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January 2016

Acting King Shenyang Sends Favorite Decrypted Column Chronograph Stopwatch

[June 26, 2011, Shenyang] Guo Fucheng, who presented outstanding acting with the new film ‘Favorites’, flew to the Northeast a few days ago, as the elegant image ambassador for Longines Anshan’s new Mart department store The store and the flagship store of Shenyang Zhuozhan were opened. Together with consumers in Northeast China, they appreciated the watchmaking art and exquisite functions of the latest masterpiece of Longines, the column wheel chronograph stopwatch, which caused a huge sensation in both places.
Guo Fucheng visits the opening ceremony of Shenyang Zhuozhan flagship store
    Northeast China has always had a long tradition and extraordinary taste in clock and watch consumption. As a model of noble and elegant Swiss watches, Longines has always been loved by consumers in Northeast China. This time, another Longines flagship store opened grandly on the first floor of Zhuozhan Shopping Center, which is located in the core of Shenyang CBD. This rich and elegant store is the brand’s eighth flagship store in China and the third flagship store in Shenyang. This sincere service to every consumer in Shenyang with excellent products and excellent service. The Longines flagship store adopts the image of the world’s latest exclusive store of Longines, adhering to the design concepts of fashion, innovation and elegance, creating an exclusive and exclusive Longines exclusive space, bringing the ultimate elegant experience: assembling mellow precious mahogany furniture, elegant colors With the lighting to create a noble and beautiful environment, the smooth curved wall is the core element of the flagship store design, so that the flagship store’s space can be extended. The flower-shaped showcase in the center of the store is beautifully blooming, displaying a wealth of Longines products. Customers can watch and buy exquisite watches at close range.
Zhuozhan Shopping Center Longines flagship store in the heart of Shenyang CBD
    On June 26th, Longines Shenyang Zhuozhan Store held a grand opening ceremony. Longines Elegant Ambassador Guo Fucheng opened the ceremony in person. For less than a year, Guo Fucheng went to Shenyang twice at the invitation of Longines. He greeted the enthusiastic audience and fans at the scene, saying that Shenyang was his closest city. This time, Guo Fucheng opened his flagship store and introduced a favorite Longines watch, which is also the brand’s latest masterpiece—Longines column wheel chronograph stopwatch. This product perfectly combines precision functions with elegant retro, stainless steel watches. Inside the case is an exclusive self-winding movement with a 13-hour scale on the silver dial. The chronograph functions include a central hand, a 30-minute cumulative dial and a 12-hour cumulative dial. A dark brown alligator strap adds a finishing touch to this elegant watch. Through the transparent case back, you can see a blue column wheel unique to the movement. This exquisite design is dedicated to controlling the precise timing function (start, stop and return to the zero position). Guo Fucheng loves the beauty of machinery and is proficient in famous car watches. Appreciating, he introduced the mystery of this column-wheel movement to the audience in detail: At present, the popularity of mechanical chronographs and stopwatches is becoming more and more obvious, and people are increasingly interested in traditional watch products. Longines column wheel chronographs are in line with the latest fashion tastes of watches. As a well-known Swiss watch brand, Longines has an excellent tradition in the field of mechanical chronograph. As early as 1878, it launched the 20H 20-minute chronograph stopwatch. The watch has a built-in column wheel design that controls the precision chronograph stopwatch function. From the beginning of Longines’ watchmaking business, almost all timepieces created by it follow the same principle. This timepiece device forms the basis of Longines’ traditional watchmaking skills and sports timing. Today’s mechanical column wheel chronograph stopwatch is a contemporary masterpiece derived from the tradition of superior mechanical chronograph.
Guo Fucheng personally demonstrated the column wheel chronograph stopwatch function for the live audience
    Guo Fucheng personally demonstrated the column wheel chronograph stopwatch function for the live audience. He pressed the button on the right side of the watch to demonstrate the function of the blue column wheel driven chronograph second hand to start, stop, and reset, and told the audience his experience: only You can control the chronograph second hand with a light touch, which is very convenient and easy to use. He also said that watchmaking is just like performance. It is his favorite art. He is professional and exquisite. After that, he gave mysterious gifts to enthusiastic consumers. Together with Longines and his latest masterpiece, the scene atmosphere reached its peak. .
Guo Fucheng said that watchmaking is just like performance. Professionalism and exquisiteness are his favorite arts.
    In Anshan, an important steel city in Shenyang, Guo Fucheng also visited Anshan to open the Longines Anmart New Mart department store the day before. He worked with Longines China’s Vice President Li Li and the dealer’s representative for Ruishi. As the finishing touch, he led the audience and the media to walk into the store to watch carefully. As the brand’s elegant ambassador, he introduced the store’s outstanding design and many exquisite watches to the audience. At the same time, Longines held elegant tour exhibitions in Shenyang Zhuozhan Shopping Center and Anshan Xinmart Department Store until early July, exhibiting Longines column wheel chronograph stopwatches, highly sought-after female watches: Xinyue series and Dai Chuo Weiner The collection and the new products of the 2011 Basel Watch Fair attract many elegant watch lovers to stop and watch and buy.

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