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February 2017

Serious And Low-key Tasting Rolex Cellini Rose Gold Black Dial Diamond Watch

At the Baselworld 2014, Rolex launched the new Cellini series. The classic elegant appearance, precious metal material, crocodile leather strap and traditional pin buckle all make this watch attract much attention. In this year’s Basel, Rolex released 4 new Cellini watches. Today, Watch House brings you the latest Cellini watches.

   The four Cellini watches presented at the show are gem-set Cellinis, with a 39 mm 18 ct white gold or eternal rose gold case and a single or double outer ring with diamond for selection. The double outer ring style consists of a diamond-set outer ring and a classic triangular pitted outer ring.

39 mm rose gold case

   This model (model: 50605RBR) is a model of eternal rose gold with a bezel-shaped outer ring and a single-set diamond setting. It is paired with a black dial and the extended hour markers are set with delicate diamonds.

Flared winding crown
   Cellini’s crown is very beautiful, the flared winding crown is polished and polished with the Rolex crown logo engraved on it.

Alligator strap with pin buckle
   The black alligator leather strap is paired with a traditional pin buckle. The pin buckle is beautifully crafted, polished and decorated with the Rolex crown logo pattern in the center.

Small and smooth lugs

   The eternal rose gold case, with soft curves on the sides, is polished and rounded, exuding the unique dark light of rose gold. The lugs are also sculpted, small and sleek.

Double outer ring with diamond triangle pit pattern

    The bezel is set with 62 exquisite diamonds, and with the narrow ‘dog ring’ on the periphery, it is small and exquisite. A circle of diamonds plus a ‘dog ring’ is still a relatively narrow bezel, making the dial larger and decent.

Black dial

   Domed sapphire crystal, junior hand design, sword-shaped hour and minute hands, black dial, exquisite diamonds inlaid on the extended hour position, transferred white 60-minute circle and 12 o’clock position The inlaid Rolex crown logo is simple and elegant, and the diamond adds a noble style. It is basically the same as the previously launched Cellini dual time zone dial design.

Rolex 3132 self-winding movement

   The polished bottom cover of the dense bottom can feel like a mirror. Equipped with Rolex 3132 self-winding movement, winding in both directions. Equipped with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, which increase the watch’s anti-magnetic and anti-vibration capabilities. This movement is also used in Explorer I, which is stable and durable.

   Summary: Rolex once said that Cellini adhered to the original intention of showing the classic style and timeless elegance of traditional clocks with contemporary spirit. This series is indeed the most classic and elegant one of the Rolex brand. The black dial is calm and low-key, while precious metals and diamonds make this watch more noble, and there is also a robust and accurate mechanical movement inside. Great for business success.

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The pricing of watch brands in each country is very mysterious. Basically, only the headquarters can clearly understand the global situation. But if I can visit them one by one and reveal them step by step?-Mr. Ye After SIHH2019 on January 27, 2019, I went to Southern France, Monaco, and London in particular. As soon as I got home, I started writing and wanted to share what I saw and heard during this journey with readers. Therefore, in the next few weeks, ‘Southern French Alpine Michelin’, ‘A Michelin star who ate a black taxi back and forth in London for 4 hours’, ‘French perfume made by Grasse’, ‘Monaco’s adventure’, ‘Retrieved ‘Bespoke suits that have been in Savile Row for two years’ will meet you one by one. However, this long story begins with watch fans’ favorite watches … ‘It is more price-efficient to buy premium watches outside of mainland China’. Admittedly, because of pricing strategies, exchange rates, tariffs and other reasons, this sentence has now become the consensus of watch fans. It’s just that how much of the advantage can be achieved, but little is known about it. In order to answer this question, I wrote a ‘Tax Rebate Complete Version for Global Watch Purchase’ in February 2017, and it was a bit explosive on the knowledge. Among them, according to the data, it is concluded that the United Kingdom is the most suitable region to buy watches overseas. However, two years have passed, and the previous list can no longer be used as a reference and needs to be updated! For this reason, while taking part in the SIHH2019 not long ago, I went to several countries and regions most concerned by watch fans to inquire about the public price of Patek Philippe 5146R (the domestic public price is 303,000 yuan). Then, multiply it by the tax rebate rate and exchange rate to get the price of this watch in mainland China. Patek Philippe 5146R, the domestic public price of 303,000 yuan is very interesting, according to data from various parties, Britain is no longer the best place to buy. Due to the sluggish exchange rate of the pound and other reasons, watch brands will increase the official price of watches in the United Kingdom around June 2018. At this point, a whole new question is born, who will replace Britain to the top of the list? Note: The exchange rate is based on January 27th, and the tax refund is based on the standard of Global Blue. Japan once attracted countless mainland Chinese tourists to purchase watches with the advantage of exchange rate. However, with the crazy appreciation of the Japanese yen in the past few months and the constant 8% tax rebate rate, its price advantage is continuously shrinking. The starting price of the Patek Philippe 5146R is almost 276,560 yuan. Although it is still far below the domestic public price, it is much higher than other countries and regions. Seventh place Hong Kong, China In the first half of 2018, the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar against RMB dropped below 0.8, which is undoubtedly a boon for those who are used to buying watches in Hong Kong, China. However, with the appreciation of the Hong Kong dollar in the second half of the year, the starting price of high-end watches has gradually returned to the normal Chinese mainland price of about 88%. For example, the starting price of Patek Philippe 5146R in Hong Kong is now about 266335 yuan. Compared with Europe and other regions, the only advantage of this price may be the distance of Hong Kong. Sixth place Dubai In the traditional concept of people, Dubai has many styles of gold watches and should have a good discount. However, in fact, Dubai’s tax refund rate is only 5%. In addition, although it has its own currency, most Chinese people settle in US dollars when they buy watches in shopping malls, so there is no advantage in starting prices compared to Europe and other countries. The Patek Philippe 5146R costs 265,208 yuan. The fifth place is the competition between the Italian Eurozone, which focuses on local public prices and tax refund rates. As far as Italy is concerned, although the tax rebate rate is as high as 15.5%, but the price of some watches is helplessly higher than Germany and France, so the final starting price can only be lower than Germany and France. For example, the starting price of 5146R has now reached 248,328 yuan. If the fourth place is based on the pricing of the watches in June 2018, then the United Kingdom may still be on the top list. After all, the 14% tax rebate rate is very impressive. Coupled with the plunge of the pound, it will be a good watch for Chinese people. opportunity. However, the watch brand quickly responded, and quickly raised the public price of the product in the UK. Then, with the recent rebound of the British pound, the price advantage of buying a watch here has also disappeared. For example, the starting price of 5146R has almost reached It was 242,623 yuan. Third place Switzerland It is true that Switzerland’s tax refund rate is only 8%. But the price of the watch in Switzerland is almost the lowest in Europe. For example, the 5146R is only 38,690 Swiss francs. So it must be calculated that the starting price of the watch is relatively competitive throughout Europe, only 239,168 yuan. Early tax refund: Les Ambassadeurs, address: Rue du Rhône 62, Geneva, recommended runner-up Germany, Germany, the tax refund rate is 14.5%, although not as good as Italy, but the price of some models is lower, so the final price is 234287 RMB 5146R Ranked second. Champion Paris, France itself is a shopping paradise. Rich styles have great appeal to consumers. In addition, the full tax refund in France is 16.6%. The starting price is also the lowest of 228,533 yuan. Starting price of Patek Philippe 5146R countries Note: The above starting prices are for reference only. The specific price depends on the real-time exchange rates and tax rebate rates of each country Buying a watch and replacing it with a watch line like Bucherer, Wempe, etc., can often talk about an additional discount. Tips 2 Pay attention to the counter-offering skills, avoid counter-offering with the clerk, and go directly to the manager, because only the manager can give a big discount. Of course, if the value is good and you have rich bargaining skills, then a good discount is certainly not a problem. However, if you have a poor French ability and show contempt for the clerk, then the other party will still smile, but will never give a discount. Therefore, the safest method is to bring a person with good communication skills like me in French, and it is okay to talk about 10%. To share with you a tip for bargaining with French people, just keep boasting about their advantages. When you enter the store, praise them, and then order a cup of coffee elegantly. When you sit down and talk in detail, you can ask them to bring out your favorite watch, but do n’t rush to ask the price, first talk about the house, it is best to talk about forgetting to buy a watch In this case, and then back to the watch, 10% is basically no problem. The reason is not complicated, it is nothing more than the longer the delay, the more the sales want to close, at this time, the consumer in turn has the initiative. Tips 3 As far as my experience is concerned, the discounts given by watch rows are 5%, the minimum standard, which is basically the same; 10% is a discount that can be talked about with a little skill; 15% is a big hit. Shipped to the limit. Of course, don’t start with 10%, once it is rejected, it will be difficult to talk about. By the way, foreigners are most concerned about chemical reactions. Maybe after buying the watch, they can have a good date ~~~ Mr. Ye accompanied us to remind you that when you buy a watch abroad, you must choose one that can be refunded directly in the store (full Tax refunds) for three reasons. First, airport tax rebates often have long queues and may miss planes. Secondly, the routine that is often encountered at airport tax refunds is not to give domestic currency, so that the tax refund company can be profitable, and the loss is your exchange rate difference. For example, this time when I refunded taxes at a British airport, I did not provide British pounds, but only US dollars or Chinese yuan. It is settled at an exchange rate of 7.45. day! 15% off! !! !! Third, the airport tax refund is basically in accordance with the Global Blue tax rate, but in some stores can be fully refunded, ask before entering the store. The difference between the two is that Global Blue will earn part of the handling fee itself, so the tax refund rate will be lower than the full tax refund given directly by the merchant. Note: The full tax refund envelope is not the same as Global blue. It is stamped and returned to the merchant (the merchant will give you a stamped envelope). As shown above. Finally, once again, be sure to choose the full tax refund in advance in the store! We just need to knock on the customs stamp to deliver to the mailbox; and no money will be deducted. In fact, there are quite a lot of watch and clock shops in Europe that can be refunded in advance. The Patek Philippe stores I have visited abroad can refund the tax in advance. As for other watch brands, I will leave it to my watch friends to discover … Proverbs 8: 11 | Pearls are more beautiful, and everything that can be loved is inadequate. Car la sagesse vaut mieux que les perles, elle a plus de valeur que tous lesets objets de prix .

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