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September 2017

Beijing Watch Oriental Culture Series Xiaoyue Theme Watch Is On The Market-fusion Of Xiaoyao Art, Telling Fangyuan Philosophy

The length of Chinese characters is long. Xiao Yan is the source of writing and the ancestor of calligraphy. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. As an ancient text passed down, Xiao Yan uses a unique artistic form to interpret the long and profound paintings of oriental civilization, showing the aesthetics and wisdom of the Orientals.
  Beijing Watch draws inspiration from this ancient book, and launches the Oriental Culture series of Xiaopi-themed watches, allowing Xiaopi to span the millennium, combined with watch art, to reproduce the subtle and subtle and tell the philosophy of Fangyuan.

Xiaoyan Chinese Characters Time Scale: The Principle of Fangyuan, the Rule of Rule
  Xiao Yan is the source of writing and the ancestor of calligraphy. It is obtained by ‘looking up and looking down’ in Eastern culture. It contains astronomical, humanistic, and terrestrial observations. Its shape is integrated, elegant and well-organized. It was used for solemnity in ancient times. Occasions and goldware.

  Beijing Watch specially uses small carcass to write Chinese character time scales in this watch, rounding up and closing, forming a square circle, Xiaoyan’s ‘Fangzhongyuyuan, the circle has a square’ style, rules without losing action, rich in richness The wonderful connotation also echoes the wisdom and wisdom of the ancient oriental ‘Zhiyuanxingfang’-‘circle’ is the way of life, and ‘square’ is the basis of being a person, which means that while people are in harmony, they must not lose their strength and righteousness. , Highlighting the calmness of the watch owner.

The essence of oriental art: the beauty of white space, the beauty of simplicity
  The long-lasting aesthetics comes from grasping and studying the details. This watch shows meticulous beauty through the artistic use of harmony and white space. On the plain white dial, the annular contour is shaped by oil pressure technology, which has a strong sense of layering and a harmonious and balanced layout. The white space is appropriately made to make the overall surface open and clear, and the mood is long. With delicate and light willow needles, it is elegant and smooth when running. , Such as peers flowing water, add elegance and restraint.

  At the same time, the watch case is made of IP-plated rose gold, with rounded and smooth lines, carefully polished and polished, rich in luster and warm as jade; the lugs are carefully designed with a unique rounded straight design, with a slim and straight The lines present a simple and light visual sense, and fit more closely to the wrist for a comfortable wearing experience.

Equipped with automatic mechanical movement

  This wristwatch is automatically wound by wrist movement. Even without the watch, it can still have enough energy storage to maintain stable operation, which continues the Beijing watch’s consistent pursuit of precise timing and high quality.
  Through the transparent bottom cover, a subtle mechanical world is in full swing. The rhythm of the complex movement can be seen at a glance. The contrasting beauty of the simple design on the front of the watch is quite interesting.

Model: BG951003
Price: ¥ 5,800.00
Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
Function: Automatic winding
Case: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
Table mirror: synthetic sapphire
Dial: white oil pressure dial surface
Hands: Rose-plated copper hands
Buckle: IP rose gold plated stainless steel, horseshoe buckle
Bottom cover: IP rose gold-plated stainless steel, screw bottom
Table diameter: 40m
Thickness: 9.6mm
Strap: Brown leather
Bandwidth: 20mm
Waterproof: 3ATM

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Rolex Opens Twitter Account And Launches Rolex.Org Website

Recently, Rolex opened a Twitter account and announced the launch of the website (in Chinese) in the first tweet.

 The new website mainly tells the story behind Rolex’s crown trademark, especially the story of the founder of the brand, Hans Wilsdorf, Perpetual Spirit, and Rolex’s support for environmental protection, science and art. The website even introduces the Rolex Acacias headquarters located on the outskirts of Geneva.
 As Rolex expected, this is an elaborate and educational site. This website does not list Rolex watches, but it profoundly explains the brand’s values ​​and subtly explains why Rolex has become the world’s largest luxury watch brand.
 This site not only highlights all the achievements of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, but may also inspire business and personal philanthropy around the world. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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