared to the first generation of round table knights, Knight of the Round Table II is more restrained and stable, and it also has the flavor of modern watches. At the Geneva Watch Fair (SIHH) in 2017, Roger Dubuis launched the third generation of the Knights of the Round Table. Knight of the Round Table III: Series: Excalibur Model: RDDBEX0511 On the basis of the second generation of round table knights, Knight of the Round Table III returns to the essence of the first generation of round table knights On the other hand, 18K rose gold, which looks more retro and thick, is used to build the watch body. The round table of the dial is based on the second-generation round table knights and continues to use ink jade. Three generations of round table knights have changed the dial. It is not so much a change as a return to its origin. Knight of the Round Table III The third generation of round table knight’s dial ink jade is different from the second generation of the round table knight’s smooth ink jade round table, but is presented with the effect of frosted ink jade. According to reliable information, the third-generation Knights of the Round Table, which is also limited to 28 pieces, has only the last one left at the Roger Dubuis flagship store in Geneva. It can be said that ‘a table is hard to find.’ At the 2018 Geneva Watch Fair (SIHH), Roger Dubuis unveiled the fourth generation of the Round Table Knight-Knight of the Round Table IV. Knight of the Round Table IV: Series: Excalibur Model: RDDBEX0684 Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table has been using the self-produced self-winding movement RD821 from the first to the fourth generation. RD821 is just like Roger Dubuis. Each movement is engraved with the Geneva mark. Its stable movement and long-lasting performance have not failed the expectations of its watchmates. 47mm caliber, 18K rose gold watch body, belt folding buckle, also limited to 28 pieces worldwide, the same as the Geneva store special contribution, everything is familiar taste. However, letting the watch friends see at a glance, we can see how powerful and creative Roger Dubuis’s heart and innovative design concept in the Knight of the Round Table IV is. The design of the fourth generation of the Round Table IV of the Knight of the Round Table IV has almost completely overturned the design concept of the previous three generations of the Knights of the Round Table. It has started a new concept of ‘Low Poly’ Low Poly Art in the original round table dial concept. Reinterpreted the new artistic image. The entire dial uses blue enamel blocks and gold stripes to perfectly present the artistic image of Avalon on Avalon Island, and once again pays tribute to the great King Arthur. Legend has it that King Arthur’s Sword was cast on Avalon Island and gifted by the Fairy of the Lake after his stone sword was broken. King Arthur, who was wounded after the Battle of Camlann in the Battle of the Blade Bar, was in Avalon Island. For healing, Avalon Island is the final resting place of King Arthur. Avalon Island is one of the holy places in British legend. The fourth generation of Knight of the Round Table IV uses enamel body material to create the three-dimensional and three-dimensional shape of the Avalon altar on the dial. Similarly, the twelve knight statues with a height of only 6.5 mm are hand-carved, engraved and refined in rose gold. At the twelve-minute position of the dial, the sword is held in various shapes to guard the altar and the great King-King Arthur. In the production of such azure gold enamel body dials, even Roger Dubuis’s highly experienced goldsmith masters and enamel masters can work together to produce only two pieces in a month. It can be seen how high the difficulty and accuracy of its production. From the first generation to the fourth generation of round table knights, a total of four generations of round table knight watches have adopted the concept of dense bottom design. The gold case is engraved with the knight rule proposed by Merlin the wizard of Her Majesty, bravery, wisdom, freedom and fearlessness. The knightly spirit of power, punishment for evil, and goodness is written in a word form on the back cover of the Knights of the Round Table to watch the world forever. Different from the three crowns engraved with the three crowns on the center shield of the previous three generations of gold case backs, the four generations of round table knights have boldly adopted the novel material of transparent blue paint on the case back, which not only enhances the visual impact, In the transparent function, it is possible to see the details of the operation of the RD821 movement as much as possible. Whether it is the quaint and retro design of the first round table knight Winchester round table, or the bold creation of the second generation of the round table knights who adopted the mild natural ink jade and platinum for the first time, or the third generation of the round table knights who helped to promote the enamel and ink jade Combined with the concept of advancement, and the four generations of revolutionary creation of the altar through the enamel body and Knight Statue of Low Poly Art. Roger Dubuis is declaring and corroborating the watchmaking commitment of ‘combining disruptive materials with advanced complex functions’ to the entire watch and even the entire history of human civilization through these four devices.

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