He Is The Father And Son Of The Ball King Bailey, The Future Ball King Mbappe, The Watch Only Wears A Brand

In the 2018 World Cup, Hublot watches the World Cup time. Hublot loves football, and everyone knows it. The football world knows it. Hublot watches make watches very well, athletes love, celebrities love, rich second-generation love, watch fans love … Hublot watches have become a watch that many people choose to wear during many grand events with wanton passion. Hublot likes to do things to the extreme. For example, Hublot loves football. It loves football so much that it has turned the most powerful ball kings into its fans, from the old ball kings Bailey and Maradona to today’s most powerful future ball king Mba. wear. Hublot, the legendary king of the ball has become its fan. Maradona likes to wear two Hublot table tennis players on various occasions at the same time. What’s more, Maradona always wears two Hublot watches at the same time. Maradona said that he wants to see the time in his hometown of Argentina at the same time. In fact, this purpose can be solved with a World Time watch. In fact, Maradona has loved watches very much since ancient times, with two hands. The habit of wearing the same watch. Only now I only love and love Hublot … In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, World War I became famous. 19-year-old French star Kilian Mbappe became the ‘Future King of the World’ with the highest expectations in the world. Today, future ball king Mbappe and legendary ball king Bailey ‘fit’ together, they really look like father and son. Mbappe and ball keeper Bailey together During the 2018 World Cup, Bailey and Mbappe communicated for the first time through social media. The passion for football shared a natural interaction between them. They shared common values ​​and expressed their love for football and life. ‘Mbappe is an amazing player. His performance during the 2018 World Cup made me excited. I even wanted to take out his dusty shoes to compete with him. The young man even left himself in history. The thick ink underneath was not noticed, but I just kept these experiences and achievements in my heart. When I saw Mbappe’s running and goals in the World Cup, I was also beating with a strong joy of victory. It is better to meet each other! Ba Pei, great, welcome to you! ‘—- Pelé, Hublot brand ambassador, the first time I saw this photo of the combination of Mbappe and the ball king Bailey, the first time I really Without considering the table, what I see are the smiles, eyes, teeth, hands, and expressions of the two protagonists in the photo. They make people see a lot of similarities. In terms of age, Bailey has long been considered a grandpa of Mbappé, but they really have a lot of similar traits, and have a deep attractive charm, can’t help but admire them. Then they saw the watch on their wrist: the cool Hublot watch. It is Hublot that allows time to pass, so that the legendary king of history and the young future king of hormones have the opportunity to stand together, embrace each other, and smile proudly. We ordinary fans will immediately envy: Under the age of 21, Mbappe, at such a young and prosperous time, can hear the teaching and experience of the senior ball king Bailey’s predecessors, just like gaining a skill !! However, I hope that Mbappe will not inherit the characteristics of Bailey’s ‘poison tongue’ when he is old … In fact, the first time after the World Cup, Hublot watched Mbappe with his thunder, and signed the contract Mbappé became the new brand ambassador for the Hublot brand, making Hublot’s world of the ball into a true ‘past, present, future’ legend. Mbappé wears the Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic Watch ‘It is a great honor to meet Bailey. It is also very proud to find my place beside him in the Hublot family. For me Hublot is a true favorite. For a long time I have been a supporter of Hublot products and ideas …. I am very proud to be the Hublot brand ambassador! I am with Hublot! ‘—- Kylian Mbappé, Hublot brand ambassador, Mbappé is an outstanding life individual who can really seize time. The best example at 19 is his fame. Such people are naturally obsessed with watches of chronograph tools. Today, Mbappe, Hublot is indispensable in his life. He wears his various Hublot watches in almost all public places and lives, becoming a successor to several legendary ball kings and multiple sports fields. After the Hublot spokesperson, the new mobile Hublot billboard. Mbappe and the Hublot football timepiece together at the stadium and the press conference. He wore a Hublot watch at an important moment in his life. When he became a Hublot spokesperson, Mbappé wore a Hublot Big Bang King gold ceramic watch is full of ambition Mbappe, wearing a Hublot BigBang titanium gold watch with the ball king Bailey together, they two wear Hublot Big Bang King gold and titanium gold ceramic watch in life, Mbappé’s Hublot watches follow each other. It feels that he wears more of Hublot’s classic fusion skeleton chronograph. The success of everyone is not accidental. Time and sweat can prove everything. Mbappe’s talent for football began to manifest around the age of 6, until he continued to be tested by world-class training teams, at the age of 16, he opened the sacred door for his football career, and later rejected the football giants Real Madrid several times. The invitation has always played for the legendary story of the French team in the motherland. By the 2018 World Cup, he will become a World Cup champion team player at the age of 19 and won the 2018 World Cup Best Rookie Award. He is revered as the new king or ‘future ball’ King ‘, and spread the story that he wanted to drive the idol Ronaldo off the altar. Mbappé wrote his football and sports legend in a youthful way. Football kid Mbappe, football guy Mbappe was with the French football star Henry in different periods. Ronaldo was once the god and absolute idol of Mbappé. In Mpape’s childhood room, the walls were full of Cristiano Ronaldo’s poster Real Madrid had even sent Mbappé’s idol Cristiano Ronaldo to win the young star of the time … Mbappé’s teammate and football star Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain had once A special look was also revealed … Some media once wrote: ‘The French national derby has become a stage for Mbappe alone. He created a penalty kick and Neymar opened the record. He created a red card and sent the two teams back. 10 to 10; he slammed 4 goals in 13 minutes, becoming the youngest Mr. Sixi in Ligue 1 in nearly 45 years. Grand Paris started 9 consecutive victories in Ligue 1, which is another unprecedented record in Ligue 1 for 86 years. .19-year-old Mbappe has made football crazy again. His future is the first person in football. ‘In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the 19-year-old football genius became famous and known to the world. Before, he was a talented boy in French football and European football. After the World Cup, he became the world’s familiar ‘Future King’ and shook hands with Messi during the World Cup … In the 2018 World Cup, he sent away Messi , Also sent away his idol: C Rompape and his wax figure together. Ball king Bailey had predicted: Mbappe could score 1,000 goals, do you believe it? And exciting news! Watch and clock game announcement: Mbappe has come to China! Today, August 3, is in Shenzhen! The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media, which is founded by Bai Yingze, a watch culture expert of ‘Watches and Clocks’, who knows watch information. 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Richard Miller Launches The Rm 61-01 Youhan Blake Watch

The RM61-01 watch is a watch launched by Richard Miller for the 100-meter and 200-meter gold medalists of last year’s Olympic Games and the world’s second flying man Yohan Blake. Key features of the Chad Miller Tourbillon RM59-01. The watch is equipped with a RMUL2 highly skeletonized manual winding mechanical movement with a black PVD-coated grade 5 titanium alloy material, providing the watch with strong performance.

The bezel and case back of the RM61-01 Youhan Blake watch are made of TZP (Zirconium Oxide Bead). This low-density material (6 g / cm3) has excellent scratch resistance and extremely low thermal conductivity. The composition of TZP is 95% zirconia stabilized by yttrium, which makes the ceramic texture clearer, the material is processed, the surface is matte, and the appearance is perfect. The main case is machined from NTPT® (thin-layer composite technology) carbon fiber. The extended crown guard between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock prevents the crown from rubbing against the wrists of sprinters.

This hollow RMUL2 movement can provide a power reserve of about 55 hours. The new parts are made of grade 5 titanium alloy material treated with black PVD layer. The variable inertia balance wheel on the watch has a vibration frequency of 4HZ. Considering the positioning of its sports watches, each watch has undergone Richard Miller’s seismic test.

The large crown shoulders strengthen the watch’s tough temperament and provide full protection for the watch during sports and other activities. The green bridge that is intertwined with electroplated and hand-painted in front of the movement is reminiscent of the color of Jamaica, the hometown of Euhan Blake, and the ‘beast’ that symbolizes the amazing achievements of Euhan Blake on the world track and field. Nickname. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)