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March 2015

Low-key And Luxurious Platinum Application In Watchmaking Industry

Of all the metal materials used in the watchmaking industry, platinum is the rarest. Even the top watchmaking brands usually produce only a very limited number of platinum watches. Therefore, compared with 18K yellow gold (or rose gold) watches, platinum watches of similar styles tend to be much more expensive. The high price of platinum watches can be explained by the higher price of platinum itself, but this is only one of the reasons. Machining and refining platinum requires a special process because the material is very dense and malleable and malleable. If only a small number of watches are produced, the investment cost cannot be well distributed.

Grand Seiko recently added a beautiful platinum watch to the collection (Grand Seiko Anniversary Platinum Watch)
 Compared to platinum, the tint of platinum is slightly different and has the advantage of lasting gloss. Many people like platinum, which can add some weight to the watch, which is particularly evident in sports watches, such as Rolex Daytona. The appeal of precious metals is that it can prove to watch owners that what they wear is special.

The weight of platinum allows the watch owner to feel that he is wearing something special (Rolex Daytona Platinum Watch)
 Platinum is a precious metal, and it is often placed on top of gold (or rose gold) in the luxury hierarchy, so many brands use it for minute repeater watch manufacturing. But this is not ideal, as other materials such as titanium and steel produce clearer and louder sounds.

Platinum and blue are a very traditional combination (Gaofufusi 24 seconds tourbillon platinum watch)
 Traditionally, many brands have associated blue with platinum, and many platinum watches in the 1990s were paired with blue straps. The platinum appearance is low-key and restrained, and it fits well with the blue strap. In general, platinum is almost like a password, allowing the watch owner to confirm that he is wearing something very precious and special. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

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