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January 2017

Casio Edifice Eqs-a500 Business Style Choice

The fine, streamlined dial design of the EQS-A500 series watch is like the instrument indicator panel installed on a formula racing car, adding a bit of racing-style flavor, giving people a powerful three-dimensional sense a feeling of. Add red line embellishment, black particle bezel and silver-white high-quality stainless steel strap to enhance the overall texture. The design of wide-edge metal characters and scales increases the rigidity of the watch, combining EDIFICE LOGO elements in the design details. Demonstrate the speed of the powerful brand. At the same time equipped with a fully automatic calendar, buzzer alarm, 100 meters waterproof, stopwatch that can measure 10 single lap times, the unit time is accurate to 1/20 seconds, and the fastest lap display and world time display, speedometer Other functions enhance the functionality of the watch, allowing the racing design concept not only to be integrated into the dial design, but also to be deeply integrated into each function application.

 Business elite, SMART ACCESS smart operating system

 Casio continues to challenge the technological limit with its innovative concept. SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system is based on the original five-motor independent drive and electronic crown. The ultra-miniature and low-energy 5 motors can be driven independently at the same time. A variety of technologies and functions make Casio watch movements more intelligent, creating high-end watches, bringing functional urban needs to men’s elites on business trips, realizing true multi-function, high-tech applications, and smooth and easy function switching The use of operation makes the watch intelligent reach the height that mechanical watch cannot reach. The unique and leading timing technology fully reflects the rigorous spirit of the business elite, and is a rare choice for fashion elites.

High performance, solar powered system

 The light-driven Casio’s unique solar drive system provides accurate timing for men seeking quality and fashion. In daily life applications, not only sunlight, but even weak fluorescent light sources can be converted into electricity. The solar charging board of the dial can convert light into electrical energy and store it in a large-capacity battery, which can ensure the stable operation of high-load functions such as radio wave reception and pointer correction.

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