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February 2018

Who Actually Invented The Diving Watch First?

Summer is here and it’s easy to sweat. Some people like to cool down. Due to the fact that most of the formal watches use leather straps, they are not suitable for summer wear, and even less suitable for launching. It is time for the diving watch to show its strength. Diving watches are often water-resistant, tough, and luminous. We can find good products in all major price ranges. The styles and prices of major diving watches can be found on the brand’s official website and specialty stores. This time I want to talk to you about the first diving watch. The predecessor of the diving watch was a waterproof watch. The previous watches were basically not waterproof. It was not until the Rolex introduced the waterproof Oyster watch in 1926 that the importance of watch waterproofness began to emerge. The earliest waterproof watch-Rolex Oyster watch, but the waterproof performance of the Oyster watch was not too strong at that time, there is still a certain distance from the diving standards. And according to the information we have at present, it is true that no case has been found that someone dived with the 1926 Oyster watch. Because Rolex has a good reputation and has been deeply involved in diving watches, it has a strong voice in this field. Therefore, was born in 1953, the 100 meters waterproof Submariner 6204 watch is considered by many to be the first diving watch. In 1954, Rolex’s dial appeared with the word Submariner 6204. Although the dial did not have the word Submariner, it was the ancestor of the Submariner series. Submariner, launched in 1954, first appeared on the dial Submariner. In fact, more and more data indicate that Baupo 50 噚 is older than the Rolex Submariner. Although the 50 噚 was officially launched in 1953, as early as the previous year, this watch had been made, and Fichte, then the president of Blancpain, also wore it to dive. Therefore, if it is true, from the time of its introduction, Blancpain 50 噚 should be earlier than the Rolex Submariner. Why does Fichte wear a 50 噚 scuba dive before Blancpain invents a diving watch before the waterproof Rolex? Of course there is a reason, this has to start with Fichte. Fichte has two hobbies in his life, one is very artistic, reading Shakespeare; the other is diving, the nickname ‘Swiss Dolphin’. See it clearly, despite being the boss of Blancpain, he is unequivocal in diving and can be said to be a ‘semi-professional’ player. At least when it comes to diving, he can beat Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. Therefore, it is reasonable that Blancpain led by diving expert Fichte invented diving watches earlier than Rolex led by watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf. The name 50 噚 is related to Fichte’s love of reading Shakespeare. He borrowed the famous sentences in Shakespeare’s ‘The Storm’ and named his diving watch 50 噚. The 50 噚 was officially launched in 1953. The 50 噚 is a true modern diving watch. It is an inch length unit. The 1 噚 is about 1.8288 meters and the 50 噚 is about 91 meters. At that time, 50 噚 was considered as the extreme depth that divers can dive. Based on his diving experience, Fichte made 50 噚 to a considerable height according to actual diving needs. It holds three patents and seven standards. These seven standards turned out to be exactly the same as the ISO6425 diving watch standard that came out in 1996! From this perspective, 50 噚 is a true modern diving watch. So, can we understand that Blancpain first invented the diving watch? Don’t worry, please read on. In fact, in the case of diving watches, everyone may have overlooked a brand- Omega . Omega’s seahorse series is a series focusing on diving, and has a good reputation among table friends. The Omega Marine hippocampus dates back to 1948. However, the first generation of the hippocampus at that time was actually a formal design, and the waterproof performance was not strong enough, and it was not a diving watch at all. However, it is also Omega. In the 16 years before the advent of the hippocampus, that is, in 1932, another watch- Marine , was named Chinese Ocean. Marine is a bit similar to Jaeger-LeCoultre in design, but its construction principle is different from that of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and it came out a year before Reverso. The Marine crown is very special at 12 o’clock. The watch uses a double-layered case design. The dial, hands and movement are housed in a square inner case. The inner case can slide into the outer case, so that the inside and outside should fit together to achieve the purpose of effective waterproofing. Marine has two inner and outer cases. From the time point of view, Marine is a few years later than Rolex’s oyster watch, but some people really wear this watch to dive. In 1936, Dr. William Beebe dived into the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 14 meters while wearing Omega Marine. This should be the first record of a human being actually wearing a watch to dive. In 1937, the watch laboratory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland also performed a waterproof test for Marine, and the results showed that it was about 135 meters waterproof-although at the time, no one was able to Dive to this depth. This water-resistant depth is even more than the first diving watches of Rolex and Blancpain, which came out in the 1950s. So, both theoretically and practically, Marine has the qualifications to become the first diving watch. In summary, we may be able to summarize this: Omega invented the first diving watch; and the first truly modern diving watch came from Blancpain.

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