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July 2016

Interview With Tag Heuer Harry Schumacher

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On April 30, 2014, the TAGHeuerLaMaison Jack TAG Heuer Museum of Time held a grand opening ceremony in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza. Friends of the brand and many media friends came to attend. Watch House is fortunate to have an interview with Mr. Jack Heuer Harry Schumacher. This interview is mainly about the technical innovation of Heuer Monaco V4 and some watch knowledge shared by watchmakers. I hope that you will have more gains.

Watch House: Tag Heuer Monaco V4 uses a new technology to present the belt tourbillon to the world. Can you explain the concept of the belt tourbillon to us?

HarrySchumacher: For the operation of the tourbillon, the concept of the belt tourbillon is actually no different from the traditional tourbillon, but it is similar. However, this Monaco V4 watch uses a belt to transport the tourbillon. The belt can effectively reduce drag, make the tourbillon more efficient and ensure accuracy.

Watch House: Compared with the traditional tourbillon, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the belt, such as the life span and life limit of the belt?

HarrySchumacher: TAG Heuer has been constantly improving and innovating. This time, a new system has appeared in front of everyone. The advantage of belts is that they reduce drag, are efficient, more precise, and drive the tourbillon.
For the life of the belt, we have not done a special experiment to test it, but based on the current research and development of TAG Heuer Labs, it should be able to use it for a long time. You don’t need to worry about the quality and quality of the watch.

Watch House: What technical difficulties did you encounter when developing this new mechanism?

HarrySchumacher: Every innovation will encounter different difficulties to overcome. There are two difficulties in the development of Monaco V4. One is the belt. Too tight or too loose the belt will affect the operation of the tourbillon. A meeting point between the belt and the tourbillon allows the two to be mutually inclusive and run smoothly. The second is the outer frame of the tourbillon. In order to fix a protective device outside the tourbillon, it took a long time to develop this external device. Because it is different from the general metal tourbillon, how to make it match the belt and tourbillon requires professional research in some details.

Watch House: If it is mass-produced, it will take a long time?

HarrySchumacher: At Baselworld, we have already received a large number of orders. If you order more, TAG Heuer will naturally produce faster. However, from a practical point of view, TAG Heuer’s fine watchmaking workshop only has 7 to 10 watchmakers. Each person needs a time to make a watch. It is not possible to produce tens of thousands of watches like mass models. In short, we will try our best to meet customer needs.

Watch House: Will such technology be applied to high-frequency chronograph watches?

HarrySchumacher: Anything is possible with TAG Heuer fine watchmaking. But for now, we have no such plans for the time being.

Watch House: If you put it on the market, are you worried about what problems you will encounter in daily wear?

HarrySchumacher: TAG Heuer has always been known for its high quality. There are no technical issues with TAG Heuer watches. Regardless of the mass-produced model or any model, all models are tested in the laboratory, shock resistance test, humidity test, etc., so the model itself will not have any technical problems.

On the other hand, if the wearer wants to participate in some extreme sports, such as diving, mountain climbing or other sports, he must wear a professional watch. If used only for daily wear and attending daily activities, the quality of this watch should be no problem.

Watch House: If you have been in contact with your watch for a long time, are there any special maintenance tips for wearing it that you can recommend to everyone?

Harry Schumacher: Maintenance is indeed a great science. First of all, we must divide watches into two categories, quartz movements and mechanical movements. Not much to say about quartz watches, mainly about mechanical watches. Mechanical watches must be worn daily so that the movement will be in a normal operating state. It is not recommended to leave it for a long time. As for the belt, it can be divided into a belt and a metal belt. The belt cannot be soaked with water for a long time, otherwise the leather will be damaged. If it is a steel belt, it can be easily cleaned and maintained with a small amount of water and a cleaning solution. The case is also cleaned with a small brush, which can be done independently by everyone.

For the internal maintenance of the watch, professional testing may be required. Since daily wear of the watch may enter water vapor or fine dust, the watch should be regularly checked by a professional after-sales service. Check the movement about once every three years, because many parts inside will be lubricated. Over time, the oil will dry and affect the normal operation of the movement. Quartz movement, generally used for 4 to 5 years, also needs to change batteries or do some maintenance. Different cases have different analysis and solutions. The maintenance of any watch is a science.
  In the above interview, the watchmaker Harry Schumacher popularized the knowledge of the belt tourbillon for us, and also shared some of his experience and tips for maintaining the watch, hoping to help friends who love watches. Of course, we are also looking forward to the early release of the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 watch, so that more watch fans will be exposed to new technology. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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